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first_imgWe’re up to our elbows in righteous Kinect Hacks after only a couple of months, but that explosion of Kinect Hacks might become a veritable explosion if software makers BLITZ have anything to say about it: they’ve figured out a way to get the Kinect sensor bar working with an Adobe Flash based interfaces via Node.js, which should make it possible to have applications written in Flash and Unity recognize motions captured by an attached Kinect.AdChoices广告Okay, so it’s Flash working with the Kinect. Why should you care? Basically, because Silverlight, Unity and Flash allow for far faster prototyping than the likes of C++ and other languages currently used by hackers to code up their cool Kinect apps.For now, BLITZ is demoing the code driving a TV user interface with just waves of the hand, which is one of the most universal applications of Kinect-like gesture-recognition technology. There’s no reason this same approach couldn’t be used to control Flash games or even Silverlight-driven interfaces like, say, Netflix‘s, though.If you’re a Kinect hacker looking forward to some more rapid prototyping, BLITZ is promising to release their code imminently. We can’t wait to see what comes from it.Read more at MAKElast_img

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