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first_imgStay on target Do you hear that song?! That’s the sweet and delicious sound of Oscar Mayer Ice Dog Sandwich. Keep an and out for the @Wienermobile in NYC the week of 8/12 to get your taste buds in on this. #OscarMayerIceCream— Oscar Mayer (@oscarmayer) August 1, 2019(A Twitter poll suggests more than 75 percent of voters prefer to eat condiments solo. But an Oscar Mayer PR representative told CNET the ice dog is “actually delicious.”)“You may have heard that a certain condiment brand released an ice cream,” the Kraft Heinz subsidiary wrote in a statement. “But, who eats just mustard? Condiments were made for an Oscar Mayer hot dog.”The food fight began Wednesday, when French’s announced a collaboration with Coolhaus to release mustard ice cream in honor of National Mustard Day on Saturday.(First of all, gross.)“After 115 years of using mustard to add something bold and unique to standard fare, we thought, ‘What about ice cream?’,” the McCormick-owned condiment company said.The limited-time flavor is available in Coolhaus’s home of Culver City, Calif., from Aug. 2 to 4 and 9 to 11. New Yorkers, meanwhile, can look for the French’s Mustard Ice Cream truck in the city on Friday and the Hamptons on Saturday.Everyone else can find the recipe online.More on’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Rental Is a Hot Dog Lover’s ParadiseOscar Mayer Is Paying Someone in a Jet Pack to Deliver Hot DogsOscar Mayer Trades Bacoin Cryptocurrency For Actual Bacon Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer ice dog…Wait, that’s not right.And, frankly, neither is Oscar Mayer’s hot dog-flavored ice cream sandwich.A hot dog-infused sweet cream with real bits of candied weiner, served alongside spicy dijon gelato and wedged between two pieces of cookie “bun” sounds like a gastronomer’s worst nightmare.Just typing those words in the same sentence makes me feel a bit queasy.Eaters more adventurous than I can keep an eye (and ear) out for a specially outfitted Wienermobile, handing out free ice dog sandwich samples across New York City the week of Aug. 12.center_img Airbnb’s Oscar Mayer Wienermobile Rental Is a Hot Dog Lover’s ParadiseOscar Mayer is Paying Someone in a Jet Pack to Deliver Hot Dogs last_img

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