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first_imgThe biggest spots extravaganza — Olympic Games — is not just about celebrating what the human body can achieve, but it also provides a big platform for sex, sleaze and boozing. Just days before the London Games begins, an unnamed American athlete has blown the lid off the partying and sex that are usual at the Olympic Games Village. In the lurid revelation, the athlete exposes dark dirty secrets of the grandest and most prestigious sporting event. The athlete reveals that wild parties are held at the high security village with the athletes indulging in sexual relations with each other. The athlete says that with so many young athletes under the same roof it is no surprise that the athletes indulge in sexual relations. For every athlete it is a dream to participate in the Olympics, but it seems that after the competitions there is something else on the minds of the superstars. The female athlete revealed shocking details of the open sexual relations within the Olympic Games Village. It is not just athletes indulging in sex within the village, but the athlete also brings to light the wild drunken parties that happen at the village. These shocking revelations are bound to take some sheen of the oldest games and cast the elite athletes in rather poor light.last_img

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