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first_imgIf you ever saw the somehow-good movie Buried — wherein the film stayed inside a coffin with Ryan Reynolds for its entire runtime — and for some reason really wanted to experience that horror for yourself: good news! A new Oculus Rift game, Taphobos, buries you inside your own virtual coffin. Now you, too, can be just like Ryan Reynolds and also dead people.Rather than just dumping you in a virtual coffin and being proud of itself for having figured out that would create a harrowing experience, Taphobos actually makes a multiplayer, cooperative game of it. One player gets into an actual, tangible coffin and straps on an Oculus Rift — the combination of seeing the virtual coffin and feeling the cramped quarters of the real wooden box likely makes for an immersive experience — while the second person plays in a standard first-person view. Using player-worn headsets, the players communicate through in-game cell phones — one of which happens to be buried in the coffin — in order to find and exhume the buried player before his or her oxygen runs out. The plot of the game is actually very similar to the Reynolds movie, it turns out.The view from within the coffin.The game originated from a two-day hackaton at the University of Nottingham, and originally stuffed the buried player inside a cardboard box. Right now, the only place to experience Taphobos is at Rezzed 2015, which begins tomorrow and runs through March 14.For more info on the supposedly-not-inspired-by-Ryan-Reynolds-at-all simulator, head on over to its website. Next up: an Oculus Rift simulator where you work for a stern-but-disagreeable boss who convinces you to marry her so she can get her Green Card, then awkwardly accompanies you when visiting your out-of-state family, but somehow both of you fall in love and end up married for real. You know you’d play that.last_img

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