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.“I reaffirm […] our readiness to stop the war and reach peace; we are not advocates of war or revenge, but advocates of peace and harmony,” President Hadi told delegations attending the Assembly’s annual general debate, where underscored that he has, and will continue, to “extend my hand to sustainable peace because we feel our full responsibility for all our steadfast Yemeni people.” The Yemeni President expressed his thanks to Saudi Arabia and said that it has a leading role in alleviating the humanitarian tragedy through its ongoing support from the King Salman Centre for Humanitarian Relief. Stressing that the challenge in Yemen is not a political one that could be managed only at the political dialogue table, “or even a coup in the [traditional sense];” Yemen is facing religious extremist sects that believe they have been given a divine right to rule, allied with groups seeking only revenge on the Yemeni people. “They are destroying all State institutions and replacing them with their own institutions; all our resources have been depleted. The private sector has virtually disappeared.” The violence and destruction being perpetrated by the Houthi militias in Yemen are being fully supported by Iran, which Mr. Hadia accused of working to destabilize the region “by supporting groups that are out of control.” Sustainable peace cannot be achieved unless Iran stops interfering in the affairs of the region. “We only want to preserve the lives of every Yemeni, including those who fire bullets and missiles at us., he said, underscoring that the country needs ongoing support “to spread security and stability and activate services in the liberated areas.” He called upon donors, international organizations and friends of the country to provide urgent support to Yemen and to honour the pledges made at the Geneva donors conference. Full statement (in Arabic) available here

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