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first_imgMultotec Group will demonstrate its in-depth knowledge and understanding of industry relevant topics and trends at this year’s Electra Mining Africa (EMA) exhibition. In combination with a range of technologically innovative equipment solutions on display, the group will showcase its ability to assist the mining industry to achieve its minerals processing goals.Multotec is offering an added value attraction to its EMA stand, hosting a series of talks, presentations and panel discussions at regular intervals throughout the week to educate the sector and highlight its technological expertise across various minerals processing applications. The events will be presented by a number of local and international speakers from within the Multotec stable, as well as various industry and institutional partners.All visitors are welcome to join and experience Multotec’s reputation as an industry expert with the ability to deliver market-driven solutions. Full presentation and panel discussion schedules will be available on the Multotec website – – and via the various EMA platforms.Multotec will also have a wide range of its proprietary technologies and solution driven equipment on display at EMA to demonstrate its high level minerals processing expertise.Multotec’s approach to technology management, supported with a test facility focused on innovation and verification, is a reflection of its business philosophy – to differentiate itself with a professional knowledge of process technology, pioneering products and solutions as well as excellent service.Multotec will use EMA as a platform to showcase its research and development (R&D) capabilities as well as the test work facilities it has available in South Africa.Unplanned shutdowns, which often result in the costly loss of production hours, can be avoided using Multotec’s Hawkeye predictive maintenance services. This forms part of Multotec’s service offering for customers. Precise measurements based on wear rate history facilitate consumption projections with accurate timeline predictions for parts replacement, thereby ensuring maximum equipment performance and availability.Multotec has developed a state-of-the-art technology which allows customers to monitor milling performance. Having recognised that this particular circuit can directly impact downstream recoveries, Multotec will highlight how its customised, integrated linear measurement reporting system delivers this functionality which will ultimately help improve the overall performance of any processing plant.The group has the in-house flexibility to optimise the performance of any screen by customising a solution specific to the needs of individual applications. There are no limits to its capabilities in this processing area with a range of products that extends from polyurethane to rubber and wedgewire.The MATO mechanical belt fastening system, produced using 75% local content, can deliver a seamless joint in less than 30 minutes, which is considerably less than the traditional hot splice method which can take up to six hours. Again, this solution from Multotec is assisting its customers reduce operational downtime. The system’s Lacer Head is interchangeable throughout its range of fasteners and lacing beds which reduces the number of tools and parts needed on hand. The MATO Wavemaster specifically guarantees straight and smooth belt joints flawlessly and consequently eliminates joint failure.The primary and diagonal conveyor belt cleaners are part of Multotec’s comprehensive offering which ensures the highest belt operational availability. On the back of significant success with the product, it introduced the MATO secondary belt cleaner which incorporates the unique, quick-change M-Track technology which features a slide-on-blade that further reduces maintenance downtime.Multotec will showcase its T-range series of 26” (T660) cyclones at EMA. These cyclones are ideal for brownfield operations, an area which is rapidly gaining momentum in the mining industry in a low capital expenditure environment.The slurry pump range on show can be customised to suit specific operational requirements. Impeller material flexibility assists in this process and further ensures optimal performance from the pump across any application.The Multotec DTV range of vertical spindle pumps features a cast y-piece that lasts up to three times longer than traditional components, thereby reducing overall cost of ownership.The entire range is fully supported in South Africa through Multotec’s local R&D service and facilities.The rotating cone sampler is a patented Multotec technology which overcomes the limitations of fixed cutter or pressure pipe probe designs.Sample integrity is enhanced due to its proportional design which provides on-line analysers with accurate sampler designs which take continuous full stream samples (and not portions of it) to deliver precise results on a continuous basis.Multotec’s pulping chute is a viable alternative to conventional rotary scrubbing units and is particularly effective in the diamond industry. The total range of benefits offered by this equipment makes it ideal for both local and remote African mining sites. The chutes have no moving parts reducing spares stockholding requirements, are power efficient, safe to operate, easy to maintain and have a significantly lower cost of ownership to conventional rotary scrubbers.The MultoCano chute system offers real on-site benefits which are realised even before it reaches site. Suitable for transport on a regular flatbed truck (with less rigging equipment and personnel), it offers significant transport saving costs. It is also easy to offload with just a forklift. A team of three can comfortably assemble the chute system on site, even in confined spaces. It is easy to extend and the modular panel design ensures fact and easy replacement.The system uses Multotec’s Quick Fit Panels which are pre-fitted composite ceramic tile panels that eliminate the need for expoxies and the related delays in maintenance downtime due to conventional installation methods. The Quick Fit Panel also features Multotec’s unique Green Dot technology. This ensures instant and easy wear pattern identification which aids in upfront maintenance planning.last_img

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