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first_imgzoom Investment in people is key to overcome the talent shortages which are among the top challenges the offshore marine industry faces.Recruitment, training and retention is a challenge that must be tackled to ensure that the offshore industry can continue to operate safely and sustainably, said Vice President Offshore V.Group Alessandro Ciocchi while speaking at Sea Asia’s Offshore Marine Forum.“With over 3400 offshore support vessels (OSVs) at sea today, the question remains: how do we continue to find qualified crew to operate these vessels?”“We need to ensure that those coming through the industry have been provided with enough at-sea training opportunities to ensure we have a strong pipeline of talent for the future. “We also need to focus on transferring the knowledge that sits with long-serving members of the industry to those now joining the ranks,” he said.The domestic economic policy in a number of markets is calling for the creation of ‘local content’ and Mr Ciocchi said that companies and the industry must invest in local training and capability programs to ensure they’re able to meet these requirements.“Local content requires local solutions. This means taking the time to train local talent in a safe and efficient way and working with local schools and maritime authorities to raise the capability of local crews,” he concluded. The forum also included discussion on challenges posed by the falling oil prices along with ways of finding solutions for those challenges in order to keep the industry moving forward.last_img

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