Why providers need to get more worried about employer ignorance of OH

first_imgWhy providers need to get more worried about employer ignorance of OHBy Nic Paton on 7 Jun 2019 in OH service delivery, Research, Occupational Health, Wellbeing and health promotion, Personnel Today Many employers remain woefully ignorant about what occupational health can do, its value (versus its cost) and the benefits it can bring to the workplace, government analysis has suggested. And OH’s own lack of marketing and advertising savvy may, in part, be to blame. Nic Paton reportsFor occupational health practitioners it is often the profession’s lack of capacity, or what we might term “boots on the ground”, that is perceived to be the key barrier to spreading the word about, and access to, occupational health.Simply put, with occupational health historically a relatively small specialty, there are just not enough OH practitioners to meet demand from employers that want to access support, let alone those “hard to reach” corners of the workplace such as small and medium-sized employers or self-employed workers.But, as is made clear by two recent reports from the Department for Work and Pensions and Department of Health and Social Care, cost, concerns about value for money and a lack of knowledge about what OH involves are other significant barriers that prevent employers from investing in occupational health.However, alongside this, occupational health providers may be doing themselves few favours by adopting a laissez faire (at best) approach to marketing their wares to employers and individuals or educating the wider public about the value of their expertise.The reports – Employers’ motivations and practices: a study of the use of occupational health services and Understanding private providers of occupational health services: an interim summary of survey research – from the two departments’ Work and Health Unit (WHU) were published in April.The complementary reports are, of course, very timely, what with the WHU leading the government’s ongoing review of occupational and workplace health, and with the industry keenly awaiting the government’s proposed consultation on occupational health, which is expected (Brexit turmoil permitting) to be announced any day.Both also feed into the wider ongoing debates within government and the profession around the state and role of occupational health provision in the modern workplace, both within the NHS and in terms of what (if anything) employers should be expected to fund or contribute towards maintaining a healthy workforce.Indeed, as Dr Richard Heron, chief medical officer at BP and former president of the Society and Faculty of Occupational Medicine, commented in response to our online news story on the Employers’ motivations and practices report, the findings underpinned “the need for a nationally organised and available service for healthy workers, employers and economy”.Basic understanding of OHSo, what did the WHU find on both counts? This analysis intends to provide a snapshot of the conclusions but both reports are freely available to view on the government’s website (and see the references at the end).Taking the Employers’ motivations and practices survey first, WHU through research firm Ipsos MORI conducted 35 in-depth telephone interviews with employers during October and November 2018. Participants were business owners, office managers, or HR representatives.Employers, this concluded, had a shared, albeit basic, understanding of occupational health services. “Fundamentally, they understood the benefits of consulting a qualified expert for situations they felt unable to handle alone, either through lack of expertise or due to a need for an independent third party.”Situations for which OH support was commonly used, included:To support staff with mental or physical ill healthTo supporting a return to workTo attract and retaining talentTo investigate under-performance or poor conductTo verify medical statements or health surveillanceOH services commonly used for these situations included:CounsellingPhysiotherapyWorkstation assessmentCBT (cognitive behavioural therapy)Physical health screening or assessmentEmployers by and large split into three types of purchasers. First, “reactive”, or where the employer was simply seeking ad hoc support, commonly piece work without an ongoing contract. Second, “proactive in office-based environments” with an ongoing contract in place. And, third, “proactive in manual environments”.Employers provided access to OH services for three broad reasons. First: to comply with legal and regulatory obligations (or what the survey called the “legal” reason). Second: to reduce costs and improve business efficiency (or “cost”). Third: to support and improve employee health and wellbeing (or “moral”). “Whilst one of these motivating factors was a priority in certain cases, in general they were usually interlinked,” the research added.Misconceptions and lack of read more

F-35B Operational Test Begins aboard USS Wasp

first_imgBack to overview,Home naval-today F-35B Operational Test Begins aboard USS Wasp Authorities View post tag: operational View post tag: test View post tag: americas View post tag: Naval View post tag: USS Wasp Six U.S. Marine Corps F-35B Lightning II jet aircraft arrived Monday evening aboard the USS Wasp off the coast of the United States’ Eastern Seaboard to mark the beginning of the first shipboard phase of the F-35B Operational Test (OT-1).The at-sea period will continue aboard USS WASP for the next two weeks, with fleet representative aircraft and maintenance personnel from Marine Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 22, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 121, Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501, and Marine Aviation Logistics Squadrons 13 and 31.OT-1 will assess the integration of the F-35B while operating across a wide array of flight and deck operations. Specific OT-1 objectives include demonstrating and assessing day and night flight operations in varying aircraft configurations; digital interoperability of aircraft and ship systems; F-35B landing signal officer’s launch and recovery software; day and night weapons loading; and all aspects of maintenance, logistics, and sustainment support of the F-35B while deployed at sea. Additionally, the U.S. Navy-Marine Corps team is working closely with Naval Sea Systems Command to assess specific modifications made to USS WASP to support future deployments.Data collected and lessons learned during OT-1 will lay the groundwork for F-35B deployments aboard U.S. Navy amphibious carriers following the Marine Corps’ F-35B initial operating capability declaration planned for this coming July.Image: US Navycenter_img F-35B Operational Test Begins aboard USS Wasp View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Navy May 20, 2015 Share this article View post tag: F-35Blast_img

Greencore’s food to go sales up

first_imgGreencore has announced a strong performance in its Convenience Foods division for the three months to 24 December, 2010.It recorded continuing business revenue of €208.7m, an increase of 7.6% on the comparable period in the 2009/10 financial year, following the disposal of its Water and Continental business in the division.It said the performance of its two key categories – Food to Go and Prepared Meals – remained strong, “with a continuation of the favourable underlying market trends seen in FY10”, where value remains a key consumer theme.Greencore said the increase in ingredient and packaging inflation was more pronounced than the previous financial year, and it was managing these rises through a combination of selling price increases and cost reduction initiatives.Its board continues to recommend shareholders vote in favour of the merger with Northern Foods at the shareholder meeting on 31 January, 2011, and said it believed it represented “a compelling opportunity for value creation for both Greencore and Northern Foods shareholders”.last_img

Gov’t Mule Welcomes Bruce Willis And More For 2000th Show In Central Park [Photos/Videos]

first_imgLast night, Gov’t Mule kicked off their “Come What May Tour 2017” (and the SummerStage season) with a performance at the beloved venue in the heart of New York City’s Central Park along with The Chris Robinson Brotherhood. While the show was already notable as the de facto start to a busy summer for the band and the venue, those facts pale in comparison to the true significance of the evening: Gov’t Mule’s 2000th show.While the impressive milestone was acknowledged only briefly by guitarist/vocalist Warren Haynes during the performance, the band came out swinging with a pack of surprises up their sleeves. On this sweltering May night in the Park, Haynes, drummer Matt Abts, keyboardist/multi-instrumentalist Danny Louis, and bassist Jorgen Carlsson affirmed what they had proven time and time again over their previous 1999 shows: that the Mule is one of the most electric live rock bands on the road today.The set featured a healthy helping of songs from the band’s upcoming studio album, Revolution Come… Revolution Go, including “Stone Cold Rage” (featuring percussionist Bobby Allende) and “Revolution Come… Revolution Go.” The show also featured the live debuts of “Sarah, Surrender,” (with Allende and background vocalists Jasmine Muhammad and Lauren Dawson), road-weary lament “Traveling Tune” (with Allende), and anthemic power ballad “Dreams & Songs” (with Muhammad and Dawson).By the time the band kicked into “Game Face,” they were fully locked in, taking the Dose track on an improvisational ride that touched on The Beatles‘ “Norwegian Wood,” Weather Report‘s “Birdland,” and the Allman Brothers Band‘s “Mountain Jam” before returning the the song’s main theme. The teases continued with “Time To Confess,” as Warren infused the 2002 original with bits and pieces of the Grateful Dead‘s “Shakedown Street” and Paul McCartney‘s “Band on the Run.”After informing the audience that the band had a blues itch that needed scratching, Warren welcomed a pair of special guests for a run through blues standard “Key to the Highway”: CRB guitarist Neal Casal and A-list movie star Bruce Willis, who offered up some skilled harmonica accompaniment (as he has been known to do from time to time). The red-hot “Key to the Highway” proved to be one of the most memorable moments on an evening rich in notable highlights. You can watch fan-shot video of Bruce Willis and Neal Casal’s sit-in on “Key To The Highway” below, courtesy of YouTube user Sean Roche:Riding high on the energy of the star-studded blues romp, the band dug in on the new album’s gritty title track before welcoming frequent collaborator Steve Elson to add some sax to the set’s final two numbers: a run through Billy Cobham jazzy 1973 tune “Stratus” and fan-favorite original “Mule.” The evening ended with the emotionally weighty live debut of “Dreams & Songs,” a towering yet touching anthem that fit perfectly in the encore slot. You can watch videos of “Revolution Come… Revolution Go,” “Stratus,” and “Dreams & Songs” below, courtesy of YouTube user Sean Roche: Photo: Andrew O’Brein Warren has spent much of the last couple years leading a variety of projects, paying tribute to legends of old and dreaming up new ways to educate the masses about their musical heritage. However, in a recent conversation with the veteran guitarist, he assured us that the next year or so “is all about the Mule.” With a great crop of new material and a renewed focus on the band, Gov’t Mule is not to be missed as they make their way around the country this summer.For a full list of upcoming dates, or to purchase tickets, head to Gov’t Mule’s website.SETLIST: Gov’t Mule | Central Park SummerStage | New York, NY | 5/17/2017 1 Set:World Boss Brand New AngelAbout To RageRocking HorseBirth Of The MuleWhisper In Your Soul >Stone Cold Rage (with Bobby Allende)Sarah, Surrender (with Bobby Allende, Jasmine Muhammad & Lauren Dawson; First Time Played)Traveling Tune (with Bobby Allende; First Time Played)Forsaken SaviorGame Face (with Norwegian Wood, Birdland & Mountain Jam teases)Banks Of The Deep EndTime To Confess (with Shakedown Street & Band On The Run teases)Key To The Highway (with Bruce Willis & Neal Casal)Revolution Come, Revolution GoStratus (with Bobby Allende & Steve Elson)Mule (with Bobby Allende & Steve Elson)Encore:Dreams & Songs (with Jasmine Muhammad & Lauren Dawson, First Time Played)[Cover Photo via Andrew O’Brien][Video h/t – JamBuzz]Gov’t Mule (2000th Show) | Central Park SummerStage | New York, NY | 5/17/17 | Photos by Andrew O’Briencenter_img Load remaining imageslast_img

Reconnecting graduates

first_imgIn “Gone Tomorrow,” a novel steeped in academic life, Professor P.F. Kluge writes: “In some ways the goals of teaching and writing are the same. You hope to connect to someone else, to make them care about what you care about. So that the things which matter, the things that matter to you, matter to them.”The desire to rekindle close intellectual bonds is fueling an experimental endeavor called HarvardX for Alumni. Jointly run by HarvardX and the Harvard Alumni Association (HAA), HAA1x is an opportunity for all University graduates to be part of an exclusive, online learning experience.“Lifelong learning keeps our alumni connected to Harvard. From the launch of HarvardX, our alumni have been asking how they can participate,” said HAA President Catherine A. Gellert ’93. “With the launch of HarvardX for Alumni, we will be able to connect all our alumni to the exciting things happening in Harvard’s classrooms — and with the marvel of technology, meet everybody’s schedule and interests.”The inspiration to develop a prototype HarvardX program for alumni stems from summertime “blue sky” conversations begun by Robert Lue, faculty director for HarvardX, to spur innovative thinking. Serving as a test bed is a core aspect of HarvardX, a University-wide initiative dedicated to enhancing residential learning, advancing research, and expanding access to knowledge.“We always knew that we could do something special with HarvardX and alumni. As an alum myself, Harvard has played an essential role in my life,” said Lue. “But others who are far away or have busy lives … how could they come back beyond just reunions and special events? How could we, in essence, bring Harvard to them wherever they are?”Slated to begin on March 22 and wrap up in the early summer, HAA1x will offer alumni a “greatest hits” sampling of the intellectual riches and dynamic voices of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and bring alumni up to date on the latest innovations in teaching and learning.With topics ranging from Greek classics to poetry to neuroscience, Lue will play the role of a modern Alistair Cooke, setting up each new segment, released biweekly, and weaving together broad themes. Participants will be able to pick and choose based on what they find particularly appealing, or take a deep dive into the entirety of the program.Since the experience seeks to capture the spirit of Harvard, some footage is campus-based or incorporates iconic elements such as the John Harvard statue, the scientific instrumentation lab, or objects from the museums. In addition to exclusive video content created for HAA1x — all sharing an elegant, uncluttered look and feel — existing HarvardX course videos and content will be interwoven, showcasing innovations from annotation tools to interactive timelines to animations.Setting the program apart from many other MOOCs, or massive open online courses, the virtual-learning components will be bolstered by local Harvard clubs and shared-interest groups worldwide, and may include live chats with faculty.“We have already seen firsthand how HarvardX can provide an incredible platform for alumni to connect with the intellectual life at Harvard,” said Donald Guiney ’78, president of the Harvard Club of the United Kingdom.This past fall, a group of U.K. members decided to experience the ChinaX course together, meeting weekly during the semester. Upon visiting the U.K. club, course co-instructor William Kirby, T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies and Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration, said that almost every member knew the words to the “dynasty song,” a mnemonic sing-along created to help ChinaX students memorize the order of the Chinese ruling dynasties.Upon hearing the tale, Kirby’s other half in the endeavor, Peter Bol, vice provost for advances in learning and the Charles H. Carswell Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, said he was surprised and gratified to learn how alumni had come together as a literal chorus.“We hope our engagement experiment for HarvardX for Alumni will allow alumni to further grow and evolve their personal networks with fellow alumni, even from different Harvard Schools, forming new professional and personal partnerships,” said Lue.In addition to promoting group learning about everything from the slow reading of epic poems to the action potentials of neurons to the theory of relativity, the HarvardX and HAA partnership has an underlying aspiration to cultivate and nurture connections to Harvard at large, as well as to deepen connections to Schools and departments.“Given all that our alumni do for Harvard, we are very pleased to be able to give them this sort of exclusive access to Harvard, a place that has been their home physically and intellectually,” said Philip Lovejoy, deputy executive director of the HAA. “At the same time, we at the HAA are excited about how this experiment will help read more

An American in Paris’ Brandon Uranowitz on Calming Down His Dad & Tony Nom Perks

first_img An American in Paris View Comments Age: 28Hometown: West Orange, NJCurrent Role: A Tony-nominated turn as an Adam Hochberg, an aspiring expat composer living in the French capital, in the new Gershwin musical An American in Paris.Stage & Screen Cred: Uranowitz made his Broadway debut in Baby, It’s You. His other stage work includes Rent, Twelfth Night and Torch Song Trilogy. His TV credits include Inside Amy Schumer and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. “It was magical growing up in New Jersey. My sister and I would go nuts in the basement and do full theater productions. We used a humidifier as a fog machine. It was over the top.””I started doing theater at the age of six. I also took tap and jazz lessons. I refused to take ballet, which is one of my biggest regrets to this day. Particularly now with [the ballet-heavy] An American in Paris. It’s like rubbing my face in it.””My dad doesn’t like to admit it, but he’s the ultimate stage dad. He likes to see himself as my manager even though he’s not. I tell him to calm down at least twice a week. The day of the Tony nominations I honestly thought he was having a heart attack.””They dyed my hair and eyebrows every two weeks when I did Ragtime in Toronto. Imagine me at 10 with foils on my head and white shit on my eyebrows. I didn’t come to New York with the show because I looked too Jewish. I was devastated.””I worked at Barney’s selling clothes to lonely rich white women. Every time I would look down on myself—hating my job, hating my life—I would think, ‘It’s a character study. Study these people and you’ll have your SNL audition ready in like five minutes.'””The best perk of being Tony-nominated so far is the amount of love that washes over you. Every text message and every Facebook post has been a total lovefest. Plus, I get to meet Kelli O’Hara. That’s a pretty sweet perk.” Related Shows Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 9, 2016last_img

Apple Computer: An Innovative Technology

first_imgJuly 17th 2006, Apple already had in mind enhancements that would make his computer faster and more functional. They wanted to make it display in color. They worked to combine the terminal and memory functions of the Apple-1 by moving the display into main memory, allowing instant screen changes. None of these modifications were made specifically to make it a better product, or to make it more attractive for a customer to purchase.Another chip, the Motorola 6800, interested Wozniak because it resembled his favorite minicomputers (such as the Data General Nova) more than the 8080. However, cost was still a problem for him until he and his friend Allen Baum discovered a chip that was almost identical to the 6800, while considerably cheaper.Apple, a leader in personal computers was co-founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs.Apple ignited the personal computer revolution in the 1970s with the Apple II, and reinvented the personal computer in the 1980s with the Macintosh. Today, Apple remains committed to creating the best personal computers in the world, and its hardware and software products are widely regarded as being the most innovative in the industryMOS Technology sold their 6502 chip, as opposed to Motorola 6800. Wozniak decided to change his choice of processor to the 6502 and began writing a version of BASIC that would run on it. When his BASIC interpreter was finished, he turned his attention to designing the computer he could run it on. Except for some small timing differences, he was able to use the hardware design he had earlier done on paper for the 6800.Apple products at the Apple Store Online. The following apple products are: IMac’s, IPod’s, eMac, PowerBooks, IBook, Power Mac’s, software and accessories all available in apple brand.The company’s most well-known products are the Apple Macintosh line of personal computers, the iPod portable music player, and the iTunes media player.Apple branched out into consumer electronics. One example of this product diversification was the Apple QuickTake digital camera, one of the first digital cameras ever brought to the consumer market.Apple also offers a range of professional software titles. Their range of server software includes the operating system Mac OS X Server; Apple Remote Desktop, a remote systems management application; WebObjects, Java Web application server; and Xsan, a Storage Area Network file system.Author: Monica CraftFor Listing visit http://www.applepart.com(link is external) (A leading online resource for buying Apple Parts ) . You can also visit our other site http://www.idigitals.com(link is external) which is a Custom Built Pro Workstations offering the latest in Computer Technologylast_img

RPPTL supported the legislation: Raborn fix goes to the governor

first_img May 1, 2004 Regular News The legislature has passed an initiative related to the titling of real property to a trust that the Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section had advocated. HB 529 by Rep. Joe Negron, R-Stuart, and SB 1986 by Sen. Dave Aronberg, D-Greenacres, correct a recent federal court opinion and re-establish the generally accepted and broadly relied upon interpretation of the statutory requirements in F.S. §689.07, for conveyance of real property to a person as a “trustee” and not as an individual, provided that the conveyance contains the trust date or an identifier of the trust, according to the section.“This legislation re-establishes the fundamental trust conveyance principles that practitioners have relied on for decades,” Negron said. “I am pleased to have assisted my colleagues in sponsoring legislation that will give additional assurances as they advise their trust clients.” In re Raborn, a recent bankruptcy case interpreting §689.07, held that because the deed conveying the real property at issue was not recorded and did not name the beneficiaries of the trust or state the purpose of the trust, that the deed to Raborn, as trustee of the trust, conveyed a fee simple interest in the real property to trustee individually. Raborn was a departure from the commonly held interpretation of §689.07 held since its passage in 1939, according to the RPPTL section. The bill sought to prevent adverse consequences from Raborn on the practice of real property and trust law and on individuals who hold real property in trust.“We are happy to assist the RPPTL section of the Bar and bring clarity to a potentially difficult situation,” said Aronberg. “ In Re Raborn reversed over 60 years of commonly accepted real property and trust law, and it was important to pass this law quickly to avoid a loss of trust protection for the thousands of Floridians with real property assets held in trust.”HB 529 (SB 1986) passed the legislature with unanimous support and is awaiting transmittal to the governor. RPPTL supported the legislation: Raborn fix goes to the governorcenter_img RPPTL supported the legislation Raborn fix goes to the governorlast_img

13 money management lessons for kids

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr by: Chris MettlerResearch shows that America’s youth has a deep lack of understanding when it comes to finances and how to properly manage money. These disturbing statistics have generated a national movement to incorporate financial literacy into our education system and encourage parents to teach money management lessons at home.Since only 17 states require a course in personal finance to graduate high school, it is imperative that young Americans learn financial literacy at home. Teaching kids how to appropriately manage their finances is essential so they have the necessary tools to become financially responsible adults.Below are 13 tips for parents that will help them teach their kids about healthy money management.Use Cash– It’s true that credit and debit cards are more convenient, but kids are paying attention to how you manage your money. Using plastic doesn’t allow them to see the actual exchange of money for purchases. When you use cash, kids will see the transaction take place, and witness the exchange of cash for goods or services. It drives home the point that in order to make a purchase you have to hand over your hard-earned cash. continue reading »last_img

Looking for a score

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