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first_imgIf you’ve been dreaming of the day where you can control your computer, Minority Report-style, you’re probably already no stranger to Microsoft Kinect, and the ways creative people have hacked the device to work with Windows. At the ITT Delhi technology conference in India, a group of developers showed off their own interpretation of how Kinect can be used to control Windows: by waving your arms to change slides in Microsoft PowerPoint.In the future, presenters and speakers may be able to move forward and backward in their slideshows just by waving their arms in front of a Kinect unit connected to the PC with the slideshow on it. Aside from the inevitable entertainment that’ll ensue from watching someone at the front of a room flailing their arms back and forth when they try to go back a few slides so someone in the audience can ask a question, it does represent a fun new way to tie in Microsoft Kinect with common operations in Microsoft Windows.The Kinect for Windows SDK hasn’t been officially released yet, although Microsoft has said they plan to beta test drivers for Kinect in Windows in the near future. Still, the developer in the video and at the conference used the unreleased SDK to get the job done. Sure enough, he stood on the other side of the stage to demo the new feature, and waved his arms to one side to move the slideshow forward.It’s worth mentioning that while the presentation took place in front of a banner that bore Steve Ballmer’s name, the event wasn’t an official Microsoft demo. It’ll naturally be a long time before we have PCs that can be controlled in complex ways using Microsoft Kinect, but the technology is there, it’s just a matter of putting the software in place – and to make sure there’s a market for it in the first place.More at Only Gizmos, via CrunchGearlast_img

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