String Cheese Debuts ‘Get Tight,’ Plays Dylan & Stevie Wonder Covers On Tour Opener

first_imgBeloved jammers The String Cheese Incident kicked off their summer tour proper last night, hitting the Arena in Asheville, NC for the first night of their summer headlining tour. After hitting Electric Forest for three nights last weekend, yesterday’s show marked the first official String Cheese Incident headlining performance since their West Coast March Madness tour. The band has been quite busy of late, working on their new SCI Sound Lab project. The “Sound Lab” is essentially the band’s first-ever self-owned studio space, and SCI has been vocal in wanting to release a steady stream of new material from the sessions. They even recently announced plans to not tour during the fall and winter, as to continue their work on new music. Whatever recipe String Cheese is cooking, we’re excited to taste it.Last night saw the live debut of the most recently-released single, an upbeat tune called “Get Tight.” (You can stream the studio single here). The show opened with a cover of “Birdland” that featured “Lonesome Road Blues,” and the show also featured covers of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” and Bob Dylan’s “Quinn The Eskimo.” Of course, there were no shortage of classic SCI jams, as the band brought out tunes like “Beautiful,” “Texas,” and the set-closing “Can’t Stop Now.”Check out the full setlist below, courtesy of Friends Of Cheese.Setlist: The String Cheese Incident at Arena, Asheville, NC – 7/1/16Set 1: Birdland > Lonesome Road Blues > Birdland, Lost > Don’t it Make Ya Wanna Dance, Mouna Bowa, Get Tight, Little Hands > BeautifulSet 2: Texas, Hi Ho No Show, Falling Through The Cracks > I Wish, Piece of Mine, It is What it Is > Can’t Stop NowEncore: Quinn, The Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)Notes: Live debut of “Get Tight”last_img

Prince Ea Puts The School System On Trial [Video]

first_imgSpoken word artist and poet Prince Ea (Richard Williams) has shifted his career over the last couple of years, choosing to focus more on filmmaking and spoken word pieces than traditional music and hip-hop recordings.His latest piece of work features the artist putting the American school system on trial, questioning its current archaic methods:“Are you proud of the things you’ve done? Turning millions of people into robots Do you find that fun? Do realize how many kids relate to that fish? Swimming upstream in class, never finding their gifts Thinking they are stupid, Believing they are useless? The time has come, no more excuses, I call school to the stand And excuse him of killing creativity, individuality, and being intellectually abusive He is an ancient institution that has outlived his usage.”He goes into comparing other industries to the school system, looking at telephones and cars from 150+ years ago, showing that that while those have made incredible strides in their evolution, the classroom has not changed at all. Ea argues that while other nations are changing with the times, and truly challenging students, our system is living in the past, which is the reason for our recent decline in education ranking worldwide. He certainly has a point, but check it out for yourself below:last_img

Phish Lays Down A Tsunami-Sized “Waves” Jam During Bethel Woods Soundcheck, On This Day In 2011 [Listen]

first_imgPhish arrived into Bethel Woods, NY a day early ahead of their three-night run at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in the spring of 2011. As they prepared for three nights of musical mayhem at the outdoor amphitheater, the group delivered a soundcheck that lasted for hours, weaving through their catalog with musical fluidity. Among the now-legendary jams that took place during that session on May 26th, 2011 was that of “Waves”, and the recording still sounds out as one of the best in the history of the band from Vermont.Shared by archivist Kevin Shapiro as part of his “From The Archives” series, the 5/26/11 soundcheck performance of “Waves” is something to behold. The band worked in themes from John Coltrane‘s A Love Supreme throughout the 25+ minute soundcheck. Even without the crowd to please, the band explored extra-musical liberties throughout, and the result was simply sublime.Revisit the band’s soundcheck performance of “Waves” via the video below.Phish – “Waves” – 5/26/11 [Soundcheck][Audio: BurningShoreProphet . OG][Originally published 5/26/17]last_img

Professor reflects on son’s mayoral victory

first_imgFor Notre Dame English professor Joseph Buttigieg, Tuesday’s mayoral election was personal — his son, Pete, was the winner. Even though he had shown an interest in politics in the past, Buttigieg said he never expected his son would run for office. “I know Peter has been interested in politics for a long time,” he said. “At home we always discussed government affairs, but never in that way.” Buttigieg said his son became involved with Harvard’s Institute of Politics as an undergraduate at the university and worked on political campaigns, including U.S. Sen. John Kerry’s bid for the presidency in 2004. “I’m sure he learned about the mechanisms of electorate politics through that,” Buttigieg said. After current mayor Stephen Luecke announced he would not seek reelection, several people suggested Pete consider running, Buttigieg said. “It’s been a slow process,” he said. “I’m very pleased because he’s doing something he genuinely likes.” Buttigieg said he was pleased with the number of young people involved in his son’s campaign and election. “That is always what impressed me the most,” he said. “People grumble about young people not getting involved in politics and I don’t think that’s true.” The level of political engagement among South Bend and college youth is encouraging in today’s political climate, Buttigieg said. “We’re living through a period where political discourse is very cheapened and vulgar,” he said. “Seeing young people engaged is very hopeful.” Buttigieg said he also hopes his son can address some of the “very serious problems South Bend has.” “I know he will handle [the problems] in an inclusive manner … through discussion and the engagement of more and more people who see this as a common cause,” Buttigieg said. He also expects the relationship between South Bend and the University to improve over his son’s time in office. “South Bend and Notre Dame are linked and I think he will be able to successfully carry a dialogue with Notre Dame,” he said. “They can form a good partnership, and looking back at his campaign, I have good reason to think it is possible.” Buttigieg said he is proud of his son’s accomplishments and willingness to take on the challenges and responsibilities of public office. “The ultimate thing is that he is fulfilling his civic duty,” he said. “My wife and I wish the best for him and South Bend.”last_img

Web-based money companies

first_imgThese competitors may be worth watching when you’re formulating your CU’s strategic directionby Charlene Komar StoreyWeb-based companies that offer businesses and individuals access to funds run the gamut. Some are dedicated to these transactions, while others are in different fields but have seen the opportunities offered by leveraging the information they have on their customers.  Most dodge the cost and red tape of government regulations by avoiding traditional loan structures.  One thing they all seem to have in common is that they’re growing with astonishing speed.Here’s a summary of some Web-based “money companies” that your credit union might want to watch as you formulate strategy.Lending Club connects borrowers and investors, with more than $9 billion in loans funded. The company stresses that it doesn’t offer loans, but is simply a platform – it doesn’t have lenders, it has investors. Thus, loan regs don’t apply.Similarly, Prosper is a peer-to-peer lending marketplace, with more than 2 million members and over $2 billion in funded loans.Since the launch last September of PayPal Working Capital business loans (through lending partner WebBank), more than 20,000 U.S. businesses have collectively borrowed more than $150 million. Merchants can borrow up to 8 percent of their yearly revenue, up to $20,000, through the program. Borrowers choose what percentage of daily PayPal sales they’ll use to repay the loan. Loans have flat fees based on the amount borrowed, the repayment plan and a company’s PayPal sales history, according to CNN. ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading »last_img

An unprecedented partnership for unprecedented times

first_imgThe twin upheavals of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma have led three of the credit union movement’s top organizations to collaborate on a system-wide disaster response for institutions and their members.Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the industry’s largest trade organization, and CO-OP Financial Services and PSCU, normally competing credit union service organizations, form a partnership as unique as the circumstances.Special toll-free numbers are now available dedicated to helping credit union members with ATM access and branch information as they may be displaced or their credit union unavailable due to natural disaster.The special toll-free numbers are available in both English and Spanish:(866) 564-3519(844) 897-2060(with service options for hearing impaired) continue reading » 6SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Yelling worse than smacking!

first_imgWall Street Journal 29 Jan 2014Nearly every parent loses control and screams at the children now and then. But what if you do it repeatedly? Researchers suspect parents are yelling more. Parents have been conditioned to avoid spanking, so they vent their anger and frustration by shouting instead.… Teens whose parents use “harsh verbal discipline” such as shouting or insults are more likely to have behavior problems and depression symptoms, says a recent study of 976 middle-class adolescents and their parents, published online last September and led by Ming-Te Wang, an assistant professor of psychology and education at the University of Pittsburgh.Another study suggests yelling at children may have consequences that go beyond those of spanking. Eight-year-olds whose parents disciplined them by yelling have less satisfying relationships with romantic partners and spouses at age 23, according to a 15-year study led by Stephanie Parade, an assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior at Brown University. “Parents who yell may miss out on a chance to teach children to regulate their emotions,” she says.Spanking also predicted less satisfying adult relationships, but the negative effects were offset when parents praised their children at other times. The negative effects of yelling weren’t erased by parental warmth, however. The negative problem-solving tactics that children learn when their parents yell may stick with them as adults, says the study, published in 2012 in Marriage & Family Review. Children also may expect others to treat them in a negative way, and unconsciously pick partners who fulfill that expectation.“Yelling is where 90% of us do the most damage,” says Julie Ann Barnhill, a speaker and author of “She’s Gonna Blow,” a book on parental anger that has sold 135,000 copies.

Immunization not enough vs polio – DOH

first_img“The more AFP cases nga ma-report, the better for us. Wewould like to see nga ining mga AFPcase will be confirmed and proved ngaindi sila secondary to polio that they are secondary to other diseasesother than polio,” Alonsabe explained. It was poor sanitation that triggeredthe re-emergence of the polio virus in Lanao del Sur and Laguna, said Dr. GlenAlonsabe, DOH-6 epidemiologist. He particularly stressed theimportance of achieving zero open defecation (ZOD) in communities to avoidcontaminating the environment and most especially drinking water. Alonsabe said local government units(LGUs) that have achieved ZOD are issued certifications after being assessed byDOH and other agencies. Open defecation refers to the practicewhereby people go out in fields, bushes, forests, open bodies of water, orother open spaces rather than using the toilet to defecate. “Each household must have sanitarytoilets,” said Alonsabe. Alonsabe said Western Visayas is thehighest in the country in AFP cases reporting rate, which means it has aworking surveillance. The province with the highestaccomplishment of ZOD is Capiz (75.5 percent) followed by Iloilo (67.6 percent)and Antique (39 percent). From January to Aug. 31, 2019 DOH-6has recorded 28 AFP cases. It has actually achieved an AFP reporting rate of 1.75per 100,000 population of children below 15 years old. Polio orpoliomyelitis is a highly contagious disease caused by the poliovirus that lives in an infected person’sthroat and intestines. It entersthe body through the mouth and spreads through contact with the feces of aninfected person and, though less common, through droplets from a sneeze orcough. Dr. SophiaPulmones, DOH-6 Local Health Support Division chief, disclosed thatonly 45.27 percent or 1,834 out of 4,051 total barangays in Western Visayashave achieved ZOD status. DOH-6 records also showed that nobarangay in two highly urbanized cities – Iloilo City and Bacolod City – hasachieved ZOD status. Dr. Mary Jane Juanico, medicalofficer III of DOH-6, emphasized that it is also important for householdsto cook food properly. Symptoms includefever, fatigue, headache, vomiting, stiff neck and sudden onset of floppy armsor legs. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent paralysis or even death.Children under five years of age are most vulnerable to the disease. So far, Western Visayas remains apolio-free region, according to DOH-6, but more than half of its barangays haveyet to achieve ZOD status. ILOILO City – Strengthenedimmunization coverage must be coupled with good sanitation practices toeffectively stop the re-emergence of the polio virus, according to theDepartment of Health (DOH) Region 6. “It is very important that children maka-mount insigida good immunization and early protection,” she stressed./PN “Kinahanglangid i-comply sang mga pumoluyo ang ZOD. It is the responsibility of the localchief executives nga ipatuman,”Alonsabe stressed. As to Iloilo City and Bacolod City notyet achieving ZOD status, he said DOH regional director Marlyn Convocar will beseeking audience with their local chief executives to discuss the concern. Parents and guardians are alsoencouraged to follow the vaccination schedule of their children. Surveillance of acute flaccidparalysis (AFP) cases in the region is ongoing. AFP is defined as thesudden onset of paralysis/weakness in any part of the body of a child lessthan 15 years of age – a possible sign of polio.last_img

Holcomb delivers State of the State, Democrat leadership responds

first_imgIndianapolis, in. — Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb delivered his State-of-the-State address last night focusing on jobs, education, opioids and skills training for Hoosiers. The top priority of those topics was re-training Hoosiers to be prepared for the job market.Statistics show there are 85,000 jobs unfilled today, and another several hundred thousand coming available as baby boomers retire over the next 10 years. Holcomb says his administration has a goal of re-training at least 55,000 residents this year.As part of the changes in graduation requirements Holcaomb wants to make computer science curriculum mandatory. The initiative will be fully funded in 2019, the new graduation requirements will be in place for the class of 2023.Holcomb also wants to help at least 1,000 inmates in Indiana prisons get a vocation certificate or credential by 2020.“Our greatest challenge is that too many Hoosiers lack the education and skills for the jobs that are here today and being created tomorrow—nearly all of which require a post-secondary education. It’s a challenge faced by every state and a major concern for every business,” Gov. Holcomb said. “This is the issue of the decade, and we don’t have a day to waste.”Holcomb also said the state plans to increase the number of opioid treatment facilities from 18 to 27. Officials want to place a treatment facility within one hour of all Hoosiers.Following the speech, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody issued the following statement, criticizing the governor’s speech:“After tonight, I can’t blame Hoosiers for feeling left behind. Leaders rise to meet challenges. Governor Holcomb stepped back. He offered few details and a vision that borrows all the wrong ideas that left Hoosier families behind in the first place. Vulnerable children at DCS will have to wait. Working families swamped by the rising cost of living and stagnant wages will have to wait. Hoosiers crushed by the wave of opioid addiction will have to wait. Hoosiers need more than a caretaker, they need a governor with bold ideas who acts with urgency. On the biggest stage, Holcomb failed to share a clear vision for where he wants to take Indiana.”last_img