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first_imgYOU MIGHT RECALL Ryanair being forced to set up an email address for customer complaints last year, after government watchdog the National Consumer Agency took action against the no-frills carrier.The NCA launched an enforcement action against the airline last May in an effort to compel it to publish an address, in line with e-commerce laws.A court date in Swords was threatened. Ryanair agreed to fall in line, and duly listed the address [email protected] on its website.One of the basic obligations traders had to adhere to on the internet, the NCA called it at the time.Form emailHowever, if you’ve been in the position to have to contact Ryanair over that address recently, no doubt you’ll have been sent back something like this… If you can’t quite make out the above on your screen… well, you’re not missing much: essentially it’s a series of links back to other sections of the Ryanair website.It’s sent back automatically when you send them an email, and opens with the following:Thank you for your email. In order that we may direct your query to the appropriate department so that it can be addressed as quickly as possible, please select from one of the following options:The list does include (in fairness to them) one to a ‘contact form’ for the airline, where you can fill in details pertaining to general complaints.Still, that’s no doubt a little frustrating if you’ve already taken the time and trouble to write an email, include attachments, etc. etc.“It’s a total dud,” one Ryanair passenger who experienced flight delays last week told National Consumer Agency have been dealing with complaints on the issue recently, but a spokesperson couldn’t say whether the agency was planning to take any further action.“We’re aware of the issue, and are examining it,” the spokesperson said.A one-line statement on the issue sent by Ryainair said the address was “monitored” by the customer service team but gave no further details.Read: “I’ve made mistakes… I have to change those rough edges” — Michael O’LearyRead: Ryanair promises to refund Dr Sattar for Leicester Flight fees >last_img

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