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first_imgIf you have ever had the craving to reach through the screen and grab a piece of video game food during a long play session, only to have to settle for some flat Mountain Dew and stale Dorites, we have some good news for you. A site called Gourmet Gaming has created recipes for some of the most iconic foodstuffs in gaming, like the Diablo health potion pictured above.Created by game tester Daniella Zelli, Gourmet Gaming has an array of recipes that just ooze geek cred (as well as, with some, awesome fillings). Dishes like the “Sandvich Edible Device” from Team Fortress 2 and the EarthBound “Peanut Cheese Bar” are the perfect fodder for gamers during a LAN party or a get together. Zelli has rated each recipe for its difficulty and explains each recipe’s background and origin.Gourmet Gaming is a great resources for gamers both young and old. My own children have been looking at it and picking out items they recognize from Pokemon and some of the old Sonic the Hedgehog games we have laying around the house. If you are looking for a rainy day activity for the family, I can highly recommend a stop by it… and then a trip to the grocery store.One of my personal favorites is the Kingdom Hearts II “sea salt ice-cream” bar. It’s actually a real frozen concoction that is served at the Tokyo DisneySea resort, and something that I had been dying to try. If you like sweet-salty flavors, this is the ice cream for you! The recipe is a bit more advanced that some of the others on the site, but it really isn’t too complicated.Let us know which of the recipes you have made, we would like to get opinions on all of them!Read more at Gourmet Gaminglast_img

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