This Tuesday, conclave by Aguado

first_imgThe Numancia Keep an eye on the market and with the possibility of improving the current workforce. According to Diario AS sources close to the Real Valladolid player Álvaro Aguado the situation that the player falls on the CD Numancia is “50%”, and it is that these same sources ensure that “who has to make the decision to make it.” This could arrive on the morning of this same Tuesday, although everything is conditioned to the number of players that currently has the Soriano club in their ranks. The sports director of Numancia César Palacios already warned in the presentation of Bernardo Cruz that from the soriana entity one works in the exit of several players. One of them, Marcos, has already been assigned to the Tudelano, so there would be one, or perhaps two more exits. The players involved in the decision already know that Numancia does not have its services and the arrival operation is conditioned to an exit. Aguado knows the sports project of NumanciaHe likes both the club and the coach, Luis Carrión, although it is no longer the sole decision of the player. The name of Aguado came to light via AS a few weeks ago and, for the moment although it seemed that all the parties were satisfied everything is stopped until Tuesday, although it is not only the Numancia the team of the silver category that would be interested in the jienense player. In addition, another of the names that are on the table is that of Málaga player José Rodríguez. The midfielder does not enter the sports plans of the boquerón club, nor those of Sheikh Al Thani who could be holding back Rodriguez’s departure to several teams of LaLiga Smartbank. Be that as it may, the Soria club has already been reinforced with two players in this winter market such as Bernardo Cruz and Erik Morán, who has played the two possible matches since he arrived for the sanction of Gus Ledes although the Brazilian-Portuguese player already is available to the coaching staff for the match played by the Soria team on Saturday at La Romareda against Real Zaragoza.Streak Hygiene The Murcian striker of Numancia, Higinio Marín, has the best numbers since you saw the elastic soriana: “I have always said, at the beginning they marked the defenses and those at the top not and now I’m leaving, I keep the three points and let the streak go on, ”said the player. Before Sporting de Gijón, Numancia returned to curdle a good game bending the opponent and effectively facing the goal: “We had the clear ideas of what we had to do, we knew how to keep the result and with the genius of Curro we have tied the Outcome”. Again, the stopped ball returned to take effect for the Sorianos: “We must give importance to the stopped ball and we have things rehearsed and left,” said Higinio.last_img

Atlético reaches the derby outside the Champions League

first_imgGetafe has taken the victory in the match against Betis. A loner of both Angel of penalty shortly after the end of the crash has left the points in the Coliseum and catapults the Bordalás to fourth place. The blue team equals with Atlético at 36 points, but, in the absence of the two clashes between the two sets being played, the general goal difference dictates sentence. Getafe sports a +10 for a +8 for Atlético. Thus, those of Simeone remain in fifth position, out of the four positions that give direct access to the Champions before playing next Saturday’s derby. He was not out of the first four places for four days. Atlético started the twenty-first day in third position eight points behind Barcelona and Real Madrid, but with the same as Sevilla (35). Getafe appeared fifth two points behind Atlético. Barcelona lost in Valencia, but Atlético, far from taking advantage of that leader’s slip, left two points in their field against the penultimate ranked. The Leganés started a draw. Meanwhile, Sevilla beat Granada and beat Atlético in the standings. Getafe also beat Betis. Atlético had settled four days ago in the Champions League positions. He had become seventh after the dispute of the sixteenth day, when he drew goalless with Villarreal. But December ended by adding three straight wins against Osasuna, Betis and Levante. It ended 2019 with good feelings, but they have evaporated in this beginning of 2020. And now it arrives at Real Madrid. Until this day, Atlético had remained out of the Champions League in seven days, becoming leader after the third date.Atletico started with the goal of fighting for titles this season, but there is a goal that by no means can escape. That is none other than finishing the course in the top four to access the economic push that allows you to participate in the Champions League. That is a sine qua non condition for maintaining the project. Without this financial lung, it is not possible to maintain the budget and expenditure on the workforce and the technical staff. The income account is going to go to record numbers this season, reaching 500 million, but that could change if you can’t participate in the next Champions League.last_img

Kenin: “Everyone can fight and fulfill their dreams”

first_imgSofia Kenin, an American born in Moscow 21 years in the past, opened her account on the Grand Slams on the expense of Garbiñe Muguruza, which he defeated in three units. “It’s my first speech, however I’ll attempt to do it proper,” he mentioned gracefully in his speech after choosing up the trophy from Lindsay Davenport. “I hope we can play extra finals collectively sooner or later,” she advised the Spanish. “My dream has come true. I’ve labored arduous to be right here, and everybody can fight for their desires as a result of I simply fulfilled mine,” threw into the auditorium. His mother and father settled down definitively within the USA when he was just a few months outdated and all his life he targeted on tennis. To be a famous person. You will have already taken step one.last_img

Barn, presented with Marbella: “This is a project to dream big”

first_imgIs he the last romantic of football? “I follow my principles. For the love I feel for football. I was angry that when I announced that I was coming here, they said we were taking steps down That hurts. And more now that I’ve met my team. It is neither one nor two steps down. They have human and football quality. Here came Valladolid and suffered ”(more applause).A special day. “We are in the middle of a story to write. People are working very well on and off the field. I follow the team and see the stands more and more full. I am aware of the responsibility I have. We all want to build something that lasts fifty years. ”Ribot intervenes again. “It is one of the biggest challenges of his sports career. Not many would have come here to be part of a group to go up to the First Division. Esteem’s affection must be valued. He arrives at the club with the best fans in the world. ”Ribot is asked about the option of making a new stadium. “We talked to Manuel Cardeña (he is the Councilor for Sports). We present a plan to the City Council to make a serious, professional and elite team. We had the idea of ​​having great players and we have brought them. ”Challenge? “It’s up to Second Division. We can all assume it thanks to the work that has been done long before it arrives. It is not a challenge that begins today but a long time ago. I join that challenge. I have things to contribute. And I can give many things. As Manuel Cardeña said, we were asked for a new stadium project ”.Barn again. “I come to a top level team. The best team of the Second B. I will have no problem adapting to the category. This is soccer. In Mérida we get a point and we already think of Don Benito ”.Effect called for other players? “The Second B is a competition of great players of great competitiveness and great professionals. The economic aspect is in the rear of my priorities. ”Will they play at La Rosaleda if Marbella ascends? Ribot responds. “Marbella cannot play in its stadium if we ascend. It is not yes or no. You have to find the best stadium for Marbella to play. ”This has not been seen in Marbella for years. “Two messages. One that I feel honored by all the people who have come. And the second message is that all these people are fundamental. They are my two messages. ” The presentation of the Esteban Granero as a new player of Marbella has filled the enthusiasm of the Costa Rican team’s enthusiasm. More than 1,000 people wrapped up the new stage that ‘El Pirata’ already started last Sunday in Mérida where he played his first 20 minutes. On the lawn itself a flirty stage was improvised with a sober screen, the shield of Marbella and images of the player. The act was presented by the journalist Tomás Guasch. “Our Marbella Soccer Club dreams a little bigger,” he said.And Barn arrived while the beautiful anthem of Marbella sounded. Oscar Ribot, CEO of Best Of You took the floor “Today is a day that will be remembered forever in the history of Marbella and Spanish football. The best signing in the history of the entire Second B. That Barn is here with 11 behind him is to dream very big. He said no to proposals from First Division and foreign clubs and millionaire offers for Marbella. Our only goal is to go up to Second Division and then to First Division (fiery hobby). Do not have any doubt that over time we will get it. Next year where Marbella has to be is in the Second Division. ”Barn Shift, acclaimed by a public delivered. “Good evening, great Guasch. I thank you for being here. I want to thank Best of You (the company that manages the club) because he is the main culprit for me being here, mainly Oscar Ribot. We work together at Real Madrid. This is a project to dream big. Where things are done honestly. They make it possible for everything to work so well. For Marbella it is a gift that Best of You and Ribot work for Marbella. For them it is a gift to have Marbella. Since I have arrived here people, the environment and the city show that Marbella is and wants to be great. That Marbella wants to grow and go to Second Division. Dream big. I want to thank my colleagues who have come to this event, technicians and my wife who has come from Barcelona to accompany me. You make me see the greatness of this club, city and project. We will fight to achieve the objectives. You are all Marbella. There is a team that has been working for a long time. Today is second, but it was first. He is working hard and doing things very well. I come to contribute the maximum of what I have. I had never felt so responsible. Twice in life. One when I signed for Real Madrid and another is today (applause). I said no to some things and I said yes to Marbella. I have done it with full responsibility. It’s growing and I have a lot to give and if I’ve come here it’s because of hunger. ”last_img

Belgium bans selfies and autographs by Coronavirus

first_imgThe Belgian league emphasizes that “the current situation requires special attention and follow-up but it is not necessary to panic,” but has introduced a series of guidelines to curb the spread of the pandemic, following the recommendations of the Belgian Federal Health Service. In addition to preventing fans from approaching soccer players, journalists will not be allowed to interview athletes less than a meter away and it is recommended to avoid shaking hands or kissing to greet and cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze, as well as wash your hands frequently.The Pro League have also asked fans to feel sick don’t go to the stadiums this weekend while soccer players are asked to avoid “useless direct contacts as much as possible”, so the greetings at the beginning and end of the matches have been suppressed. However, no match has been suspended or forced to play any game behind closed doors.. The Belgian football league Pro League has adopted on Thursday a series of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, which affects at least 50 people in the country, including prohibit players from taking selfies with fans. “Contacts with players are not desirable for now. Therefore we ask fans to do not ask for autographs, handshakes, selfies and shirts for players during this period“, indicate the organizers of the competition in a statement.last_img

Series A studies closing the stadiums until 2021

first_imgThe danger of a new spike in the COVID-19 epidemic will continue to be constant even when 0 daily infections are reached., something that could happen in Italy from May. Until there is a vaccine, going back to normal will be impossible, so The Italian League is studying playing matches behind closed doors and, furthermore, organizing them on neutral fields if those of the home team belong to an area with more risk.For that reason, last week, too There was talk of contesting the 12 days remaining to finish this course in Rome, organizing a maximum concentration of 20 teams in the capital. To see the stands full again, then, most likely, we will have to wait until 2021. Series A prepares to resume its training: All teams are taking steps so that, starting in May, the players gradually return to work in the sports cities. There are still many doubts: the dates on which the competitions will resume are not known, nor if the format of the European cups will change and, in addition, the entities will have to close the negotiations to cut the salaries of the soccer players.The only certainty that leaks these days from Calcium is that in 2020 the stadiums will not reopen for the Tifosi.last_img

Valencia: five points that would make him be in the Champions League

first_imgAt the time the League was stopped due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Valencia occupied the seventh place in the standings, with 42 points, three points from the Europa League and four from the Champions, since Real Sociedad occupies 46 points.Sevilla is third with 47 points, just the score that Valencia would take of not having lost five points that he had won in the 90th minute of the matches. Those five points flew due to goals conceded in match discounts. The first two points they escaped him on the first day of the championship. Valencia was winning 1-0, even Gameiro had missed a penalty, before the Royal Society. But in the 101st minute, Oyarzábal, from a penalty, tied the game (1-1). At Benito Villamarín Valencia missed another point, in the 94th minute. With the 1-1 match, Channels marked, with a direct foul, the final 2-1 for Betis, which made him leave empty.Benzema made Valencia leave two points on the road, in Mestalla. It was the 95th minute and Valencia beat Real Madrid 1-0. The Madrid Frenchman scored five minutes after 90. Loren also scored Valencia in 93 ‘for Betis. But Valencia were winning 2-0 at that time and there was no alteration of points.last_img

Ramalho and Juanpe, irreplaceable this course in Girona

first_imgAnd if Ramalho and Juanpe are the face in this aspect of never being replaced when they are incumbents, it could be said that Álex Gallar and Borja García are the cross. They are the Girona players who have been changed the most after being chosen to appear at the start. Gallar is the leader because he has suffered in 11 duels. He was one of the star signings in summer and his lack of continuity is surprising because, in addition, another fact that drags is that he has only completed three games (Las Palmas, Tenerife and Ponferradina) of the 26 he has played as a rojiblanco. Borja follows closely. He has been a starter 24 times and has been changed ten times before the end of the duel. Having a large and quality workforce allows Pep Lluís Martí (it happened to Unzué in the first meetings of the course) to have the possibility of moving the team at will without hardly resenting it. But it is being verified that in the rojiblanco group there are, without counting the goalkeepers Juan Carlos and Asier Riesgo, two players who are irreplaceable: Jonás Ramalho and Juanpe Ramírez. The data indicates that are the only two footballers of the Girona team who, after being the starters, have never been changed. And this is something that vital players like Cristhian Stuani and Borja García cannot say or that more minutes like Àlex Granell or Pedro Alcalá add up.Ramalho and Juanpe, both defenders, have not experienced the sensation, this season in the League, of seeing their number on the lineup to go to the bench. And they have had possibilities because the two go through the ten games played. Of course, the one with the most merit is Juanpe because he has played 23 duels and in only one of them was a substitute. On day 17, in Fuenlabrada. The rest of the matches, 22, have started. Although there is something that prevents us from commenting that he played them all complete because on matchday 6, against Almería, he was sent off in 81 ‘. As to Ramalho, of his 14 League appearances, has been a substitute in only three. Which means that 11 duels have been played in full.last_img

Ibrahimovic will train alone for two weeks in Milan

first_imgIn keeping with reviews, Ibrahimovic, who signed a second stage with the ‘rossoneri’ in January, he will spend the following two weeks coaching individually at Milanello coaching floor. Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic landed in Milan and it will move a quarantine of two weeks, so will train alone in Milanello for the doable return of Serie A. The Italian information company ANSA reported that the 38-year-old striker arrived in the Italian metropolis on Monday night time, two months after leaving the AC Milan, since confinement stopped the A sequence in the absence of 12 days.center_img The previous striker of the FC Barcelona he was coaching with him Hammarby from Stockholm, of which he’s the co-owner, throughout a part of his keep in Sweden. His teammates resumed particular person coaching final week and will transfer on to group coaching subsequent Monday.last_img