A 1,700-Year-Old Mouth Harp Found By Russian Scientists Still Works

first_imgRecently, archaeologists found a mouth harp in Cheremshanka, south-central Russia, approximating that the ancient instrument is approximately 1,700 years old. However, much to the surprise to the scientists who found the mouth harp, the instrument was still in working order and could still be played over a century later.The working instrument was one of five antique mouth harps found in the region. As explained in a National Geographic article,The instruments were likely made by craftsmen from the splintered ribs of cows or horses, and they are thought to date back 1,700 years to the period when the Huns and their descendants controlled much of central Asia. The tribes who populated the region at the time were nomadic, spreading across central Asia through modern-day Mongolia, Kazakhstan, northeast China, and southern Russia. The mouth harp that [was] played is about 4.3 inches long and 3.3 inches wide. As noted by Andrey Borodovsky, a professor at the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography who used the instrument, when played, the mouth harp sounds like flageolet, a flute-like instrument that was popular during the Renaissance.  [H/T National Geographic]last_img

Bustle In Your Hedgerow Returns With Star-Studded Brooklyn Bowl Show [Photo/Video]

first_imgLoad remaining images The mainly-dormant Joe Russos’ Almost Dead precursor, Bustle In Your Hedgerow, reunited for a special performance last night at the Brooklyn Bowl. The “Bustle” band consists of Joe Russo, Dave Dreiwitz, Marco Benevento and Scott Metzger – four out of five JRAD members minus Tom Hamilton. While JRAD focuses on the music of the Grateful Dead, Bustle In Your Hedgerow is, predictably, all Led Zeppelin.With drummer extraordinaire Joe Russo anchoring the ship, Bustle In Your Hedgerow opened set one with “The Song Remains The Same”, before working through quick and concise renditions of Zeppelin favorites “Custard Pie”, “For Your Life”, and “Down By The Seaside”. Up next was “Heartbreaker, with Scott Metzger stealing the show on guitar, offering up some fiery hot solos. With the intensity of the band and crowd heating up, Bustle In Your Hedgerow worked through “Out On The Tiles”, “Nobody’s Fault But Mine”, “Wearing And Tearing”, and “Thank You”, before closing the first set with “We’re Gonna Groove”, off of Zeppelin’s 1982 rarity compilation, Coda.Bustle In Your Hedgerow – Brooklyn Bowl Soundcheck – 10/6/2018[Video: Jay Moskowitz]Bustle In Your Hedgerow – “Wearing And Tearing” – 10/6/2018[Video: LazyLightning55a]Following a brief set break, Bustle In Your Hedgerow returned and opened set two with “The Wanton Song”, the Jimmy Page/Robert Plant-penned aggressive rocker. The remainder of the second set was a greatest hits extravaganza, as Joe Russo and company worked through “Dazed And Confused”, “Ramble On”, “Kashmir”, “What Is And What Never Should Be”, and “Since I’ve Been Loving You”, before bringing the second set to a close with Zeppelin’s centerpiece hit, “No Quarter”. The Brooklyn Bowl got showered with a Zepplin fan’s dream setlist, as the four rockstars reemerged to encore “The Ocean”, leaving the jam-packed venue begging for more.Bustle In Your Hedgerow – “The Wanton Song” – 10/6/2018[Video: LazyLightning55a]Setlist: Bustle In Your Hedgerow | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 10/6/2018Set One: The Song Remains The Same, Custard Pie, For Your Life, Down By The Seaside, Heartbreaker, Out On The Tiles, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Wearing And Tearing, Thank You, We’re Gonna GrooveSet Two: The Wanton Song, Dazed And Confused, Ramble On, Kashmir, What Is And What Never Should Be, Since I’ve Been Loving You, No QuarterEncore: The OceanBustle In Your Hedgerow | Brooklyn Bowl | Brooklyn, NY | 10/6/2018 | Photo: Andrew Scott Blacksteinlast_img

Bob Weir And Wolf Bros Ride “Bobby McGee” All The Way To New Orleans [Pro-Shot Video]

first_imgLast night, Bob Weir and Wolf Bros made their way to the newly opened The Fillmore at Harrah’s New Orleans for a Sunday performance in the Crescent City.The trio—comprised of Bob Weir, Don Was, and Jay Lane—delivered two sets bookended by Grateful Dead favorites for their New Orleans crowd. First, the Wolf Bros used “The Music Never Stopped” as the bread in their first set sandwich. After opening with the Bob Weir/John Perry Barlow classic, the band worked through “Lay My Lily Down”, “Peggy-O”, Johnny Cash‘s “Big River”, RatDog favorites “Even So” and “October Queen”, and “Easy Answers” before making their way back to “The Music Never Stopped” for a set-closing reprise.Bob Weir and Wolf Bros – “The Music Never Stopped” [Pro-Shot][Video: nugsnet]Related: The Grateful Dead Were “Busted Down On Bourbon Street,” On This Day In 1970The band opened their second set with Kris Kristofferson‘s “Me and Bobby McGee”, which earned some appreciative cheers and applause from the local crowd with its “rode us all the way to New Orleans” line. From there, the Wolf Bros moved into “Playing In The Band”. The rest of the set flowed from there as the band embarked on a “Supplication” jam followed by “He’s Gone”, Howlin’ Wolf‘s “Smokestack Lightning”, The Beatles‘ “Tomorrow Never Knows”, “Passenger”, and “Stella Blue” before once again calling back to earlier in the set set with a “Playing In The Band” reprise. Finally, Weir, Was, and Lane returned to the stage for a sing-along “Touch of Grey” encore.Bob Weir and Wolf Bros – “Me and Bobby McGee” [Kris Kristofferson cover], “Playing In The Band” [Partial, Pro-Shot][Video: nugsnet]Bob Weir and Wolf Bros tour continues on Tuesday, March 26th at The Fillmore Miami Beach in Miami Beach, FL. For a full list of upcoming dates, head here.Setlist: Bob Weir and Wolf Bros | The Fillmore at Harrah’s New Orleans | New Orleans, LA | 3/24/19Set One: The Music Never Stopped > Lay My Lily Down, Peggy-O, Big River, Even So > October Queen, Easy Answers > The Music Never Stopped (Reprise)Set Two: Me and Bobby McGee, Playing In The Band > Supplication Jam > He’s Gone > Smokestack Lightning > Tomorrow Never Knows > Passenger > Stella Blue > Playing In The Band (Reprise)Encore: Touch of Greylast_img

‘Breeches, Bibles and Beauty Parlors’ — exhibition showcases Harvard student life through the ages

first_imgIn 1915, when he was a senior, Harvard College student Richard Edward Connell wrote a libelous article in the Crimson about a piece in Boston American, a Hearst publication, resulting in a lawsuit. Yet the debacle brought the young writer to the attention of William Randolph Hearst, and eventually helped Connell get a job with another publication. This story, among many others, was uncovered as Christine Hubbard, graduate student intern, processed materials in the Harvard University Archives.Hubbard and fellow interns Olivia Mandica-Hart and Eve Neiger uncovered a wealth of information about Harvard student life while working in the Archives this summer. The three collaborated on an exhibition, “Breeches, Bibles and Beauty Parlors,” that showcases photographs, letters, and ephemera highlighting Harvard life during different historical periods.“Revisiting materials I had processed to select highlights for an exhibit was an enjoyable culmination to my internship,” said Hubbard. “It was a wonderful way to share a sampling of the interesting items documenting student life at Harvard in the mid-19th and early 20th centuries.”Hubbard and Mandica-Hart worked with Juliana Kuipers, special materials cataloger and processing archivist, and Neiger with Jennifer Pelose, processing archivist, and Robert Burton, cataloger for photographs.“[Our interns] discovered so much content throughout the course of the summer that we wanted to put it on display for others—library staff and the public—to see,” Kuipers said. “We asked each to choose the materials she thought were the most interesting.” Read Full Storylast_img

Strutting their stuff

first_imgLess “Devil Wears Prada” and more community and belonging, the student-run Identities Fashion Show drives home the idea that the runway needn’t be all beanpole models and bizarro looks. It can also be a place that is welcoming and open, embracing all types of people and backgrounds.Behind the glitz and glamour, this annual show stays true to its name by championing the diverse identities found on campus while also providing students with the experience of producing a fashion show from start to finish.“The vision of Identities is to make fashion more accessible,” said international student Dogus Mordeniz ’20, a co-executive producer for the show’s creative board. “We are trying to recruit models from all these diverse backgrounds, from all these different ethnicities and body sizes. We want to bring all their stories together with this show.”Identities has been doing just that for 13 years now. The club’s 25 members and 62 models represent various gender identities, sexual orientations, races, and ethnicities. Almost 70 percent identify as nonwhite. They’re tall and short, slim and not so, and about a quarter of them are international students, from Filipino to Turkish.“It perfectly encapsulates the diversity and creativity of Harvard,” said Nika Besker ’20, who joined Identities her sophomore year and is now executive producer for the design board.Identities has found a welcoming audience in the Harvard community, drawing crowds of more than 500 in the past few years. One reason is that while the Identities team works with local designers and brands that fit its mission, it has also showcased pieces from fashion icons such as Nanette Lepore and Vera Wang. Wang, whose daughter Josephine graduated from the College in 2016, attended the 2010 show, where she accepted the group’s annual Leadership in the Arts Award.This year, among the designers and brands featured are Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and New York-based iRi, the shoe label that got a boost last year from being spotted on supermodels Bella and Gigi Hadid. Runway legend Coco Rocha will be on hand to accept this year’s Leadership in the Arts Award. Rocha arrived a few days early and ran a training for the show’s models on how to pose and strut down the runway with flair.“When you do your runway shot, I want you to own it,” she told more than 30 models in the Winthrop House junior common room.Under Rocha’s expert guidance, the models rehearsed facial expressions and hand and body positioning, and even staged fights to get comfortable carrying out various tasks in front of the camera, no matter how absurd. Rocha also had them channel different emotions, like anger and sadness, by asking them to draw from memories of times they felt that way in order to appear ecstatic or even cry.,“This is great practice to just get you out of your skin,” she said, acknowledging that modeling may not be the desired career path for many of the students.Jorma Gorns ’20 thought the class was incredibly fun, especially in helping everyone gain confidence, not only in themselves but as a modeling team.“She’s so good at this,” he said. “Obviously, she’s a model but she’s also good at teaching — the way she explains it. This method acting approach, I thought, was very impressive.”The training was set up after models from last year’s show said they wanted more coaching and a team bonding experience, said Danielle Green ’20, a member of the creative board.Students try to make Identities better every year. They are in charge of every detail, from sketching initial concepts to choosing the pieces worn to production. Board executives will start planning a theme for next year as early as April.“The magnitude of the show is challenging at times to handle,” said Jules Kardish ’20, executive producer for the design board. “However the freedom we have with the creative process is really thrilling. Every year there is chaos and panic right up until the start of the show, but every year we pull it off.”Identities has five boards — creative, design, finance, production, and publicity — to manage all the work. The creative board oversees the show’s vision and casts the models, who audition about a month before the big day. The production board figures out the show’s setup, from music to lighting to the layout of the runway, which this year will be V-shaped so models can start their strut on one side of the room and exit on the other. The design board puts much of the creative vision into action, creating content for the website and holding advance photo shoots. The publicity board markets the show, while the finance board handles the budget and ticketing.“I think what’s really fascinating about this whole thing is that we all spend the whole year working in different areas, sometimes never knowing everything that’s happening with the other boards other than at the top level,” said Mordeniz. “Then read more

‘I started crying in the airplane’: Notre Dame student denied entry to U.S. amid tensions with Iran

first_imgCourtesy of Hamid Mohabbat Hamid Mohabbat prepares to leave for America and begin his studies at Notre Dame on Jan. 10. Mohabbat was denied entry to the U.S. at Chicago O’Hare International Airport.On Jan. 10, Mohabbat was detained at Chicago O’Hare International Airport and placed in a detention cell for 19 hours. He was interviewed — interrogated, as he put it — about America’s relationship with Iran and the downing of a Ukrainian flight, which the Iranian military had taken responsibility for earlier that day.Despite being placed in an isolated room, Mohabbat didn’t think anything was wrong. He offered the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officer his CV and research plan. He says he was honest and direct. Some time later, the officer came back.Mohabbat was given a foam mattress and thin blanket on which to sleep and was instructed not to communicate with anyone.The next morning, he was sent back to Iran.“I was asked to get out and make ready to leave,” Mohabbat said. “I was given no reason.”A national occurrenceMohabbat’s experience is representative of a national trend occurring amid America’s heightened tensions with Iran. The New York Times reported at least 16 Iranian students have been turned away at U.S. airports since August. Mohabbat is one of such cases.Mohabbat waited eight months for his F-1 visa, which required his participation in an extensive vetting process. The State Department had already approved Mohabbat’s entry before he was turned away.Notre Dame has been in contact with Mohabbat since he was denied entry to the United States, said Paul Browne, the University’s vice president for public affairs and communications.“The University has also been in discussions with the State Department and is engaging the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to determine whether anything can be done to remedy the situation,” Browne said in an email.Notre Dame has also been in contact with Jackie Walorski, a Republican who represents Indiana’s 2nd district in Congress.Jack Morrissey, Walorski’s communications director, confirmed the office is aware of the situation.When asked for comment, CBP public affairs officer Steve Bansbach said the DHS and CBP cannot discuss individual cases. But Bansbach did say that Mohabbat was not deported — deportations are performed by a different office, not the CBP.“He was found inadmissible and he was put on a return flight,” Bansbach said. “It’s not a deportation.”Notre Dame professor Diogo Bolster was planning to act as Mohabbat’s Ph.D. advisor. Bolster had arranged for one of his students to drive Mohabbat from the bus stop upon his arrival.When both that student and Mohabbat’s mother reached out saying they hadn’t heard from him, Bolster realized something was wrong.He called O’Hare and talked to a CBP officer. The officer confirmed Mohabbat was being sent home, which Bolster communicated to Mohabbat’s parents.“I am really blessed to have him,” Mohabbat said about Bolster.Despite the uncertainty of the situation, Bolster continues to communicate with Mohabbat. He said he is looking for as many solutions as he can find, and plans to continue mentoring Mohabbat while looking into Ph.D. opportunities in other countries.“When I accepted him to become a Ph.D. student in my program, I consider that a certain commitment on my behalf and I believe I still owe him something,” Bolster said.Mohabbat was incredibly excited about attending Notre Dame, Bolster added. He described him as smart, bright and motivated.“In an absolutely ideal world, I would love to welcome him here,” Bolster said. “I don’t know if or how that’s going to happen.”‘I keep doing the best I can’On Jan. 11, after being held in a CBP cell for 19 hours, Mohabbat boarded a flight home. He worried about his parents, who hadn’t heard from him in 42 hours. “I was afraid not about myself, but the main worry was them,” Mohabbat said.The moment his plane reached Istanbul he texted his family. His mom’s response was instantaneous.“I received this message from my mom that ‘We were worried sick, it is going to be alright, you did a great job and [don’t] be sorry about your efforts, we love you,’” Mohabbat said. “I started crying in the airplane.”Mohabbat was confident his chances of becoming a professor would have increased exponentially had he completed an esteemed civil engineering program in America. He wanted to challenge himself for a better future, which is what led him to Notre Dame in the first place.“The fact is that home was [w]hat gave me the courage to apply for foreign universities,” Mohabbat said.Before accepting Notre Dame’s offer, Mohabbat was studying for his bachelor’s degree at the University of Tehran, a top-ranked institution in Iran and one of the most prestigious in the Middle East. He had a 3.84 GPA and was hoping to research a range of topics in America.Mohabbat couldn’t read more

Odds & Ends: Lea! Benanti! Cumming on Cabaret!

first_img Cumming on Cabaret Watch Alan Cumming tell CBS below about why he’s to reprise his Tony-winning role as the Emcee in the Roundabout revival of Cabaret. He talks of how great pieces of art “tell a story which we should be reminded of” and warns of the “dangers of complacency” and how important it is to celebrate difference. We’ll be celebrating right there with you and Michelle Williams when you begin perfomances March 21 at Studio 54! Here’s a quick roundup of stories you may have missed today. Adam Shankman to Direct and Choreograph Hair in Hollywood From Hairspray to Hair! Adam Shankman is to direct and choreograph the previously reported production of the iconic ’60s musical Hair at the Hollywood Bowl August 1 and 2. Shankman’s directing and choreographing credits include the film adaptations of Rock of Ages and Hairspray. He has also directed episodes of Glee. Lea Michele to go on World Tour After the successful launch of her album Louder, Glee star and Broadway vet Lea Michele will tour the world this summer. According to her Facebook page she “can’t wait to thank you all in person.” Benanti’s Broadway Diet Laura Benanti has revealed a little to what goes into keeping Broadway’s favorite Baroness’ svelte shape. She told The New Potato that she starts her day with her “nutritionist Kim Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie” and snacks on “avocado on gluten-free toast.” Don’t worry, the self-deprecating Benanti that we know and love still keeps it real. Asked to describe her morning beauty routine she replied: “I don’t really have one. The other day I looked in the mirror and thought, “Just because I think I can get ready in ten minutes doesn’t mean I should.”” You’ll always look fab-u-lous to us, Ms. Benanti. Lea Michele View Comments Laura Benanti Alan Cumming Star Fileslast_img

Millennials for a jargon-free banking world

first_imgRemember, Millennials don’t have a ton of positive financial experience yet; we’re suspicious, and while we crave information, we also value time and efficiency. By increasing readability and cutting jargon from content, credit unions can increase their customer base and financial literacy across younger audiences. *Shoutout to all the other millennials out there. The quick bullet list at the end of this post was created specifically for your quick scan. Linked articles:https://www.investors.com/news/management/financial-advisor-briefing/my-price-is-right-what-millennials-want-from-financial-services/https://thefinancialbrand.com/25393/simple-checking-account-disclosures/https://web.uri.edu/business/files/AgeAndFinancialCapability.pdf As a Millennial employee at a financial branding and marketing agency, I see institutions constantly searching for more customers my age. There’s a great deal of targeted marketing happening: financial institutions use tactics that reach out to Millennials who are using certain mobile apps, visiting physical locations, or searching for answers online. The personalization of financial marketing, banking apps, and marketing technology is advancing rapidly, but many institutions are still struggling to replenish their aging customer base.  It’s not enough to simply get your target audience to your website, social media page, or  branch. What a visitor sees when they first land is of vital importance. After all, what good is your SEM budget if all it does is route your target audience to content that’s unreadable and can’t be digested? If you want Millennials, you must communicate at our level; plenty of other businesses already are (like Mint and Venmo), and we flock to them. Great marketing strategies can be created, but if you refuse to cut jargon and increase the readability of your content, winning over younger customers won’t be an easy feat. By making content more readable, financial marketers can earn the trust of Millennials and increase financial literacy among younger audiences.Millennials harbor suspicions about the financial industry (we remember 2008, too!), and the scandals at huge financial institutions during the Great Recession did little to improve the image of banking behemoths (though we see you trying, Wells Fargo). To try and enhance their approachability, several big financial institutions (Bank of America, Citi, and Chase) have worked to increase readability and decrease length of disclosure documents in particular, cutting them down from 69 pages (the median length of checking account disclosure statements!) to just one or two, and writing them in plain language. Compliance departments may insist on extensive and thorough disclosures, but financial marketers should keep in mind that most American adults—not just Millennials—read at a 7th or 8th grade level. Writing at or under this grade of reading is ideal; both Umpqua Bank and Washington Federal’s web communications, when recently analyzed, came in at a 6th grade level. Writing at too high of a reading level may make you feel smart, but it confuses your audience. If the goal is to assist customers in making better financial decisions, your organization would do well to help elevate our understanding, not hinder it.Millennials want to know more, and we have good reason to learn about our personal finances. A study at the University of Rhode Island about financial literacy across age groups noted that the current financial education movement has been motivated by the weakening of a government-managed economic safety net (scary!). This puts more responsibility on individuals (e.g. Millennials and Gen Z) to manage their own long-term economic security (e.g. retirement). This study found that financial literacy and capability was linked to age; younger people are lacking in financial education and need clear communication to make informed decisions. Millennials know that we should worry about long-term economic security, and that retirement is going to be different (read: impossible) for us than it is for our parents. This area of genuine financial education seems ripe for the taking, and many community banks and credit unions have loads of information to help their customers. So why aren’t Millennials grabbing onto this with confidence?While we are motivated to increase our financial literacy, Millennials don’t have time to care about what we don’t understand, and credit union literature is full of complicated information, huge blocks of text, and asterisks leading to novel-length disclosures. Confusing financial jargon—acronyms (like LOC, OLB, RDC, APR, LTV) and phrases truly meant for insiders or experienced investors is misleading and not for our benefit of understanding. Often, financial marketers don’t even realize the words they use are confusing. Millennials polled in a survey about retirement communication considered common finance industry words—contribution, read more

CNTB reaction to the open letter of the director of the ultratrail race “100 Miles of Istria”

first_imgThe Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) sent a response, ie reacted to the open letter of Mr. Alen Paliska, director of the ultratrail race “100 Miles of Istria”, which last week in an open letter entitled: Demystification of CNTB grants for events or who benefits from the grants?, pointed out that he believes that he has been damaged and that he is requesting a revision and annulment of the results of the Public Tender for Grants for Events in 2017.The CNTB reacted to the open letter of Mr. Alen Paliska, which we are transmitting in its entirety:”The reason why the Croatian National Tourist Board did not award support to the event “100 Miles of Istria” in 2017 is that the event was not registered in the Public Call for support of events in 2017. Therefore, the Croatian National Tourist Board did not receive an application for this event either in electronic or printed form, and therefore the support could not be granted.. ” stand out from the CNTB.Furthermore, the CNTB points out that the open letter also states that the CNTB held the International Endurance Race last year. Ironman included in the TOP events and awarded them support in the amount of HRK 100.000,00, and that this year the same event was “transferred” to the category of national and regional events. “We emphasize that the method of registration for TOP events is very clearly described in the Public Invitation, which shows that the county tourist board is the one that reports TOP events to the Croatian Tourist Board and that the CNTB has no influence on what the Tourist Board will ultimately report. Specifically, the Tourist Board of the Istrian County has announced three TOP events this year, not including the International Endurance Race Ironman. It can be seen from the above that the CNTB could not even include the event Ironman in TOP events because, unlike last year, the Istria County Tourist Board did not report it as a TOP event this year. “”Without going into more detail in other allegations made in the open letter, which we also assess as unfounded, we hereby express our regret that a series of erroneous conclusions were easily and without prior verification and consultation with the CNTB Head Office. We emphasize that one of the basic tasks of the CNTB is, among other things, to take measures and activities for the development and promotion of tourism in underdeveloped parts of Croatia, as well as to take measures for the development and promotion of all selective forms of tourism. reaction to the open letter of the director of the ultratrail race “100 Miles of Istria“. conclude from CNTB as a reaction to the open letter of the director of the ultratrail race “100 Miles of Istria”CNTB FINANCIAL SUPPORT ANNOUNCED FOR 2017Let us remind you that every year the CNTB provides financial support to events, all with the aim of investing in the quality of the offer and content, ie in creating motives for arrivals and the development of tourism at the destination level, as he points out with the CNTB.The Public Call for Grants for Events in 2017 received a total of 433 applications, of which 373 applications were taken into consideration, since 60 of them did not meet the conditions of the tender, according to the CNTB. Financial support from the Croatian National Tourist Board was provided by 215 registered programs divided into three prescribed measures of this Public Invitation in the total amount of HRK 11.500.000,00. Thus, through measure 1 – support to events in the PPS period in underdeveloped tourist areas, HRK 1.140.000,00 was allocated, while through measure 2 – support to national and regional events, a total of HRK 5.710.000,00 was allocated. The amount of HRK 4.650.000,00 was allocated through measure 3 for TOP events.See the list of grants herelast_img

Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plans talks with Romelu Lukaku amid transfer links

first_imgAdvertisement Metro Sport ReporterWednesday 8 May 2019 11:14 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link611Shares Comment Advertisement Solskjaer wants to sit down with Lukaku for talks (Picture: Getty)Lukaku is under contract until 2022, but is reportedly considering an exit from Old Trafford this summer.AdvertisementAdvertisementSolskjaer is keen to know whether the rumorus are true or if Lukaku sees himself staying at United.Should Lukaku tell Solskjaer he wants to move on, the United boss will have to make signing a new centre-forward this summer part of his transfer plans.center_img Lukaku is being linked with a move away from United (Picture: Getty)Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will sit down for a ‘heart-to-heart’ with Romelu Lukaku ahead of the summer transfer window, reports say.The Manchester United striker is being linked a move away from the club and has talked up the prospect of playing in Italy in recent weeks.Lukaku has been a regular under Solskjaer, but has not scored in the Premier League since March.The Sun claim Solskjaer has not given up on the Belgian and wants to meet with Lukaku to discuss his future.ADVERTISEMENT Manchester United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer plans talks with Romelu Lukaku amid transfer links Lukaku wants to play in Italy (Picture: Getty)United’s final game of the season is on Sunday against Cardiff and it is unclear if Lukaku will be fit enough to feature in that game after missing the draw against Huddersfield.Solskjaer is planning a big summer of signings and departures at the club, but will be disappointed after the club missed out on Champions League football.United can still finish fifth in the Premier League, however, they need to win on the final day of fixtures and hope Arsenal drop points against Burnley.MORE: Manchester United’s £100m move for Jadon Sancho in jeopardy after failure to qualify for Champions Leaguelast_img