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first_imgMany of you are still arms deep in the awesomeness that is Portal 2, and others have already finished it. The game is full of memorable characters, like the humble sentry turret. She knows when you’re there, she misses you when you’re gone, and sure enough now she’s real. In plush form, anyway.Jonathan Guberman, author of Up, Not North, decided that he wanted a sentry turret so badly that he had to make one himself. The results are fantastic. When he started playing Portal, he ran into something that I think a lot of players experienced: there’s a lot of love on the Web for the Companion Cube, but the Sentry Turret is a much more lovable character. After all, at least she talks to you.AdChoices广告Guberman’s sentry turret (lovingly named Trudi,) is equipped with motion detectors, pressure sensors, and tilt sensors. She also sports an LED light-up red eye, true to form, and – wait for it – she talks. She uses all of those sensors to keep track of where you are, so she can respond accordingly. Pass in front of her and she’ll speak to you, using lines from in-game dialogue like “There you are,” and “Target acquired.”If you tip Trudi over, she’ll cry and ask for help. If you pick her up, she’ll ask you to put her down. All of the dialogue comes straight from the game, so if you’re a fan of the lines the turrets in Portal and Portal 2 get in-game, you’ll love this. It also doesn’t hurt that Trudi has an exaggerated head and thin legs, so she’s built to be cute. Now if only she had machine guns on-board.Guberman had help from a friend when it came to building Trudi’s interior, and he walks you through the process. Her legs are wire, and the circuit inside is essentially an Arduino at the core, an Adafruit WaveShield to play the sounds, and the various motion and tilt sensors used to detect movement and position.Trudi was a labor of love, so don’t expect to be able to buy one anytime soon – but Guberman is forthcoming with how the adorable little turret was made, so if you’re looking for a DIY project, this is a great one to take on.Read more at Up, Not Northlast_img

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