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first_img 50 Attorneys General Launch Bipartisan Probe Into GoogleYouTube Fined $170M For Alleged Child Privacy Law Violation Every year Google invites hundreds of tech writers and industry insiders for a big conference. It’s where the company announces some of its biggest projects and releases for the coming year, and it gives us insight into what the search giant is thinking.This year’s been a bit mixed. The highlight of the show was Google Lens, a replacement and massive update for the aging Google Goggles. Lens will be the center for the new visual search, plus Google’s assistant will be deeply integrated, giving you more natural feedback and search results. Plus, Lens will soon come with a feature that’s been called VPS, or a “visual positioning system.” Using some advanced computer vision and learning systems, this VPS will let you map out the interior of buildings or just about anything else. It scans the environment using an array of sensors, then constructs a 3D image that the software can reference and pull back up if you get lost.I’m not sure how practical that will be for most of us, but it is evidence that our lives will soon get a boost from low-level artificial intelligence. The future comes at you fast these days, for sure.Some other highlights include Android O and Android Go. These two would be the latest major update for the company’s mobile operating system. While O seems like little more than an incremental refresh of the software, Go is definitely worth watching. It’s built and optimized for lower-spec smartphones like those common throughout much of the developing world. That’s huge because a huge percentage of the world’s smartphone owners come from some of the poorest areas on Earth. They are vital pieces of the economy and infrastructure in many non-industrialized countries as well. It’s nice to see Google showing care and consideration for the massive breadth of its user base.Beyond that, though, there wasn’t much of note in Wednesday’s presser. Google Assistant is available on iOS now, which means Siri will be duking it out with the big G’s personal intelligence. The company did announce that it was working with HTC and Lenovo on a standalone VR set, but that’s really all we go.Overall, it was a calm conference with few major surprises or announcements. But again, it’s yet more evidence that AI will continue to play larger and larger roles in our tech-driven lives in the coming years. Stay on targetlast_img

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