USS Simpson Completes Two Days of Participation for Obangame Express 2012

first_img View post tag: Navy View post tag: two View post tag: days View post tag: Simpson View post tag: completes View post tag: 2012 View post tag: Participation View post tag: Obangame Back to overview,Home naval-today USS Simpson Completes Two Days of Participation for Obangame Express 2012 View post tag: News by topiccenter_img USS Simpson Completes Two Days of Participation for Obangame Express 2012 Share this article March 2, 2012 View post tag: Naval Guided-missile frigate USS Simpson (FFG 56) completed two days of participation for Exercise Obangame Express 2012, Feb. 29.Obangame Express is an at-sea maritime exercise designed to improve cooperation among participating nations in order to increase maritime safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.For its part in Obangame Express, Simpson acted as a boarding vessel with role players and trainers for teams from five countries – Cameroon, Gabon, Ghana, Sao Tome and Principe, and Spain. “Overall the teams did a decent job,” said Master-at-Arms 1st Class Gary Morrison, who acted as a ship’s captain when teams from African nations came aboard. “They’ll get even better with more training, more exercises like Obangame Express.”Lt. j.g. Yves Itondo, from the Cameroonian navy, and his team was the first of five teams that boarded Simpson during its two days of participation. “Obangame Express is a good exercise because any time my team has a chance to see the configuration of a different vessel, we discover new things,” said Lt. j.g. Yves Itondo. “Each boarding is different and each time we can improve the tactical improvements of our team. Obangame Express permits cooperation and exchange between our navies.”Simpson also sent its boarding team to a Nigerian navy vessel, the patrol cutter NNS Nwamba (A 503), two different times to practice boarding techniques while other Sailors, both officer and enlisted, visited six ships for training with respective counterparts in their job area.Lt. j.g. Jude Ezedike, Simpson’s auxiliaries officer, visited the Nigerian navy’s newest vessel, the Hamilton-class frigate, NNS Thunder (F 90), where he helped explain detect to engage (DTE) procedures. “DTE gives guidelines on what to do if a helicopter or low flying aircraft with possible hostile intentions comes too close to your vessel,” said Lt. j.g. Jude Ezedike. “We did a walkthrough, the training went well with a lot of cooperation.”Ezedike, who was born and raised in Nigeria and later emmigrated to the States, also said he believes strongly in the importance of Obangame Express. “Personally, I have prayed for this kind of naval interaction between the U.S. and Nigeria for a long time,” said Lt. j.g. Jude Ezedike. “Obangame Express helps Nigeria and the rest of West Africa defend their coast and control issues like piracy, kidnapping, drugs and irregular fishing.”Also during its participation, Simpson helped coordinate ship formations and maneuvering with other countries’ vessels through tactical communication drills relayed from its pilot house.“Any time there is an opportunity to teach, you end up learning something as well,” said Cmdr. Leonard Miliken, Simpson’s commanding officer. “Obangame Express was a great opportunity for all participants and I expect next year’s exercise to be even better.”Simpson, homeported out of Mayport, Fla. is currently conducting theater security cooperation and maritime security operations in the Naval Forces Africa area of responsibility.Prior to its participation in Exercise Obangame Express 2012, Simpson completed port visits in Lagos, Nigeria and Tema, Ghana in support of Africa Partnership Station West, an international security cooperation initiative facilitated by Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Europe-Africa, aimed at strengthening global maritime partnerships through training and collaborative activities in order to improve maritime safety and security in Africa.[mappress]Naval Today Staff , March 02, 2012 View post tag: USS View post tag: Express Training & Educationlast_img

Debate: Human-animal hybrids: scientific progress or ethical dead-end?

first_imgThe French philosopher Paul Ricouer offers his views on morality by saying ‘The moral law commands us to make the highest possible good in a world the final object of all our conduct’ while Nobel prize winning Philosopher Albert Schweitzer summarises ethics by saying, ‘A man is truly ethical when he obeys the compulsion to help all life which he is able to assist and shrinks from injuring anything that lives.’Given that all the research with hybrid embryos is purely geared towards clinical outcomes, all the objections pale in comparison to the bigger picture of truly helping humankind. Hopefully people will realise the implications of the use of the hybrid stem cells and the Human Tissue and Embryology Bill will be accepted by all, thereby materialising the hopes of all sufferers of debilitating diseases.Hybrid monsters – Ethically UnsoundNela Cicmil argues that creating human-animal hybrids is scientifically and ethically unsoundThe use of embryos has always been controversial and provocative. The new bill allowing part human, part animal embryos in medical research has unsurprisingly sparked a heated debate. The loudest voice of dissent is often that of “faith”- based and pro-life groups, who are on principle also against many other types of medical research. But you don’t have to be religious to see there are ethical reasons why the creation of hybrid embryos for research purposes is morally no better than the creation of human embryos for research purposes, and why in many ways it is worse.It is currently illegal to create human embryos purely for research purposes. Scientists must depend upon the few rejected embryos from fertility treatment, which are often in poor condition, or donated embryos from the same source, which are in also in short supply. Research groups, from the University of Newcastle and King’s College London, wish to perfect their experimental techniques on hybrid “practice” embryos, so that the few human embryos they receive can be put to more efficient use. Hence, banning the hybrid embryos will not cut off entire routes of research into potential treatments into diseases such as MS, Alzheimer’s, motor neuron disease and Parkinson’s disease – if stem cells are even the answer. The Newcastle research group also plans to insert disease-causing human DNA into the animal ovum to create a hybrid embryo. They hope that this will give some clue to the development of certain genetic disease. However, the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) prohibits the replacement of nuclear DNA of a human embryo by DNA from another human source – so why should replacing the same DNA into an animal ovum be an ethical improvement? Additionally, it is likely that the stem cell of such an experiment would be so contaminated by the animal components that it would differentiate in a way that is nowhere near “normal”. The results would be extremely difficult to interpret at best.So, we are left with the ethical considerations.  Medical research uses the principle that humans are special in some way, and different to and better than animals. That is how animal testing in medical research is justified. Additionally, human life is assumed to be sanctified, which is why creating and destroying even the earliest and least developed human embryo purely for research purposes has been deemed to be morally unjustifiable for any ends/ benefits. Therefore, the mixing of 99.9% human and 0.1% animal genetic elements at such a basic level, with the potential to grow into a kind of life form, is abhorrent because it violates and perverts this human sanctity and challenges our understanding of what it is to be human. When researchers in Korea injected human stem cells into a mouse embryo and developed the mouse to full term, the experiment faced widespread public outrage, especially after it was found that some of the human stem cells had found their way into the nervous system. In the UK, there is an agreement not to perform such procedures. Was the mouse partly human, because it contained some human stem cells? Is the 99.9% human embryo partly animal, because it contains some animal components? The creation of such entities should not be allowed until we have satisfactory answers to these questions. At this time, the challenge to our idea of what it is to be human is enough to make the creation of hybrid embryos for research purposes morally equal to, or more abhorrent than, the creation of human embryos for the same purposes.Lastly, it must not be forgotten that there are other, legitimate ways to obtain useful human embryos, such as from the blood of the umbilical cord. Improvements in storage and donation procedures of unused IVF embryos would help researchers more than would the creation of hybrid embryos, whose stem cells would always be subject to animal genetic interference. There are other active pathways for research into treatment of the serious diseases described read more

Commentary: Roseanne And The Perils Of Free Speech

first_imgBy John KrullTheStatehouseFile.comMaybe Roseanne Barr should have run for president.There don’t seem to be many consequences these days for saying racist, mean or flat untruthful things from the Oval Office.Saying such things, though, from a perch on network television can lead to a long, hard fall.That’s what happened to Barr Tuesday.Just hours after she tweeted, among other things, that Valerie Jarrett, an aide to former President Barack Obama, was like the love child of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Planet of the Apes.That’s right.She suggested that Jarrett, an African-American woman, was both a terrorist and an ape.Lovely.The reaction was swift.Wanda Sykes, an African-American executive producer of the “Roseanne” revival, immediately said she was quitting the show. Other cast members started calling in their resignations when they learned that ABC had cancelled the program.The network did this even though “Roseanne” was a ratings giant, the top-rated show on television.Incurable optimists saw this as evidence that ABC and its parent company, Disney, have souls and that the corporate chieftains value decency more than they do money.Maybe.Maybe not.President Donald Trump could carve a path to the White House by speaking almost exclusively to the animosities of select demographic groups because our political wars have become so tribal.But mass-media entertainment and communications companies such as ABC and Disney cannot afford to do that. They do not want to reach the segment of the population “Roseanne” spoke to – however significant a minority share it may be – at the exclusion of all others.Those companies want to sell to everyone.They need to sell to everyone.Anyone who makes that difficult – as Roseanne Barr had done – goes from being an asset to a liability faster than Donald Trump can say, “You’re fired.”Barr’s response to her firing has been almost schizophrenic.She’s veered from offering abject apologies to complaining that she’s the real victim in this situation to vowing to leave Twitter to returning to Twitter with still more inconsistent and often incoherent utterances.This is not surprising.Barr always has been about as stable as the volcanoes in Hawaii now are.Also not surprising is the defense some of her fans and fellow Trump supporters have mounted that she’s just another victim of “political correctness.” She’s just an entertainer, they say, and she has a right to speak her mind.Please.These, by and large, are the same folks who have mounted a long campaign to have former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick denied a spot on any NFL roster because he knelt during the national anthem to protest police shootings of unarmed black men.They are also the same people who cheered, lustily, when the president said that NFL players who knelt during the anthem should be run not just out of the league, but out of America.What’s good for the goose….This is a free speech issue, but not in the way Barr’s and Trump’s advocates think.No one is stopping Roseanne Barr or Colin Kaepernick from speaking. But ABC, Disney and the NFL have chosen not to associate themselves with what Barr and Kaepernick are saying, primarily for business reasons.ABC and Disney seek a worldwide, inclusive audience. The NFL, for good or ill, draws a heavy share of its fan base from Trump supporters.Advocates and partisans on either side of America’s great political divide may decry the network’s or the league’s decision not to support certain kinds of speech, but ABC, Disney and the NFL are within their rights to make decisions not to say certain things.And, as for the nonsense about “political correctness” – well, that’s exactly what it is.Nonsense.What Barr, Trump and their followers want is the privilege – not the right – to say offensive and antagonistic things without ever offending or angering anyone. They want this even though they cry like branded calves whenever someone looks crosswise at them.That’s not the way it works.We have a right in this country to say what we think, but that carries with it the responsibility to be held accountable for what we say.In the NFL.On network TV.And maybe, someday, once again, even in the White House.FOOTNOTE: John Krull is director of Franklin College’s Pulliam School of Journalism, host of “No Limits” WFYI 90.1 Indianapolis and publisher of, a news website powered by Franklin College journalism students.THE CITY-COUNTY OBSERVER POST THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT BAIS, OPINON, OR EDITING.FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img

Congress Sends FAA Extension with Increased Research Role for South Jersey’s FAA Technical Center…

first_imgSpecific research programs in which the FAA Technical Center is expected to have a role in executing are as follows: Ø  SEC. 2111. AVIATION CYBERSECURITY – FAA to create a comprehensive and strategic cybersecurity plan. Ø  SEC. 2206. PILOT PROJECT FOR AIRPORT SAFETY AND AIRSPACE HAZARD MITIGATION – FAA to pilot three more hazard mitigation projects to test the detection and mitigation of rogue drones. “While not the multi-year full authorization I and many of my colleagues had hoped for, this 15 month extension will give some certainty and long-term planning for FAA employees and contractors on critical aviation programs and research,” said LoBiondo, Chairman of the House Aviation Subcommittee. “More local to South Jersey, I was able to include provisions that will benefit the FAA Technical Center’s ongoing research and development programs, particularly those related to unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and cybersecurity. The extension also includes bipartisan aviation security proposals to strengthen and streamline TSA’s operations and screening of passengers and luggage.” Ø  SEC. 2208. UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT – FAA to partner with NASA and industry to develop research plan and execute pilot program for a drone traffic management system. Technical Center to have Substantial Role in Cybersecurity, UAS Research WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo (NJ-02), Chairman of the House Aviation Subcommittee, today applauded the passage of a bipartisan extension of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) authorities and programs until September 30, 2017. The 15 month extension does not include the proposal to spin-off the air traffic control program into a not-for-profit entity that was previously approved by the House Transportation & Infrastructure Committee. Subsequently, operations at the FAA Technical Center in Egg Harbor Township – including its air traffic control operations, research and labs – will continue as normal through this extension. Also included in the FAA extension (H.Res 818) is an additional three (3) year authorization of the UAS test sites, including the New Jersey-Virginia-Maryland site, until September 30, 2019. A list of additional aviation safety and security provisions as well as consumer-friendly policies is available here. Ø  SEC. 2212. UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS-MANNED AIRCRAFT COLLISION RESEARCH – FAA and NASA to conduct study on the collision of drones with traditional aircraft. Ø  SEC. 2211. UNMANNED AIRCRAFT SYSTEMS RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT ROADMAP – FAA and NASA to create a milestone chart for the integration of drones. Ø  SEC. 2213. PROBABILISTIC METRICS RESEARCH AND DRONE DEVELOPMENT STUDY – FAA to partner with universities to develop risk and threat model of integration of drones with traditional aircraft.last_img

Tourism Commission Rolls Out 2021 Marketing Campaign

first_imgThe Boardwalk is a hub of tourism and one of the centerpieces of the advertising campaign. By MADDY VITALEDespite the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses in Ocean City have rebounded from the months-long shutdown, and nearing the end of the year, the majority of them have made up lost revenue, Tourism Development Commission officials said during a remote meeting Thursday.The commission approved a $620,000 tourism budget, with $563,000 dedicated to its 2021 marketing campaign.“It is a good budget to set. With COVID, $620,000 looked like a good, conservative plan,” said Michele Gillian, executive director of the Ocean City Regional Chamber of Commerce and representative on the commission. “We have a healthy fund balance and we can always reset the budget for additional ad campaigns you would like to do.”The breakdown for advertising is similar to prior years, with the bulk of it going to e-marketing at $224,000 and $200,000 for television.Billboards make up $40,000 of the budget, with the remainder going toward brochures, direct mailings, contests and giveaways, vacation guides, print media and brochure distribution.Gillian noted that the commission is in negotiations for Ocean City-themed billboard advertising. One of the main billboards will be in the area of the Walt Whitman Bridge in Philadelphia, as it is every year.“That seems like a good opportunity for us for the Walt Whitman Bridge,” she said.She also said the commission might consider mailing out the advertising postcards in January to “jump-start the rentals. We do send one out in the spring, but this could be another one to push it out.”Burt Wilkins, chairman of the tourism commission, said of the marketing blitz, “It is consistent with last year’s campaign, and we are certainly diversifying in e-marketing.”Beaches top the reasons people flock to Ocean City.Wilkins, broker/owner of Goldcoast Sotheby’s real estate at 34th Street, asked members of the commission, including Patty Talese, co-owner of Jon & Patty’s Bistro, Bill McGinnity, owner of Cousin’s Restaurant, and City Councilman Pete Madden, broker/owner of Goldcoast Sotheby’s at 34th Street, how business has been over the last few months.“I’d like to hear how everybody in their different industries is doing,” Wilkins said.“Downtown is having a booming offseason. Asbury Avenue is bustling,” Talese said. “Everyone I talked to said they had a great September and October and Christmas season. Overall, I think the downtown caught up at least the retailers who did not open back up until July.”McGinnity, who is also the president of the Ocean City Restaurant Association said, “Some are doing really well, some are shut down. People who are doing takeout are doing well with it. Takeout is the way to go for the next couple of months.”Both Wilkins and Madden said that the real estate market has been booming.“We are still doing phenomenal. There is so much interest in real estate in December,” Wilkins explained. “The rentals are slower than we’d like. I am sure with the surge (of COVID-19 cases) it has people concerned, but I think the vaccine is our great hope.”Madden added, “We are busy real estate-wise, but we do need the rentals to pick up and to let people know to come down.”Small businesses are expected to see an additional boost from federal legislation. Gillian said that the bipartisan COVID Relief Act is moving forward in Congress and the framework is in place.She said that will help small business owners, adding that the Paycheck Protection Program, which helps pay the salaries of employees, is also being extended, according to published reports.“If this framework goes forward, it will be good news for the business community,” she said. “There will be some really good support going forward.”The next Tourism Commission meeting will be held, also remotely, at 9 a.m. on Jan. 14.Shoppers fill the downtown throughout the fall into the Christmas season.last_img

American Red Cross offering free, virtual classes during pandemic

first_img By Brooklyne Beatty – April 16, 2020 0 347 CoronavirusIndianaLocalNews Pinterest Facebook Previous articleMDHHS reports stimulus checks will not affect public assistance benefitsNext articleIndiana Gov. Holcomb signs order supporting pharmacists Brooklyne Beatty Google+ American Red Cross offering free, virtual classes during pandemic Twitter (Photo Supplied/American Red Cross) Are you interested in learning about disaster response?The Indiana Region of the American Red Cross is now offering virtual classes, instead of its usual in-person ones, beginning Monday, April 20, to ensure trained volunteers are available to provide vital service.The classes will be offered virtually through Zoom. You can register by clicking here.The class schedule is as follows:Disaster Basics: An OrientationApril 20: 10-11:30 a.m. “Zero to Hero”: Begin a Trainee, Finish a ResponderApril 22: 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.April 23: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m. Twitter Shelter FundamentalsApril 27: 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. Feeding FundamentalsApril 28: 1-4 p.m. WhatsApp TAGSAmerican Red CrossclassescoronavirusCOVID-19disaster responseIndianapandemicvirtual Mass Care: An OverviewApril 27: 9:30-10 a.m. WhatsApp Facebook Distribution of Emergency Supplies FundamentalsApril 29: 1-4 p.m. Google+ Disaster Assessment Part II: Map Meet-UpMay 7: 1:30-2:30 p.m. Pinterest Disaster Assessment Part I: Conducting Detailed Damage AssessmentsMay 4-6: (take at your own pace)last_img

The Main Squeeze Announce NYE Plans, Share “Dr. Funk” Video From Jam Cruise 16 [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgThe Main Squeeze has announced plans for New Year’s Eve 2018 with a pair of southern shows. The five-piece will kick off the run December 29th at Tipitina’s in New Orleans, LA, before heading to Jacksonville, FL’s 1904 Music Hall on December 31st to ring in the New Year.The Main Squeeze recently announced their upcoming fall tour, which will span from the beginning of October through to the end of November. The high-octane funk outfit from Chicago will kick things off in Los Angeles with a performance on October 6th at Teragram Ballroom, followed up by two Colorado performances, October 12th at the Fox Theatre in Boulder, CO, and October 13th at Cervantes’s Other Side in Denver, CO.On October 17th, the band lands in Madison, Wisconsin, followed up by shows in Grand Rapids and Ferndale, Michigan, and Covington, Kentucky. On October 24th, the band lays out a sprint across the Midwest, with shows in Columbus, Ohio; St. Louis, Missouri; and Goshen and Bloomington, Indiana. Finally, the band will arrive in the Northeast for a special Halloween show at Buffalo, New York’s Buffalo Iron Works.A majority of November will be spent in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. After a stop at New York City’s Brooklyn Bowl on November 1st, the band will cruise through Boston and Burlington before hitting Asbury Park, New Jersey, on the 7th. From there, the band heads south, with stops in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., before another to-be-announced show on November 10th. A four-night Florida run follows, with The Main Squeeze’s fall tour finishing up with a stop in Indianapolis on November 21st ahead of the hometown throwdown tour closer in Chicago on November 23rd at Thalia Hall.After making their Jam Cruise debut this past January aboard Jam Cruise 16, Jam Cruise has shared pro-shot video of The Main Squeeze’s “Dr. Funk”, performed during their Pool Deck set January 19th. During the end of their set, there is a short-lived but intense rainstorm, as the quintet keeps pushing on, offering their characteristically energetic funk grooves, despite the weather.Watch pro-shot footage of The Main Squeeze’s epic “Dr. Funk” from Jam Cruise 16 below.The Main Squeeze – “Dr. Funk” – Jam Cruise 16[Video:Jam Cruise]For more information about The Main Squeeze’s upcoming tour and ticket information, head to the band’s website here.The Main Squeeze Upcoming Tour Dates:10/6 – Teregram Ballroom – Los Angeles, CA10/12 – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO10/13 – Cervante’s Other Side – Denver, CO10/17 – High Noon Saloon – Madison, WI10/18 – Founders Brewery – Grand Rapids, MI10/19 – Otus Supply – Ferndale, MI10/20 – Madison Theater – Covington, KY10/24 – The Basement – Columbus, OH10/25 – Ignition – Goshen, IN10/26 – The Bootleg – St. Louis, MO10/27 – Bluebird Nightclub – Bloomington, IN10/31 – Buffalo Iron Works – Buffalo, NY11/1 – Brooklyn Bowl – Brooklyn, NY11/2 – Brighton Music Hall – Boston, MA11/3 – Higher Ground – Burlington, VT11/7 – Wonder Bar – Asbury Park, NJ11/8 – The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD11/9 – Pearl Street – Washington D.C.11/10 – The Foundry – Philadelphia, PA11/13 – The Wilbury – Tallahassee, FL11/15 – Revolution Live – Ft. Lauderdale, FL11/16 – State Theatre – St. Petersburg, FL11/17 – High Dive – Gainsville, FL11/21 – Vogue Nightclub – Indianapolis, IN11/23 – Thalia Hall – Chicago, IL12/29 – Tipitina’s – New Orleans, LA12/31 – 1904 Music Hall – Jacksonville, FLView All Tour Dateslast_img

Cadets to participate in training session

first_imgMembers of Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s Army R.O.T.C. program will travel to Culver Military Academy this weekend to participate in training exercises.Cadet Captain Elaine Teske, a Saint Mary’s senior, said the freshman and sophomore cadets in the program will take the reigns and lead the other cadets through tactical training exercises.Almost 60 freshmen and sophomores will be in attendance, as will 10 juniors and 14 seniors. Teske said the upperclassmen will take on different roles.“Juniors go along to act as ‘OP4,’ or oppositional force,” she said. “Basically, they take on the role of the enemies in the tactical situations.”Teske said seniors will assume more of a mentoring and guiding role.“Seniors did all the planning, and will take on more of a mentoring position,” she said. “This is the first time sophomores and freshmen are exposed to a bigger leadership role for the weekend. It’s just a big learning experience, it’s not supposed to be stressful or anything.”Teske said the cadets will start Friday afternoon with a night land navigation exercise. It will begin during the daylight hours, but it will be dark by the time they finish.On Saturday, the cadets will continue with their training, and each sophomore will lead a different group of cadets.“Saturday they’ll get up pretty early to do situational tactical exercises,” Teske said. “Each sophomore will get the opportunity to be in a leadership position and will be in a tactical leadership environment. This is an opportunity to show how they will react in a tactical environment and how they will lead under pressure.”After the completion of the exercises, the cadets will take part in a barbecue and then continue with another night land navigation.“Basically [the cadets] have a map and a compass and five points and they have to plot their points on the map and plot them on a piece of paper,” Teske said. “This is to reinforce land navigation skills they’ve been taught and use them in a practical exercise.”On Sunday the sophomore cadets will be given the responsibility of leading an even larger squad of people.“Sunday is patrolling, [which is] platoon-sized and there’s more people involved,” she said. “The cadets are doing the same thing they did Saturday, but now they just have more people to lead.”The weekend’s activities will end with a force-on-force paintball competition Sunday afternoon before the squad heads home.In addition to the members of the R.O.T.C. programs from Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s, members from Holy Cross College, Bethel College, Indiana University South Bend and Valparaiso University will also participate in the weekend.Teske said this training weekend has taken place every year since she’s been a part of the program.“This has been going on for a while,” she said. “I’m a senior and we’ve done it every year. It’s a culminating activity that we do in the spring.”last_img

Tickets Now on Sale for Act One, Starring Tony Shalhoub & Santino Fontana

first_img Andrea Martin Star Files The cast of Act One also includes Matthew Saldivar,  Bill Army, Will Brill, Laurel Casillo, Steven Kaplan, Will LeBow, Mimi Lieber, Charlotte Maier, Deborah Offner, Matthew Schechter, Bob Stillman and Amy Warren. View All (4) View Comments Chuck Cooper A once in a lifetime opportunity! Tickets are now available to see Tony nominees Santino Fontana and Tony Shalhoub take on the role of iconic writer/director Moss Hart in Act One. The new play, written and directed by Tony winner James Lapine, will also feature Tony winners Andrea Martin and Chuck Cooper. The Lincoln Center Theater production will begin performances March 20, with opening night set for April 17 at the Vivian Beaumont Theate Related Shows Act One Santino Fontana Tony Shalhoub Based on Hart’s autobiography, Act One chronicles his impoverished childhood and his determined struggle to escape poverty and forge a career in the theater. This path led to his collaboration with George S. Kaufman and their first great success, Once in a Lifetime.  Show Closed This production ended its run on June 14, 2014last_img

Shoshana Bean & Whitney Bashor Will Lead B’way-Aimed Beaches

first_img View Comments They’re the ones with with all the glory! Shoshana Bean and Whitney Bashor will headline the previously reported stage adaptation of Beaches in Chicago. Directed by Eric Schaeffer, the Broadway-aimed production will begin previews on June 24 and play a limited engagement through August 16 at the Drury Lane Theatre. Opening night is set for July 2.Bean will play Cee Cee Bloom. She made her Broadway debut in Hairspray; additional theater credits include Wicked. Her independent solo releases have topped the iTunes R&B and Blues charts in the U.S. and U.K.; she also sang back up for Michael Jackson at his 30th anniversary concert at Madison Square Garden and her music has been featured in TV shows on NBC, MTV, Oxygen and Showtime. Bashor will take on the role of Bertie White. Great White Way credits include Bridges of Madison County; her screen resume includes Boardwalk Empire.Presley Ryan (The Sound of Music Live!) will appear as Little Cee Cee, with Brooklyn Schuck (Matilda) as Little Bertie, Travis Taylor as John Perry, Nancy Voigts as Leona Bloom, Kelly Anne Clark as Rose White, Jim DeSelm as Michael Barron, Michael Accardo as Nathan Bloom, Andrew Varela as Arthur, Samantha Pauly as Teen Cee Cee and Olivia Renteria as Teen Bertie. William Carlos Angulo, Heather Brorsen, Josh Kohane, Christine Mild and Holly Strauder round out the cast.Beaches started as a 1985 novel about a 30-year friendship and is best known for the 1988 movie featuring Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey and THAT SONG: “The Wind Beneath My Wings.” The musical features a score by composer David Austin, with lyrics by Dart herself. The book of the musical is a collaboration between Dart and librettist Thom Thomas.The production will feature choreography by Lorin Latarro, musical direction by Brian Nash, scenic design by Derek McLane, lighting design by Howell Binkley, costume design by Alejo Vietti and sound design by Kai Harada.Beaches premiered at the Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia in spring 2014, starring Mara Davi and On the Town’s Alysha Umphress.last_img