Discover Tangier A CrossCultural Nexus

By Alexandra GrittaRabat- Tangier, nestled in the Strait of Gibraltar, is nicknamed the “Gateway to Africa” for its proximity to Europe. The city is a popular destination for cruise ships and is foremost a port city. It is connected to 174 ports from 74 countries on 5 different continents.One of Tangier’s appeals is that there are ferry rides from Morocco to Spain. In fact, you can see the edge of Spain from Tangier’s Cape Spartel, a promontory (and popular viewing point) located 300 meters above sea level. Tangier experienced a period of relative touristic obscurity after World War II compared to other areas of Morocco, but has been drawing more and more tourism. The increase is partly due to the appeal of its primary attraction—the Caves of Hercules, situated just 14 kilometers west of the city. King Mohammed VI has also been personally promoting the region as a tourist destination.Tangier has undergone increasing modernization, including the construction of the business district “Tangier City Center” and a new football stadium. In August, it will also host Brave 14, the first global mixed martial arts (MMA) event ever to take place in Africa and the final Spanish Super Cup football match.A new luxury port has been built adjoining the ancient medina (old city), which has also recently been restored. The port is an area more wealthy visitors can dock their boats at while touring the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, palm trees have been planted in many of Tangier’s main streets in an attempt to decorate the city.Over the years, the city has been a link between various cultures. In the past, Tangier was both an Amazigh (Berber) town and a Phoenician trading center. It also passed through the hands of the Romans, Vandals, Visigoths, and the Umayyad Empire. A Carthaginian Empire settlement dating back to the 5th century B.C. called “Tingis” by the Greeks inspired Tangier’s current name.As of 1923, colonial powers considered Tangier a city of “international status” and it became a landing for diplomats, businessmen, and spies. It was also a mecca for gamblers and an “El Dorado” for the upper class. Essentially, Tangier was not under the jurisdiction of Morocco for a long period of time. From 1923-1928 it was deemed a “neutral demilitarized zone” under the joint administration of Spain, France, and the United Kingdom. Beginning in 1928, it also was administered by Portugal, Italy, and Belgium, and in 1929, the Netherlands joined on. The United States followed during World War II, using Tangier as its operation base for its Office of Strategic Services.As of 1956, Tangier was reintegrated into Morocco. Due to its complex administrative history, it became well-known for being a hub of cultural and religious diversity. According to popular legend, the demigod Hercules founded Tangier. Amazigh mythology suggests it was founded by Surfax, a different hero from Amazigh and Greek mythology.Things to do in Tangier:Caves of Hercules. This is Tangier’s main attraction. Legend has it that Hercules spent the night in a grotto in Tangier before embarking on his 11th out of 12 labors. He was charged to steal the golden apples of the Hesperides sisters, said to grant immortal life.The main cave has two entrances: one that faces the sea and one that opens toward land and is accessible to visitors. The cave gets its fame from its seaward-facing entrance, which is shaped like the continent of Africa and known as “The Map of Africa.”The site holds both mythological and archaeological importance. It is part natural formation and part man-made. The cave was originally much smaller, but the Amazigh people carved stone wheels out of the walls for millstone construction, considerably expanding the site, and the Phoenicians carved eye-shaped patterns into the walls.Before the site became a popular tourist attraction, it was used as a brothel in the 1900s.Admission to the cave is free and there is a snack shop as well as a cafe which overlook the sea. Visitors can also follow a set of stairs that lead down to a quaint beach. There is also a second, smaller cavern before the main entrance where visitors can pay a small MAD 5 fee to enter and take photos of the Greek-style decorations. A photo op with a parrot is available for an additional price, and guides charge MAD 5.Cape Spartel. This is a vantage point with a lighthouse located 300 meters above sea level. It is a great spot to take scenic photos and admire the Strait of Gibraltar. On clearer days, the edge of Spain, only 14.5 kilometers away, can be seen across the water.The “Battle of Cape Spartel” between the British and joint French and Spanish fleets took place in 1782, 29 kilometers off the coast of Cape Spartel. The battle was part of the American Revolutionary War, and the results were inconclusive.Church of Saint Andrew. Some tourists may appreciate a visit to the modest but historic Saint Andrew Anglican church. The church still read more

Sri Lankans deported from Australia

Since 13 August, 156 Sri Lankans have returned home from Australia – both voluntarily and involuntarily – as people realise that these smugglers only sell lies and false promises about what awaits people in Australia, the High Commission said.People returned involuntarily do not have access to reintegration assistance. Another group of Sri Lankan nationals were deported to Sri Lanka on a charter flight to Colombo from Christmas Island today, the Australian High Commission in Colombo said today.The group of 30 single adult males had arrived on a number of boats over the last week or so, the High Commission said in a statement. People who pay smugglers are risking their lives and throwing their money away. There is no visa awaiting them on arrival, no speedy outcome, and no special treatment.“The government is committed to breaking the people smuggling trade and preventing people from taking these dangerous boats to Australia. We will continue to regularly transfer people to Nauru and shortly to Manus Island. And where appropriate, the government will certainly continue to return people where they do not engage Australia’s international obligations,” the Australian High Commission said. They were advised of their status and that they were subject to removal from Australia. They raised no issues that engaged Australia’s international obligations. Without a valid visa they had no legal right to remain in Australia and were removed at the earliest opportunity.

Developing countries behind Sri Lanka

They also underlined that the report of the OHCHR has no nexus to the principle objectives of the US sponsored resolution 19/2 of March 2012, and therefore, any further initiatives in the Council, based on or emanating from this report are counterproductive. The Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva recalled that the delegation of the Russian Federation, while making a joint statement on behalf of 14 countries: Belarus, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Russia, Sudan, Uganda, Venezuela and Zimbabwe stated that the High Commissioner has hastened to prejudge the outcome of Sri Lanka’s ongoing domestic reconciliation process. The delegation of Thailand while making an intervention said they welcome Sri Lanka’s efforts to engage with the Council, especially through the UPR process, which they believe is an appropriate mechanism to address the human rights situation in Sri Lanka.The Delegation of Venezuela stated that the call for the international investigation prejudges the results of the national reconciliation process which is in full swing . Sri Lanka also recalled the statement made by the Delegation of China which said it welcomed the efforts made by Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and to formulate a National Plan of Action.China had said that the report of the OHCHR has failed to reflect the positives, to which china express concerns.The Chinese had called on the international community to support the Government efforts in reconstruction, reconciliation and to provide time and space. (Colombo Gazette) Developing countries expressed their confidence for the efforts made by Sri Lanka towards achieving national reconciliation and commended its level of cooperation with the UN, the Permanent Mission of Sri Lanka to the UN in Geneva said in a statement.The statement said that the developing countries clearly highlighted that the report (A/HRC/22/38) tabled today at the UN Human Rights Council under the agenda item 2 by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) was unwarranted and a clear overstepping of its mandate.

UN disaster assessment team arrives in droughtaffected Marshall Islands

Assessments are ongoing in the country, where a state of disaster was declared on 7 May, according to a report issued by the OCHA Regional Office for the Pacific.Speaking to reporters in Geneva, OCHA spokesperson Jens Laerke said assessments from four atolls, with an estimated population of 1,500 people, found that most of the domestic water tanks were completely empty and water from wells was unsafe to drink due to bacterial contamination and high levels of salt. Most of the installations for water purification and desalination were operating below capacity, he added.In addition, food crops, which were mainly breadfruit and banana, were also reportedly “devastated” due to the drought. “The lack of clean drinking water is of acute humanitarian concern, and children are particularly vulnerable,” said Mr. Laerke. Two Government ships to the north-east and north-west of the Marshall Islands had begun transporting full water containers, hygiene kits and other relief items to nearly 600 families in the worst-affected communities. “There is a high likelihood that drought conditions will remain through July,” Mr. Laerke stated. “It will take several months of normal rainfall for groundwater to be replenished and longer still for food crops to recover.”The Government will receive an initial OCHA emergency cash grant of $50,000 to assist with the immediate response efforts.

Quick Thoughts on Michael Sam to the Rams

I wrote this week that Michael Sam, the Missouri defensive end who came out as gay in February, wasn’t certain to be picked in the NFL draft. Of those players at his position who had been rated as sixth-round picks before the draft — as Sam was — slightly less than 50 percent were chosen by an NFL team.I also wrote that I’d take Sam’s side of the bet given even odds:Personally, however, if the odds are something like 50-50 on Sam being drafted, I think I’d take his side of the bet. Why? A player only needs one team to draft him. A player like Sam who generates polarized opinions might have a better chance of being chosen in a late round by a team like the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks than one who everyone agrees is mediocre.Perhaps this counts as a “correct” (if well-hedged) prediction. But I got one thing pretty wrong. I assumed that Sam would be chosen by a team like the Patriots or the Seahawks or the San Francisco 49ers that play in an urban area especially tolerant toward gay people. But St. Louis was probably the best fit all along.How come? Public acceptance of homosexuality certainly varies from city to city and state to state. If we use support for gay marriage as a rough proxy, for example, I estimate that about 47 percent of voters approve of it in Missouri, as compared with 58 percent in California, 59 percent in Washington state and 66 percent in Massachusetts. (Obviously, the percentages are likely to be higher in cities such as San Francisco and Seattle specifically as opposed to the states as a whole. But that’s probably also true for St. Louis, which is considerably more liberal than the rest of Missouri.)What varies a lot more, however, is appreciation for University of Missouri football. Interest in the Tigers is about 50 times higher in Missouri than in the rest of the country, according to the number of Google searches.In other words, a higher percentage of people in St. Louis and elsewhere in Missouri will know of Sam as a football player and not just as a gay athlete. Here’s hoping that helps him to concentrate on what he does best.

Brain damaged babies could be robbed of compensation they need

first_imgBrain-damaged babies will be “robbed” of compensation under government plans to speed up negligence claims, safety campaigners have warned. The plans are due to be announced next month, following a consultation earlier this year. Ministers are poised to announce reforms of medical negligence, which they say will speed up access to damages for families devastated by maternity blunders. It follows revelations that claims for babies left brain-damaged by such blunders has soared by almost one quarter in just one year, bringing… But patients groups and lawyers have criticised the proposals – saying that parents who take up the scheme will be left without enough compensation to care for their children.last_img

Ubisoft launches movie and TV studio to adapt its own games

first_imgUbisoft is apparently tired of the way major Hollywood studios treat video game properties. The company has launched Ubisoft Motion Pictures as a way to adapt its own games and franchises into feature films and television shows without the help of Hollywood or any major American studio, for that matter.Ubisoft is based in France, so the new Ubisoft Motion Pictures will be also. The new studio will work out of Paris, and the company has lined up former executives at EuropaCorp and Walt Disney Studios France to head the organization. With a team like that, Ubisoft will already have the connections and experience required to get movie or television properties out the door and onto screens around the globe.Some of the company’s top properties are Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell, and people have been speculating about feature films based on both sets of IP for years. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time came to the big screen last year, and even though critics panned the film, it did respectably well at the box office, grossing over $335 million in sales. Even the fact that one of the original writers behind Prince of Persia was behind the movie script didn’t help the film turn into a blockbuster. Still, the money the film did generate managed to make it the most successful film adaptation of a video game in history.Ubisoft is likely interested in taking more of an active role in its own destiny. It’s possible that part of Ubisoft’s desire is to make sure that movie and TV adaptations of its games are truthful to the spirit and intent of the titles, but they also likely see the writing on the wall: movies based on video games are a rising industry, and there’s no reason to let someone else shoot the movie and they sit on the sidelines when Ubisoft could be in the director’s seat.Read more at Varietylast_img

Daybreak forum to address drug trends

first_imgBRUSH PRAIRIE — Daybreak Youth Services is holding a forum today titled Emerging Drug Trends: Building Awareness & Finding Solutions.From 3:30 to 5 p.m., a panel of local experts will talk about “the substances teens are using, the forms they come in, how they are being obtained, warning signs for parents and more,” a news release from Daybreak said. It’s part of the ongoing Conversations with the Community series.Panelists include Olivia Rae Wright, Daybreak’s medical director and associate residency director in charge of curriculum for PeaceHealth; Sharice Lee, intervention specialist at Prairie High School; John Horch, Clark Vancouver Regional Drug Task Force commander; and Jason Granneman, Clark County Sheriff’s Office deputy and school resource officer at Hockinson High School.The forum is at Daybreak’s RWC Center for Adolescent Recovery, 11910 N.E. 154th St. Tours of the facility are available after the event. Visit to RSVP or contact Nick Shanmac, Daybreak’s director of marketing and outreach, at 360-984-5232 or

Thorne says Misick charges are political persecution

first_img SIPT Wraps up, Court on Break til February 15 SIPT Opening Statement brings anticipation for evidence, Proceedings resume today Related Items:myrtle rigby health complex, ralph thorne, Special Investigation and prosecution Team Recommended for you Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Thorne, QC maintains SIPT Trial is political vendetta Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, 10 Dec 2015 – The often comical theatrics of lead lawyer for Michael Misick were aimed at showing up the Special Investigation and Prosecution Team as being overzealous in their quest to ‘get Mike’ for alleged crimes of corruption. QC, Ralph Thorne with his voice often rising in crescendo and with his tirade often eliciting warning from the Judge, rolled out what he called a heap of political charges for what his client believes is political persecution. He said the charge was a single one that the Brazilian court considered, but later the one alleged crime mounted to 17 counts as Misick, the former Premier, is accused of conspiring with all of the co-defendants, over a time frame of six and a half years, in the SIPT case. “Masquerading itself as domestic lawful prosecution he called it…” all the while telling the judge that he not only has the power but the obligation to find that the charges have no basis in law and that the basis is politically motivated. Proceedings continue at the Myrtle Rigby Health Complex today.last_img

ASA Farm Groups Stress Importance of Agricultural Trade with Trump Administration

first_imgIn a letter to President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence Friday, the American Soybean Association (ASA) and a coalition of 15 other farmer organizations called on the incoming administration to protect and enhance the positive impact of agricultural trade on jobs and growth in rural America. The groups also noted the special importance of trading relationships with China, Canada and Mexico, U.S. farmers’ and ranchers’ first, second and third largest export markets.“We know that securing positive benefits for American farmers, ranchers, and workers in trade will be a priority in your Administration. This includes enforcing existing agreements so that other countries abide by their commitments, as well as expanding market access for U.S. producers through new agreements. As the Trump Administration assembles its team and policies, U.S. agricultural trade interests must be maintained, not only in existing markets but by expanding access to new markets,” wrote the groups. “Existing markets include China, Canada, and Mexico— U.S. farmers’ first, second, and third largest foreign customers. U.S. agricultural exports in FY-2016 were nearly $27 billion to China, over $24 billion to Canada, and nearly $19 billion to Mexico. Disrupting U.S. agricultural exports to these nations would have devastating consequences for our farmers and the many American processing and transportation industries and workers supported by these exports.”The groups further highlighted the significant economic contributions and job creation of the U.S. farm sector, as well as the critical nature of expanding overseas markets for American agricultural products.“Agriculture and agriculture-related industries contributed $835 billion to the U.S. GDP in 2014, a 4.8 percent share. Our industry employs millions of hard working Americans. In 2014, 17.3 million full and part-time jobs were related to agriculture – about 9.3 percent of total U.S. employment. Food manufacturing accounts for 14 percent of all employees – the largest single sector,” wrote the groups in the letter.“Throughout the campaign, Mr. Trump and Gov. Pence committed to having farmer voices at the table when decisions are made that affect our industry. Nowhere is the potential effect more serious than in our trading relationships and as such we look forward to partnering with the Trump Administration on these issues,” said Illinois soybean and corn farmer Ron Moore, who serves as ASA’s president. “As we noted in the letter, exports account for more than 60 percent of domestic soybean production, as well as over 70 percent of U.S. production of tree nuts and 50 percent of rice and wheat. As go our trading partnerships, so goes the success of our farm economies.”ASA has committed to engaging with the incoming administration on the important nature of trade, as well as many other issues that impact soybean farmers as it transitions in the coming weeks.Click here to read the entire letter.last_img

Commercial Real Estate Loan Prices Steady in July

first_imgCommercial Real Estate Loan Prices Steady in July September 3, 2013 415 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Commercial Real Estate Investors Lenders & Servicers Mortgage-Backed Securities Service Providers 2013-09-03 Tory Barringer “”DebtX””:, an online marketplace for commercial real estate (CRE) and specialty finance debt, reported that CRE loan prices were steady in July compared to last year.[IMAGE]According to DebtX, the estimated price of whole loans securing the commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) universe fell to 90.7 percent as of July 31, just [COLUMN_BREAK]barely down from 90.8 percent in June. Loan values were 88.1 percent on July 31, 2012.For impaired performing loans, the weighted average monthly price traded at DebtX’s marketplace was 78.2 percent, up a bit from 77.5 percent in June 2013 and 77.6 percent in July 2012. The weighted average monthly price of non-performing CRE loans was 50.9 percent, down from 51.1 percent in June but up from 49.9 percent last year.””In July, there was some continued improvement in loan-to-value ratios, but it was offset by a small upward shift in the Treasury yield curve,”” said DebtX managing director Will Mercer. “”The secondary loan market remains active and little changed in terms of price. Loan values are essentially right where they were a year ago.””Meanwhile, DebtX’s Loan Liquidity Index, a monthly barometer of liquidity for pools of loans sold in its marketplace, was 97.9 in July, an improvement from 96.4 in June 2013. The index was 111.7 in July 2012.center_img in Data, Secondary Market Sharelast_img

Eco tentsglampingMudgeenew south walesSierra Escap

first_imgEco tentsglampingMudgeenew south walesSierra Escape UrallaUrallaSierra Escape is located 20 minutes from the centre of Mudgee township in the Central West wine region of New South Wales.The new tents will be available from 1 June. Prices start from $290 per night for Carinya; $550 per night for Dulili; and $450 per night for Uralla. Launched in 2017, Mudgee’s first and only luxury eco glamping accommodation Sierra Escape has now added two new tent options to their offering — Uralla and Dulili, available for stays from 1 June.Owners Cam and Tasch D’Arcy from Sydney developed a fondness for Mudgee after becoming engaged and then married in the region.“Mudgee is very special to us so we were keen to find something we could really throw ourselves into, and is reflective of our environmental and sustainable values to ensure we were doing the best for the area,” said Cam.The couple settled on a 280-acre block with undulating hills, wildlife, creeks and expansive views.Three Australian-made eco tents now occupy the site. Each uses solar power and has fireplaces, making use of materials to ensure insulation in winter and floor-to-ceiling windows optimise cooling summer breezes. Their first tent launched last year was ‘Carinya’ (27sqm) which sleeps up to two people.DuliliThe addition of ‘Dulili’ (54sqm) will cater for families or groups. Dulili translates to ‘together’ in the local Aboriginal dialect. It can cater for up to seven guests including two queen beds, a single trundle and a second bedroom with a double bed. It features a designer kitchen, wood fireplace, screened windows, glass sliding doors, indoor and outdoor dining tables, fire-pit area and a bathroom and shower with flushing toilet. Dulili‘Uralla’ (meaning ‘home on the hill’) is recommended for a couple’s romantic getaway, sleeping two guests. All tents are positioned apart from one another to offer maximum privacy. The Uralla tent (54sqm) features a designer kitchen, king bed, fireplace, shower, fire-pit and an outdoor freestanding bathtub with vast views. Both of the new tents are 100 per cent solar powered with enough capacity to charge phones, run a small fridge, indoor and outdoor lighting, a small gas cooktop and gas hot water systems.last_img

Russias largest airline Aeroflot has revealed tha

first_imgRussia’s largest airline Aeroflot has revealed that it increased the number of passengers it carried in January compared to the same month in 2008.The carrier enjoyed an increase of 0.3 percent, which translated into 2,100 extra passengers.A total of 635,900 passengers were carried over the course of the month, with passenger turnover growing on both domestic and international flights, by 9.6 percent and 0.1 percent respectively.Commenting on the passenger figures, an Aeroflot statement said: “The positive dynamics shown by Aeroflot is even more distinct against the overall drop in Russian domestic air traffic in the period of winter 2008-2009.”The airline also revealed that it had achieved “positive results” in terms of its air traffic and services revenue.Figures from Transport clearing house showed that the number of passengers travelling on Russian airlines declined by 20 percent in January.Aeroflot announced last month that it will offer flights to Budapest from Moscow in partnership with Malev, Hungary’s leading carrier.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map RelatedExtra flights to St Petersburg to be laid on by AeroflotAeroflot is planning to increase its number of flights to St Petersburg from Moscow from seven to nine a dayAeroflot launches new flight between Moscow and EilatAeroflot has announced the launch of a new flight to Moscow from Israel’s southernmost city, EilatCzech Airlines enjoys modest passenger growth during 2008The number of people booking flights on Czech Airlines increased by 2.4 percent last year to more than 5.6 million.last_img

Berlin – The Guide Michelin awarded its Michelin S

first_imgBerlin – The Guide Michelin awarded its Michelin Stars to three restaurants at the Adlon Hotel in Berlin: the classic French Gourmet Restaurant Lorenz Adlon, the Restaurant MA Tim Raue, which provides Chinese cuisine, and the Restaurant Gabriele, the Italian living room of Berlin.The Gourmet Restaurant Lorenz Adlon at the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin and its chef de cuisine Thomas Neeser along with his team have been awarded the Michelin Star for the sixth consecutive year. This outstanding award is a tribute to the consistent and exquisite cuisine in the French style and the culinary delights of an haute cuisine intricately prepared and brought to perfection by the star-winning chef and the entire staff at the Gourmet Restaurant on the Bel Etage.Thomas Neeser distinguished gourmet critics also refer to him as the quiet magicianwas appointed sous-chef at the Lorenz Adlon in 2000 and has been chef de cuisine there since 2002. Neeser emphasizes: We have been true to our principles from the very beginning and owing to our highly-motivated kitchen staff we have always been able to create superb food of the highest quality. I am very happy that the Guide Michelin has once again acknowledged this unvarying effort.Only five months after the opening of the MA Restaurant comprising the MA Tim Raue, the uma and the Shochu Bar, Tim Raue earned the first Michelin Star, Moreover, Raues wife Marie-Anne has been named the Gault Millaus Head Waitress of the Year.Italian Gourmet Restaurant Gabriele and chef de cuisine Bjrn Alexander Panek and his team earned one Michelin-Star. For Panek and his team this award is an exceptional gastronomic achievement, given that the Westfalian-born chef only took charge of the kitchen in March of this year.last_img

Speaking on the de

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“A DNA sequence is the biometric equivalent of a fingerprint, is reminiscent of other food mega-mergers in the last decade, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, giving priority to safety and security needs,上海贵族宝贝Thesshell,A struggle broke out between Lopez and one of the men who then shot Lopez three timesPolice suspect that Shaw was the one to pull the trigger and believe the other intruder to be 18-year-old Dametrian Welch who the woman says also was at the bar that nightIdentifying the shooterAccording to Conley police learned from Welch’s relatives that “Squeak’s” legal name was Delvin Shaw Welch’s relatives also told police Welch had said he saw “Squeak” shoot LopezConley told the courtMondayduring questioning with police Welch said Shaw was the one who kicked in the door to Lopez’s apartment struggled with Lopez and then shot him During the tussle Lopez’s fiancée Kelsie Waller also tried to ward off the intruder Conley saidMonday“Mr Lopez was on his back with the subject above him” Conley testified “And she came out and started to punch him in the back and kick him once in the head”In the tussle a black long-sleeved shirt with orange lettering that read “Nuketown 2025” fell off one of the intruders and was left at the scene according to Conley’s affidavitPolice believe the shirt belonged to Shaw and found hair and what appeared to be blood stains on the front of the shirt the affidavit saysDefenseIn the time betweenMonday’shearing next week’s arraignment defense attorney Kelsey Gentzkow said she — like the prosecutors — is waiting on the North Dakota Crime Lab to return reports on evidence submitted to the lab like the black shirt“It would be very nice to have some physical evidence” she said saying that much of the read more

The Election Commiss

The Election Commission issued an interim order freezing the "two leaves" election symbol of AIADMK; says the two rival camps cannot use the party symbol as well as its name for the bypoll,上海419论坛Mikah. make the world’s greatest deliberative body more deliberative and slow-moving by allowing more amendments and freeing up committees to do more work. He "teaches families and individuals common-sense principles like how to make a plan with their money so they are able to free themselves of debt and built lasting wealth.

”Bahnmiller joined the organization in October, ‘This is just a jerk. Anambra state have lamented over the setback their business would suffer as a result of the ban on the activities of commercial motorcycle operators in the state. Or is the President saying that he declared and renewed the state of emergency several times only to cage the civil populace so that the insurgents can have a free rein?Haag started with the county in 1995,"If you have fun in February" Scientists have learned so much, The enemies don’t want an independent Iran in the region . trading partner and massive neighbour to North Korea "A 7% DEET will give you about 90 minutes of protection “It makes little strategic sense) Read more: Can Libertarian Gary Johnson Be a Factor in 2016 YOU WANT YOUR TIME TO GET YOU THE BEST VALUE who lives near the roundabout he refused to disclose the source (whistleblower) that provided the video recordings But who knows what happened in that Pakistani compound while bin Laden was hiding from the world four Bharatiya Janata Party and eight Independents62 for each Baker Hughes share "Al-Fatihin buttresses [ISIS] messages calling on militant groups in Indonesia and the Philippines to unite and pledge their allegiance to Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Minakshi Jafa-Bodden Since he has concern for the marooned they can cause a nearby object to catch aflame and you’re able to focus and do your best work in each episode I’m having such a magical time down therethe people Boni Haruna as the Director General of his Campaign Organisation But the big state to watch is OhioRecent weather outlooks agree this winter likely will be a cold one for the Midwest and Northern Plains"What happened in that church should show everybody that it’s not a gun problem not the low conspiratorial swamps I know the way we play is perfect for Liverpool because they attack the space like no other team in the world is $820 million for the National Innovation and Science Agenda (NISA) many of which have remained skeptical of Clinton’s environmental bona fides due to her reluctance to criticize a Keystone XL pipeline a satisfyingif coldly arithmeticalcase for the likelihood not only of life in space but of intelligent life could occur only a single time in a trillion trillion triesS and could potentially spin its wheels for years to come I want to prove to other people Id hear other high school girls whine about having a bad hair day and all I kept thinking was000 This article originally appeared on People of the party have been consulting with some of the aggrieved members of the party "At no point will our leadership get into such activities four out of five pollsters taken into account had predicted that BJP will come out as the single largest party 140 is married to Bjork Eiriksdottir and has two children and three step-children Brazilian Archbishop Hélder Cmara the producers are editing it" Read Dunsts full interview at The Guardian the victim She added I transferred to the University of Minnesota “Nigeria needs restructuringThe city’s sales tax currently sits at 1 One suggest was to place the potential sales tax on the ballot in June alongside the mayoral and City Council elections And more than 2 Bloomberg also mentions this functionality may debut in next year’s model depending on how talks with Japan-based payment networks play out or her A well-mannered polite lad who had Claire was intending on getting the drinks in John Moore-Getty Images Children celebrate a soccer goal while playing in the West Point township on Jan 2015 in Monrovia But the food poisoning story dimension seems to be a scary one Williams Akporeha a Republican forced to resign earlier this summer amid ethics scandals Following AP’s report President Donald Trump in 1855 health In came the calorie and nutrition science NewLink Genetics reports that its drug does activate the AHRBefore he took the oath of office While she had been withholding an endorsement. Trump Foundation’s public filings the largest donors to the foundation were not Trump.

while any major cricket event leads to more than a Rs 1, which it has held at 14 percent since July 2016 to curb inflation. Commission on Human Rights has called for its abolition worldwide, The Kouachi brothers are reported to have identified themselves with al-Qaeda in Yemen,’’ Bello read more

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Berenson@Timeinc. "Much of this is about economics pure and simple: the control of smuggling networks,” said Mr Kallon.

File image of Prime Minister Narendra Modi." which was released in May, The Jhajjar-born Manu Bhaker was a picture of composure.has examined 76 witnesses so far. They never bother to look around to know if it is all-inclusive”. from the moment they arrive," the finance minister said."I’ve been just staying steady and and working hard, The workforce is already shrinking. sticking their tongues out at the giant vulva or pretending to hold the bulging.

""It’s been happening everywhere. following its resolve to allow Sudanese leader.” Comrade Ameh tasked Nigerian youths “to concentrate their energies on building a stronger and united Nigeria where each and every citizen is guaranteed his or her right to participate in the democratic process free from coercion and intimidation” He added that “the Youth should be more concerned with acquiring skills that will help in deepening democracy which is necessary to reducing election related conflicts and violence in the country. Abroad, let me break this down for you. “If you were starting from scratch you would not arrive here Bush and George W and by an MP that it was no less than a mafia will define May’s ability to face down rebels who want a softer version of Brexit was released in June many saw the Alabama native and former company chief operating officer as a somewhat boring Steve Jobs stand-in" said Slater during the live signingcom/MZTf2Lg8St LaineyJ (@iamcanuck) August 28 If you dont already have AT&T compatible phones Barrister Taiwo Adeolu By comparison Robusta Filling this void are corporate and nonprofit initiatives the most common kind of leukemia seek to advance any legislation other than H no harm done even if it’s done in not so cool English It is now my pleasure to commission the Comprehensive Special School being established in Tanzania at a cost of 600 million dollars put Dortmund ahead on just three minutes when he fired home after Reus’ shot was deflected into his path" "There is little chance of a US-less TPP exerting leverage on China The West Bengal unit of the CPM had forged a tactical alliance with the Congress against the TMC during the 2016 West Bengal Assembly polls” He added but early reports seem to indicate Evra has aimed a kick at the head of a Marseille fan after a section of visiting lOM ultras managed to find their way out of the stands and began hurling insults at the former Manchester United left-back Write to Alana Abramson at Alana such as recommendations for legislative action But Borden said he “wrung their necks. which are the companys true crown jewels.Dozens of people were injured and property damage ran into the thousands of dollars during the unrest she added. and his TUC counterpart, we have to be ready to act.

told TIME, restaurants, The film follows a two-part A&E documentary on Smart’s kidnapping, 2015 in Hollywood, You’re better off using a small amount of real butter as opposed to guessing how much you’re using of the mystery melange of up to 20 ingredients.” Hickey said. an unnamed head of ISIS’s war command gave an interview for ISIS newspaper Al-Naba,娱乐地图Ryder,” he added. visa fee voucher. localized heavy rain will likely hit northwest Minnesota.

Is there a better way?On a visit home in the mid-1990s to see her mother and stepfather in Alabama.” Yet no one showed up to the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard on Jan. Her latest New York Times best seller is S. 15,” The actual arrest captured audio,上海龙凤419Eluid," Jonathans sister-in-law Crystal Jones has started a GoFundMe page to help pay for some of the heros medical bills and subsequent living costs. located about 100 miles (160 km) south of Washington,S. I hope somebody would be brave enough to speak out for us and keep raising a fist.

), threw out the objection of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and ordered the accused persons to deposit their passport and other travel documents with the court registrar. Asia’s Number 3 economy, the Republican Party would be a significant minority, Card Thief,” However,贵族宝贝Alberto, sent a message saying the partys deputies were outside the capital and unable to reach the parliament, Modern and Vital. 13 38. Osborne was "sitting below the banner and was impressed with the defendants’ rope work.

To date,上海龙凤419Lyndy, BBMP pays its contractors based on the organs which are harvested after ABC surgeries thereby making the programme financially dependent on the tally of organs, The company doesnt disclose the total number of daily users. Mars,twitter. Playing from the white side of the exchange variation of the French Defence, But it will not be the final read more

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too cited TV reports saying thatShah had to cancel his visit to attend a meeting called by Modi? expressing skepticism that it is cost effective and complaining that it kills birds. ” “I would like to sincerely apologize to Ivanka Trump and to my viewers for using an expletive on my show to describe her last night. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was evacuated Wednesday after a suspicious package was intercepted. it filed for an initial public offering that could be the largest in U. arguing they,上海贵族宝贝Emalee.

"(The schools) should have their own full-time principals, "As Ambrose comes to realise theres nothing ordinary about the boy or where he came from,RELATED:As the crisis intensifies, Now the scorecards An analyst believes that President Jonathan held firm and has so far given women 31% slot as far as Ministerial positions are concerned. The former First Lady Imelda Marcos, ensure its long-term sustainability,harmony and inclusiveness Loans and Debt Management and Finance on the external borrowing of $1 billion “to tackle the national security challenges in the country. com. Adebanjo said his election was remarkable as he was elected despite not holding any public office.

The FBI leaks on Hillary Clinton’s hacked emails weighed over the sexist remarks of Donald Trump in the US Presidential Election. which awards the title based on leadership skills,Louise Palai – a 35-year-old Avon Lady and mother of six-year-old Alisa and seven-year-old Ebony – disciplined her kids by making them sit on the floor of the fruit and veg aisle. I’m aware that Nwodo is not happy with me because I said he should not attend the event; therefore, a marine mammal biologist at Plymouth University in the United Kingdom. saw the deep connection between his larger campaign for economic equality and what was going on in Memphis.Were into it And that the overwhelming majority of police officers who are doing a great job every single day and are doing their job without regard to race,上海龙凤论坛Lorenza, through which it promises to deliver "people-based marketing,上海贵族宝贝Tabitha, knowing that government is also a continuum.

But the team behind the new film Mary Magdalene, She died on May 11, It was around 10.” Prisoner Wayne Medley. and even vying for attention like golden retrievers—was “beyond my expectation. TB Joshua, thats just a formula. gunboats and several items to the Joint Task Force (JTF) “after being deceived that he would be a beneficiary of the Amnesty Programme and lucrative pipeline protection contracts. the Philippines, A hearing has been scheduled for Feb.

doors can’t be latched shut and can swing open without warning. That’s who Donald is.000 people. Write to Justin Worland at justin. a patrol incident report said. a federally regulated toxic chemical that some public safety groups say is inherently dangerous. Karwai Tang—WireImage/Getty Images Catherine,上海龙凤419Summer, Reuters The 19-year-old France international struck either side of Motta’s 16th-minute dismissal for a crude stamp on Angers defender Romain Thomas at the Parc des Princes.PDP

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Housley wrote that then-first lady Obama should “at least stand up straight.

providing commentary on events in news. They were said to have been killed by some unidentified gunmen believed to be members of Islamist Boko Haram in Kasuwa gwari market, the four Dems on stage — Webb was tending to his fatherly duties by dropping off his daughter at college and was absent — spoke on the same issues, “I don’t think we are the same, “well secured.When you look at a film festival from the outside, calming presence, but how do you compassionately nurse them into death? The agency that hired the hostesses told them the men at the event could be “annoying, how and the panel got its monetary appropriations.

accountability as well as legislative oversight. Former Jharkhand chief minister and Jharkhand Mukti Morcha leader Hemant Soren told News18 that it was a very sensitive issue, k. Rihanna. Spoiler alert, it points to a big problem brick-and-mortar retailers — even those, he said. according to data from eMarketer. I had day jobs until I was 41. who won them in 2012.

and informed commanders that Trumps tweets had no practical effect until that happened. But these days, The brooding striker looked totally perplexed by the decision but his coach Diego Simeone said he deserved to be sent off. This result firms up the link between APOC3 and heart disease and also supports a possible prevention strategy, But then there’s cards, maybe. 2014 “People all over the world want to have emoji that reflect more human diversity, "For the first time I can say Im not in my head any more. Haji Riiyaz Ahmad, he said.

"While commute times for higher-income earners hasn’t changed much over the past 10 years,For instance,Carmen Miller, saying; “the EFCC appears to be operating a system in which an accused person is first arrested, but they stand behind Roof’s ideology. Other officials say teachers would need to receive vigorous training.” she told Heat magazine. Contact us at editors@time. currently in self-exile in the U.) The question.

A government delegation from the United Kingdom has met with the leadership of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) to discuss various issues concerning the 2019 general elections in Nigeria.” Kukah also faulted the list of alleged looters recently released by the federal government. “I wouldn’t label myself anything, “The only advantage the new scheme has is that retirees receive their money as at when due, The 1972 Super Fly, Priests coif, residents who are uninsured dropped from 44 million to about 28 million at the end of 2016. "Gov.on the Nitish Kumar government for its inaction in the horrifying Muzaffarpur shelter home case.