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first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Ryan LeeThings have gone pretty well. We have been on a good pace planting beans. All of the corn is up and in good shape. It looks a little yellow with the cooler weather, but a couple of warm days should fix that. We do have a few fields of beans where we are concerned about them making it. That ground should stay soft enough though to be alright. It’s not springtime, I guess, if you’re not worried about your beans.I have not heard any talk about replanting. I know some guys stopped planting in anticipation of heavy rains.We are getting down to the last field to plant, which is the field they are putting tile in. There is a strong possibility that they can get the tile in and we can get it planted in the month of May. If we do, I would consider that a homerun.We are watching for cutworms out there but I have not seen any. We are on high alert for that. Part of our standard program for corn is a dose of permethrin, which buys us a little window of protection, but that window of protection only lasts so long. Hopefully the corn plants get growing and we won’t have to worry about that much longer.We have really been blessed with ideal weather for getting corn out of the ground. Usually on the ground we work ahead of corn we have to work it twice and this year there were many fields where we were working it once and were done. Then we got those warmer temperatures that helped get the corn out of the ground in a hurry. Now we are thinking about making the transition to sidedressing, which is nice to do in the month of May. We always dream of a nice orderly spring on an easy schedule. It seems like this spring so far is on pace for that. But, as my grandfather would always say, “Knock on wood.”For the rest of this week’s reports, click here.last_img

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