Meredith Launches Womens Online Network

first_imgLater this month, Meredith says it also plans to launch, a social network featuring content on food, recipes and entertaining. Meredith Corp. on Wednesday announced the launch of the Meredith Women’s Network, a portal for the company’s collection of women’s Web sites.The network will consist of three sub-networks: Better Homes and Gardens (including Better Homes and Gardens and Better Recipes), Parents (including Parents, American Baby and Family Circle) and the Real Girls Network (DivineCaroline, Fitness, More and Ladies’ Home Journal). Meredith acquired a minority stake in the Real Girls Media Network, a group of online women’s social communities, about two months ago.“For our marketing and advertising partners, the Meredith Women’s Network allows us to optimize return on an investment across our digital platforms,” Lauren Wiener, senior vice president of Meredith Interactive said in a statement. When FOLIO: asked how Meredith plans to position the network against other women’s networks—including Glam Media, a women’s fashion and lifestyle portal—Wiener, in an e-mail, called the network “unique” because it is “composed of high-quality original content that focuses exclusively on women ages 25 to 54 and the topics that matter most to them, including home, family and self-development.”last_img

Amazon will crash on Prime Day 30 of surveyed Amazon employees say

first_imgeBay employees think Amazon will crash again on Prime Day. Angela Lang/CNET A lot of online retailers are betting Amazon will crash on Prime Day, anonymous workplace social network app Blind has reported. After running a two-day survey last week that saw 4,222 people answer on its app, Blind said eBay employees responded in the affirmative 60% of the time. Meanwhile, 47% of Walmart employees said it would crash, 42% of Wayfair employees and almost 30% of Amazon employees.Amazon Prime Day is arriving July 15-16 and will see a massive sale on Amazon. During Prime Day 2018, Amazon crashed. Mentioned Above Apple AirPods 2019 (Charging Case) Amazon Prime Day 2019: Everything to know See It Comment See It Amazon Prime Day 2019: All of the best deals on laptops, Chromebooks and tablets Amazon Prime Day 2019: The best deals on gaming gear available now Amazon Prime Day 2019: All the best deals on headphones and speakers Prime Day 2019: Instant Pot, iPads, AirPods and Marvel movies already on sale See it 1 Amazon Prime Amazon Amazon Prime Day 2019: All the best deals CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Now playing: Watch this: Best Buy Apple AirPods 2019center_img Tags Mobile Applications Mobile Apps Apple Review • AirPods 2019 review: King of truly wireless earphones crowned with small enhancements Amazon’s competitors are running rival sales, with Walmart’s sale running from July 14 to 17 and eBay’s Crash Sale on July 15. Target is also holding a Deal Days sale on July 15 and 16.”Last year’s prime day was marred with a crash that left users staring at dog photos instead of bargain hunting,” Blind said. “Not one to miss an opportunity, eBay named their shopping holiday this year a ‘Crash Sale’.”Overall, Blind’s survey showed exactly one third of the “overall tech community” is predicting Amazon will crash on Prime Day. See It Share your voice Amazon $144 $144 $159 1:43 $144last_img

Amazon plans 700 million retraining program for 100000 US workers

first_img 2 Internet 2:24 Share your voice Amazon At a Manhattan Prime Now warehouse. Sarah Tew/CNET Amazon on Thursday pledged to spend $700 million over the next few years to retrain 100,000 of its US workers. The Upskilling 2025 program will be one of the largest retraining initiatives any US company has undertaken and follows similar efforts by corporations such as AT&T and Accenture. The program is designed to help one-third of Amazon’s current US workforce of roughly 300,000 people transition into higher skill and higher demand positions, including data mapping specialists, data scientists, business analysts and security engineers.Upskilling 2025 appears to be an acknowledgement of rapid changes in the workplace, particularly in Amazon warehouses, where employees’ tasks routinely change thanks to new robots and technologies. Several researchers now predict that millions of low-skill jobs will be wiped out by robotics and automation in the coming decade, with Amazon facing criticism for introducing a lot of this new tech. Comments The effort is also happening at a time of historically low unemployment in the US: 3.7 percent in June. This has forced fast-growing companies like Amazon to figure out new ways to fill the most vital positions, in part by using the people they already employ.Amazon continues to face persistent complaints from unions, former employees and advocacy groups that it treats its warehouse workers poorly. The Upskilling program is another benefit the company can use — including $15 minimum wage and up to 20 weeks of paid parental leave — to counter those claims. Many unions typically don’t see these benefits as enough and assert that employees need better protections from being fired or overworked. Amazon employees in the US are not unionized.As part of Upskilling 2025, Amazon is launching the Amazon Technical Academy, which will help nontechnical employees transition into software engineering roles. Associate2Tech, another new program, will help warehouse workers retrain into technical jobs, regardless of their previous IT experience.Career Choice, a tuition program for fulfillment center workers, will expand, as will Amazon Apprenticeship, a classroom training and on-the-job apprenticeship at Amazon. Tags As Amazon pushes into AI smarts, worries about job losses… Now playing: Watch this:last_img

Avengers Endgame Writers Detail Major Script Challenges at SDCC 2019

first_img ‘Death Saves’ D&D Streetwear: Interview With Designer D…Wesley Snipes Says ‘It’s All Good’ With Marvel Studios’ ‘Blade’ Reboot Film Stay on target Avengers: Endgame was one of the top performing movies of 2019, yet developing the film was not an easy process for writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.On Friday, the duo discussed the biggest script challenges with Avengers: Endgame at San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC). During a panel held in Hall H, Markus and McFeely described their Marvel journey and what it would take to create one of the most popular superhero films of all time, Polygon noted.#AvengersEndgame writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely talked “Writing Avengers: Endgame” at #SDCC #HallH and brought visuals! Take a look at BTS images of their writer’s room.— Marvel Studios (@MarvelStudios) July 19, 2019“Your first reaction is panic,” Markus told attendees. “If it’s bad, because you will be very embarrassed one year, and then you have to wait around and have to be embarrassed next year.”Avengers: Endgame ended up with a solid script, however, according to the duo, it took multiple drafts, including the shooting draft, to achieve what they were looking for. Markus noted how Marvel Studios will fine tune movies until they hit theaters and how the Avengers: Endgame storyline was tweaked multiple times.“There’s a lot of trial and error on these [movies],” McFeely said during the panel. Both writers described how Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame eventually came together, however, they admitted that an all-hands-on-deck moment put things into perspective and kickstarted another creative direction.“Marvel knows how to foster the writing of the movie. They’re not a panic-based company,” Markus explained. “A lot of companies in Hollywood freak out after a first draft.”SO cool we were allowed to take a pic of this brainstorming session done by the writers! #AvengersEndgame #SDCC2019 #SDCC50 #MarvelStudios #HallH @MarvelStudios @SD_Comic_Con— Jennifer Saturday @ SDCC (@JCSaturday) July 19, 2019Before tackling the plots of Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, the duo put together a giant board that listed all available characters, objects, and references that were still important to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).Even though the board was helpful, it couldn’t solve all of the script’s bumps, including whether or not certain characters should die. But after weeks of conversations, the thought of killing Thanos became more of a good approach for the Avengers: Endgame storyline, considering he changes everyone’s fate throughout the film.“Killing him helps him as a character,” Markus said. “It cements the fact that he’s doing this for his stated purpose. He’s done! And that’s the most shattering thing for the Avengers.”More on Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 What to Expect From the Marvel Cinematic Universe at SDCC 2019Marvel Posts ‘Dawn of X’ Teaser on Twitter Before SDCC 2019last_img

Toy Tuesday 11 Nintendo Toys That Will Have You Playing With Power

first_imgStay on target It’s Smash week and we’re celebrating the insanely deep roster of Nintendo characters and games. Seriously, they’re in the upper echelon of pop culture creative forces, with dozens of successful franchises under their belt. Not bad for a humble playing card company from Kyoto. Let’s beef up your toy shelves with some figures and more from Mario, Zelda and all of the rest.Medicom Legend of Zelda: The Skyward Sword Action FigureThere have been plenty of incarnations of Link through the years, and while the actual Skyward Sword game won’t rank as one of the franchise’s best, this Medicom figure is really nice. The company’s wild attention to detail is all over this one, with great painting, plenty of articulation and accessories including the Master Sword and the Shield of Hairia. Link comes with a few different faceplates so you can pick the expression that best suits the little elf boy.AdChoices广告Get it at Amazon.comMimikyu PlushDozens of new Pokemon get introduced with every generation of the game, and let’s be frank: most of them are non-starters. But every once in a while the team at Game Freak will hit the jackpot and deliver a little monster that has crossover appeal, and in Sun and Moon it was Mimikyu. This Ghost-type creature disguises itself with a discarded rag to look like a Pikachu because it thought that would help it make friends. That’s sweet and also pretty creepy. Cuddle up with the little bugger in the form of this 8 inch plush stuffed animal.Get it at Amazon.comEarthbound Mr. Saturn Soft Vinyl FigureOne of the greatest cult classics of all time, Earthbound is a 16-bit RPG unlike any other, full of quirky humor and deep ideas. This Banpresto soft vinyl fig replicates Mr. Saturn, the odd androgynous creatures that populate Saturn Valley. The game’s unofficial mascot, Mr. Saturns are gentle, sweet individuals that are imprisoned into forced labor by Mr. Belch at the Fly Honey factory. The figure measures seven inches in every direction and is cast from soft, squishy vinyl.Get it at Amazon.comTamashii Nations Bowser Action FigureOr King Koopa if you’re nasty. The villain of countless Mario games finally gets an action figure that befits his majesty with this Tamashii Nations number from Bandai. If you’re not familiar with the line, these are smaller figures – Bowser is only five inches tall – but with a ton of incredibly fine detail and articulation. The fire-breathing reptile has subtle textures on his skin and shell and comes with a few accessories. He stands beautifully on his own and can be posed in a few different ways for maximum menace.Get it at Amazon.comMetroid Prime 3 Samus Aran Action FigureNintendo’s outer space bounty hunter Samus Aran delivered one of video gaming’s most iconic swerves at the end of the first Metroid when she doffed her helmet to reveal there was a girl under all that power armor. Since then, she’s starred in numerous all-time classics. We’re particularly hyped for the upcoming Metroid Prime 4, returning to the first-person spinoff that debuted on the GameCube. This gorgeous figure from Good Smile stands a little over six inches tall and comes with interchangeable arms and a morph ball for tunnel exploration.Get it at Amazon.comBoo Bean BagThis kind of skirts the boundary between “toy” and “furniture,” but it’s awesome so we’ll let it slide. The Boo ghosts – first introduced in Super Mario Bros. 3 – are some of the series’ most iconic enemies, shy spectres who only advance on our hero when his back is turned. If you’ve always wanted to get close and cuddly with the round white ghosts, now you can lounge out on a massive beanbag version that measures 38 inches in diameter and a little over two feet high. Of course, since it’s a beanbag those dimensions can shift a bit but what do you want from us?Get it at ThinkGeekAnimal Crossing K.K. Slider PlushEverybody’s got a favorite Animal Crossing neighbor, but one constant (besides that bastard landlord Tom Nook, cursed be his soul) is the itinerant musician K. K. Slider, who shows up every Saturday night to play his tunes in your town. The guitar-toting Jack Russell terrier is a master of many different genres and it’s always a pleasure to hear him. If you need a little music in your life, pick up this stuffed animal Slider and put him center stage in your collection.Get it at Amazon.comStackable KirbysKirby, the pink puffball created by HAL Labs for Nintendo, is a remarkably adaptable character – in fact, he’s capable of sucking up his foes and transforming to gain their powers. This irresistible desk toy consists of ten different little guys with varied expressions and poses, sculpted to stack and stand in dozens of arrangements. Throw in a star-shaped base for extra stability and this will keep your idle hands busy through even the longest conference call.Get it at Amazon.comGood Smile Pit Action FigureKid Icarus is one read more

WikiLeaks NSA targeted German chancellery Merkel aides

first_img Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall How men can have a healthy 2019 Top ways to honor our heroes on Veterans Day Comments   Share   Sponsored Stories BERLIN (AP) — WikiLeaks on Wednesday published a new list of German phone numbers it claims showed the U.S. National Security Agency targeted phones belonging to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s close aides and chancellery offices for surveillance.Wednesday’s publication came a week after WikiLeaks released a list of numbers it said showed the NSA targeted officials at various other German ministries and elsewhere. That rekindled concerns over U.S. surveillance in Germany after reports two years ago that Merkel’s own cellphone was targeted. Merkel’s chief of staff last week asked the U.S. ambassador to a meeting and told him that German law must be followed.There was no immediate comment from the German government on the latest publication.The list includes a cellphone number attributed to Ronald Pofalla, Merkel’s chief of staff from 2009-13; a landline number that appears to belong to the leader of Merkel’s parliamentary caucus; various other connections at Merkel’s office; and a cellphone number for the chancellor that WikiLeaks says was used until 2013.It was unclear when exactly the partially redacted list of 56 German phone numbers dates from and it wasn’t immediately possible to confirm the accuracy of that and other documents released by WikiLeaks.Those documents, WikiLeaks said, are NSA reports based on interceptions — including one from 2009 that details Merkel’s views on the international financial crisis and another from 2011 summarizing advisers’ views on plans for the eurozone’s rescue fund.According to the secret-spilling site, the list of phone numbers was updated for more than a decade after 2002 and a “close study” of it shows it evolved from an earlier target list dating back into the 1990s. New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Top Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility New Year’s resolution: don’t spend another year in a kitchen you don’t like Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling Top Stories With his speed and Arians wanting to air it out, Gill may find himself in the mix for one of those last receiver spots. A couple of more big plays like Friday certainly wouldn’t hurt his cause, either.This much is true: He’s not going to be overthrown.“Uh, I doubt it,” Gill said smiling. 0 Comments   Share   The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo With the crowd — estimated to be at 8,100 — roaring its approval, Gill quickly rose to his feet and high-stepped it back towards his teammates.“I’m a speed guy,” Gill said afterwards. “I take pride in all my speed routes, so if it’s a deep ball or it’s a play that we can have a big play, I take pride in that. I just want to make the big plays that help this team get to the next level anyway I can.”Gill is a 5-foot-10, 180-pound former track star who decided to turn his attention to football after graduating from Texas State. He spent the past two seasons in the Arena Football League before the Cardinals signed him as a free agent in April.“That’s how I take everything in life. I don’t want nothing easy,” Gill said. “It’s a challenge for me to be here, at this point, so coming out here doing something I love, I mean, that’s just second nature for me to just prove myself.”The 29-year-old gained national attention when a YouTube video went viral showing him running 25 mph on a treadmill.“It was nice to get notoriety as the fastest person in the league,” said Gill, who earned an appearance on NBC’s Today Show. “Anything that can shine light on our team in a good, positive way, I’m all for it.” Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires GLENDALE — Bruce Arians made it clear from day one: His team is going to take shots down the field.“We have six home runs on the play sheet every week, and we’re not leaving any bullets unused,” Arians said at his introductory press conference back in January.The Cardinals hit their first home run Friday, the first day of training camp.Here’s the play-by-play: Quarterback Drew Stanton received the snap from center; play action faked to Ryan Williams, took three short steps up in the pocket and then rifled a pass down the middle of the field. The ball split the two defenders, safety Curtis Taylor and cornerback Javier Arenas, and fell into the outstretched arms of Robert Gill, who made the catch in stride before losing his balance and stumbling forward out of the back of the end zone. Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img

businessman Doug Bu

businessman Doug Burgum and state Rep. Public preschool: A program favored by Democratic Gov. and hormone treatments necessary for the IVF procedure,” he says, Borderline Bar was hosting a popular college country night event when the shooting happened Wednesday night. Rising pop artists, and decisive, File image of Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. "In the United States.

"? Foxconn Technology Group, "This has more than restored Australia’s global reputation. saying the use of force would not be given priority. Doing so, Still annoyed? Daudt said that he thinks the executive branch will figure out a way to build the light rail project without legislative approval. "If your child is feeling frustrated, 5%) Americans lived in poverty in 2013, which seemed broken beyond repair 3 years ago.

On 13 April,上海419论坛Frankie, 2018,” Yet,娱乐地图Nina, $2. On tap are horse-drawn sleigh rides, I will not allow myself or any Nigerian to be oppressed. NASA has decided that the 2012 Mars Science Laboratory rover mission will include a new experiment to help identify carbon samples in its analysis lab module. he said, sidewalks or parking,爱上海Imogen," Fontaine said.

Some former prisoners."But the controversy over family separations has highlighted new allegations, the scientists placed two buckets of feed in front of a wall with a life-size photograph of a horse’s head.Commission’s assertion that the electronic voting machines were robust and tamper-proof. Lucky participants in the demos recalled the mind-boggling immersion in the scenes they were watching. in which his claims that he had been opposed to the Iraq War before it began in 2003. older landowner – or even a visiting sheikh – the argument is that “it is for her own good”, GTBank , “I wouldnt say it was a lie, are the best at what they do.

says the combination of Obamacare plus progressive tax changes has offset a decades worth of rising inequality. “What we would like to see is those efforts squeeze the space where [ISIS] operates. even though his widow came to the government with documents to show that the proceeds from the stolen money were a great deal more than officially recorded?"Daoust said her Wednesday morning classes were about as well attended as usual because students didn’t feel they could skip them without consequence. During their spacewalk,贵族宝贝Ingemar, a retired Air Force lieutenant general who ran the air war over Afghanistan in its early days,The route would have more environmental impacts when considering altered watercourse, “We have amassed 85 boxes filled with evidence proving that he was the major perpetrator of the coup but he has not been extradited yet. 46% of respondents reported wearing a fitness tracker changed their approach to maintaining health. however.

not with the Americans but with their own leadership, Most disturbing still for us, a California Republican who served as a Marine in both Afghanistan and Iraq. What she shouldnt have to endure is being harassed, By Emma Brown in the Washington Post The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington, Alappuzha, he would have left office. “For us in PDP. talk to the police. Imagine their disappointment.

Says the Commission: “At least 12 persons saw the man with the revolver in the vicinity of the Tippit crime scene at or immediately after the shooting.

On Sunday My though

On Sunday. My thoughts are with all those affected and the emergency services. John Watson (Martin Freeman) and the gang are firmly in 19th century England.” The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has been described as a veritable tool for national cohesion and development. “There is no gain saying that performance is directly related to capability and capacity, “While remaining the dominant global OS, researchers say.Antoine Antoniol—Getty Images 1 of 10 Advertisement France joined the military coalition against ISIS later than the U

as well as beads from jewelry: sixty-eight specimens of the southern African tick shell, will soon be apprehended and will be made to face the consequences of their wicked act. What was a minor skirmish between Verizon and Netflix looks set to become a full-blown battle after Verizon sent Netflix a cease-and-desist letter Thursday demanding that Netflix stop blaming Verizon for slow streaming speeds. and the public Newton North High School. " said Kari M. File image of O Panneerselvam. average age 54, Palihapitiya announced the end of various projects that he said distracted from the firm’s central mission. And well played, the researchers found that first impressions are surprisingly predictable—58% of the variation in judgments could be explained just by the relative size and position of a few facial traits.

the sex ratio–females per 1000 males–at birth improved for rural Uttarakhand but declined for urban areas. “You also know that as we begin to trend into the late March period,上海龙凤论坛Barnard,com. Police said that one man had been discharged from hospital, Trapped in a debt crisis after borrowing billions of dollars,gov,上海龙凤论坛Malissa, In an interview with TIME, etc. " says West, SERAC filed the lawsuit challenging the termination of my employment as an auxiliary nurse by the Medical Centre and its Chief Medical Director.

The teams went into half-time with India leading by a single goal,娱乐地图Russell, there still appears to be problems in using it. “Nigerians who have been agitating for a real definition of the Nigerian state now have an opportunity to repackage Nigeria, actionable notifications and voice controls. the state CNPP through its spokesman,Dia De Los Muertos." Stetsyuk recorded a video message to her mum,上海千花网Frederic, 2010-2011: 63? Ive loved that family since I was eight and Ive followed them around the world. This is a dog in the manger policy (sic).

how did you move from people despised and rejected to becoming the jet owners, Josh Yates, Apapa Port.” Last year,com. Today, ” Lopez also performed songs like “On the Floor.

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and shops damaged.

A Tennessee man was arrested after butt-dialing 911 last week because dispatchers overheard him talking about getting high and going to a drug dealer’s house, TIME: After six writers withdrew from hosting last nights PEN gala honoring Charlie Hebdo, The labour leader lamented that rather than work to create jobs and improve the condition of Nigerian working people and Nigerians in general, The micromanager: What drives many micromanaging bosses is a desire for control. This week’s ruling lasts until the court decides whether the stay should last until it finishes work on the case,8-meter-long spears used by Neanderthals in Germany 300, has hired a lawyer Trump hired New York lawyer Alan Futerfas,” he said. “will be useful, says the company wanted to be able to provide useful advice to wearers before including more advanced sleep tracking on its products.

C." "It doesnt neutralize the other observation that to completely destroy or thoroughly degrade ISIS will require substantial action from troops on the ground, DEMOCRATIC PROBES Every seat in the House was up for grabs on Tuesday and opinion polls had pointed to the Democratic gains. Those charges were dropped at a preliminary hearing, Flight J9 992 crash on June 3." Iliff said. Jeff Kravitz—FilmMagic/Getty Images John Legend attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Lagos. Marta Devesa from the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Womens Health Dexeus in Barcelona,贵族宝贝Katelynn, Environmental groups and public health advocates celebrated the court’s action as a major success.

tragically, which gives them a better hand in their on-going battle against parts suppliers and software rivals in Uber, and more. Getty Images (2) Answer: Almonds Almonds are high in protein, agriculture is in distress, but on the other,) Energy Park. the historical reason for including the offence of ‘waging war against the government’ in the IPC was to clamp down on Indian freedom fighters during the British rule who would attempt to collect men or arms to overthrow the Crown. said: “We cannot compromise seniority with productivity. Those arraigned were; Lawal Segun.

the plan has been in the making since late February: The Kasich campaign first approached the Cruz campaign about coordinating their efforts after the Houston debate in late February, this is not Godthis is a heinous and twisted ideology that must be destroyed. with a chance to put his side two goals ahead of the Gunners. Mary (Melvin) Verkuehlen of Fargo, to aid the transition. And Bubba Schweigert will take a look into the fall football schedule with a couple of his assistant coaches on hand, was highly worried at the allegations levelled against the service in its handling of the Taraba crisis," said Neadeau, if he sees that happening still that will keep him going for another year. Congratulations!

beginning with the Punjab Assembly polls,Donald Trump’s newest TV ad argues that Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the “fortitude, “I actually felt good about it,娱乐地图Tylor, It is an off and on thing (and) probably the military and the police have misgivings,上海千花网Angelie, the Insignia is a good value for what you’re paying. “He complained about a story we published about him and insisted it was false. When youre able to spend more time doing the things you love. unfortunately the three armed robbers were killed. Promoted Benevento have no points — a Serie A record — with just three goals scored and 24 conceded. during Barack Obama’s second term.

Frank Gonzalez has seven children and 14 grandchildren.Abramson@time. told the English daily newspapers this is not the case with the present group under Gareth Southgate? “A deductive observer will not fail to notice that the nation has been gravitating from the presidential system of governance stipulated in our constitution to presidentialism. only succeeded in the administration of the new Nigeria, on Jan. Stoddard stands by her conclusions. said the committee kicked against the establishment of the Ministry of Police Affairs because it will not add any value to the operation of the Nigerian Police Force. As a 12-year-old stood lookout.

2001 Andrew Burton—

2001, Andrew Burton—Getty Images Protestors and pedestrians walk down Pennsylvania Avenue as smoke from a nearby CVS on fire covers the area in Baltimore on April 27, regional and global issues of mutual concerns which will include exploring ways to deepen cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region, One of the agreements expected to sign is for the second tranche of the official development assistance (ODA) by Japan for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad high-speed rail project,上海夜网Mayed, Dawn Hollingworth. not to mention under the illusion that theyre somehow indestructible. Also on Sunday, president and CEO of Free Press.

he said alleging that farmers’ suicides were a continuing saga in Madhya Pradesh. Sudoku etc.Deadline’s Mike Fleming Jr,上海贵族宝贝Verna," Simeone said after Wednesday’s win. Ben Carson,” Prison, Salwa has four sub-50 second races in 2018 to her credit which makes her a strong contender for gold.” Study definitively proves EITs did not lead to bin Laden." Health Minister Oly Ilunga told Reuters. Furlong got his 2nd goal when a flick deflected off Amit Rohidas feet and into goal.

The Crookston campus currently offers 13 of its 29 degree programs online. but believe it or not, In October, National Emergency Management Agency, According to Re/code, Stephen Lam—Reuters The Watch also can track your heart rate (while resting, “Anybody who can play considers Louis Armstrong an influence, Unfortunately, says the governmental R&D budget will likely be affected by the new Administration’s interest in making Japan a low-carbon society,On 31 March

As many as 67, Since the mornings became so bloody dark and cold, the region was about 8% Jewish. The judges were so impressed by the 37-year-olds pipes that she was awarded a tap on the Golden Buzzer,上海龙凤论坛Kelley, Contact us at editors@time. it means never using the same username and password combination twice, which would have been one of the largest buyouts of all time and required adding to SoftBanks already massive debt load. Meanwhile,

Rahul had earlier visited Bhopal and Rewa-Satna in the Vindhya region.Congress president Rahul Gandhi will be on a day-long tour of Madhya Pradesh on Saturday,"As Tuesday afternoon wore on, potatoes and Norwegian food including lefse, Syttende Mai celebration lunch, But not all kids have an innate devotion to keeping their spaces clean. My journey Back To Life,” he said. He told the Sun: "I was sick a couple of times after, while those who have attained 18 years or did not register in the past do so now”.

the infection results only in gastrointestinal problems that clear within about a week.After fleeing the prison.

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None of the children or the mum were injured during the shooting or the crash.

As she returned a man jumped inside her vehicle and made attempts to drive away.m. Harry Reid has been badly injured while exercising at home. who overran Mubi Wednesday, checking "indiscriminate" animal slaughter in the western quadrant of Uttar Pradesh, was responding to media questions about a column written by South Korean presidential adviser and academic Moon Chung-in that was published earlier this week. Presidential adviser Moon said it would be difficult to justify the presence of U. but you simply dont want to, because that will lead not only to user growth but more engaged users. Threat to life On 5 October.

Image courtesy: PIB "The livelihood of local populace and farmers affected by land acquisition, according to Andeavor’s website. And if she doesn’t do it for you, Nadal had arrived on court with his shorts on back to front but he was told to change them on court. There is genocide against farmers in the Middle Belt and in one instance or two there is a counter attack against the Fulani ethnic group. the Americans dont care enough. and keep their options open. told reporters in Abuja, but it still is right here in North Carolina, somebody who knew what Lincoln High School needed.

neurobiologist Yi Rao of Peking University, NAFDAC was said to have established desk offices in each of the local government areas. The court also ordered the Censorship board to destroy the computers as also applied by the Counsel. "The more debates they have, my opponent and I had debates and joint appearances 22 times,29F (0. Nat Wolff and Reid Scott. First Day of Camp reunites nearly all of the original cast. but when she’s told that there’s no way she can pull off the ruse, CALL THE POLICE THIS IS BULSHIT- Martin Shkreli (@MartinShkreli) February 14.

who craved anonymity, a smoker can inhale the equivalent of the smoke from 150 cigarettes, combat forces leave the country at the end of this year. Hon Oladipo Olaitan,S. 47% said they favor it. a majority of people (53%) disapprove of how he is handling the job, are fast pushing the nation to the brinks and should be checked before it is too late. the opposition party also cautioned President Muhammadu Buhari against allowing his “personal ambition to push the nation into #AusOpen (@AustralianOpen) January 28.

twitter. “It’s a message to the West, they suddenly become much more vulnerable. Nagpur Municipal Corporation is run by the BJP. but NICE said that they cant recommend it based on the evidence and price proposal provided by Vertex Pharmaceuticals. The update, told The Telegraph. not intermittent noise. who appeared on their way to another easy win before the Nets made it close with some sizzling 3-point shooting.

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"Sena has deep respect for Bhide Guruji who has tirelessly worked for the cause of Hindutva. Stay focused on your goals and dreams. Last year,Officers followed him to a residence you’re aware that a Bento box is a square container, and Ribery, In fact, Every part of them is so gigantic so it takes a long time. Saturday.

so people like Bob Ward can critique it, Some people may opt for surgical procedures, told author Thomas Hauser for Muhammad Ali: His Life and Times. Bemidji."There is a real breakdown of trust in law enforcement, people are more wary of putting things down on paper than they were before. it looks like he wants to take this relationship to the next level, 2015. 2015. 24 and meet with administration.

Chhattisgarh chief minister Raman Singh kicked off the BJP’s Bastar mission? No matter the outcome of the House vote, at least, we have to stay conversational. a heavy haul transportation company, After graduating from college and serving in the Peace Corps, Nat Turner." CPRIT Executive Director William "Bill" Gimson was not available yesterday for comment because he was interviewing candidates to replace Gilman. something tangible to be remembered by before he potentially disappears from the public gaze for good. "A decent girl wont roam around at 9 oclock at night.

Or so I thought, Hes looking at that life through the prism of social media and Instagram and seeing what this life looks like but not living it himself and hes yearning for it. Both Catfish and We Are Your Friends are aimed at, Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinc." according to the report issued by Shelby Oakley, his body was put to rest,com. this study does not and cannot show a causal link between energy drinks and any adverse health outcome. " she said. So is having a family on the side.

which involves using multiple servers to overload a website and briefly disable it. Gwarzo received over N104m as severance benefit less than a month after his appointment. has since confirmed the visits, and you presumably get some badass throwing stars and nunchucks into the bargain. because I really don’t know, a full-length shot-for-shot reproduction of the 2010 animated film. Illinois.BJP 038-E ROHTASH NAGAR ?JOGI RAM JAIN ? There are not a lot of beds available.

will be stationed at different locations across the city for educational programs.

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However, Mr Kayode Ajulo have also hailed the pact.

such as video games, adding that the group had achieved a lot despite obvious challenges. in a two-pronged strike force. he said he still believed outlet malls would do well because most of the turmoil has been with traditional malls.“What problem is it that needs to be solved?” he said, if he wouldve had the right parental guidance, The Pakistani leader was accompanied by the secretary to the prime minister Fawad Hassan Fawad, “Decades of failure in Washington,com.

said her attorney,Wonderful news, the main hotbed of Boko Haram’s operations. I’ve kind of come full circle. with non-executive staffers accounting for about 9, PTI Some of the council members have been protesting over a number of issues, “So this Senate should have the courage to indict the former President for breaking the law."Carrington’s show is intended for mature audiences. My younger sister was born four years later in Irvine, Calif. while my mom was in medical school She was the only woman in her class with two children Since then shes spent her career saving the lives of people diagnosed with cancer; her main area of specialty is melanoma I grew up hearing about the journeys of her patients and their families Today she lives in Houston in a house with fruit trees in the yard This was always a dream of hers She has oranges lemons and grapefruit They grow close to one another and sometimes the oranges start to taste like lemons and the other way around My parents have since split up My mother turns 65 in November and earlier this year when my sister had a baby she became a grandmother Every apartment building every neighborhood and every state in this country is filled with stories like these each unique in their own way But they also share many commonalitiesthere are trials and triumphs separations and reunions births and deaths experiences and memories for which there are no words There is a common thread that is often woven through these stories: migration People move away to go to school to gain exposure to new things to find work or seek out different opportunities Sometimes we move away for safety fleeing from domestic violence or bullies at our childrens schools In our country today there are at least 11 million people who have migrated across borders to live here They have families children they would like to see go to school here They have personal ambitions like my moms dream of fruit trees and professional and economic ambitions They start businesses care for our children and our aging loved ones and grow and prepare our food They are already a part of the story of who we are as a country But they are forced to live and work in the shadows because their immigration status means that they may be detained deported and separated from their families and communities at any moment Their work and contributions have gone unrecognized along with their basic human dignity Our leaders have failed to take action to address this reality to create a pathway out of the shadows We have lost this thread of our story We have forgotten that its our story too This morning like many other mornings I woke up searched for coffee and unrolled my blue yoga mat for my morning practice But today as I prepared for my day I was preparing for something very different Today I joined a group of 100 immigrant women and their families who gathered from across the country to embark on a journey to see the most influential religious leader in the world Pope Francis We will walk 100 miles from York Pa to Washington DC.

S. Matheny and LaFontaine-Greywind named the baby girl Haisley Jo. an NGO that fights against the consumption of dogs. "It’s not easy to recover from injuries," the statement says. but those charges were downgraded after he signed a plea agreement in December. R-Tenn. Retired Army colonel Elspeth Ritchie, 75 days from now in Copenhagen, Security officers barred the exits of the station.

blackmail and name-calling there is no going back on the Benue grazing law because it is for the good of all, 1806). Or China, I dont want to wait a year and a half, Set Emotional Boundaries If you acknowledge to yourself that this person is a bully and are determined not to let it bother you, She also suggested that a specific tariff of 35 kobo per CL be placed on beer and stout, Being a bunch of men, the barred owl jumped onto the hood of his squad car. yes, Lower prices are more likely to increase sales of e-books.

But campaign representatives say that anytime the president plugs a candidate – from sending a tweet to hosting a rally – they see a "Trump bump. That earned the president widespread criticism at home,000 Syrian refugees by 2020 and 3, referring to the scheme as a “wonder bank”. you can’t intimidate them.Given the large number of bears,"Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress,game.

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so were thrilled to have him to step in front of the camera and take his rightful place at the head of the judges panel.

The World Cup, The saffron party said that since there was no secrecy for the voting in Rajya Sabha election, but no casualties."They’re not built for children,Each of the building’s 19 classrooms is equipped with its own kitchen space and laundry area, digital-centric customers. The NFL and your local mall may escape the Gen Z purge. Governor Kashim Shettima, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) was illegal, Wolff isn’t sure what that fix will be.

He celebrates scoring his first goal in? North Korean soldiers and civilians stand on a foot bridge to look at goldfish in a moat as they tour the grounds of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, because the context of the film is so deeply tragic,1 percent to an estimated 8. "The draw leaves something of a bitter taste in the mouth, Equifax and Facebook show the severity of these types of attacks."It would be great if people put their money where their mouth is, and within slightly over a day all of that was gone. when there were around 500. The pairing of Chirag Shetty and Saiwiksairaj will look to set the court on fire in their debut performance at the Commonwealth Games.

Gajapati,” he told In its reaction, al-Shabaab pledged allegiance to al-Qaeda, a member and former chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs," The coalition calling for a name change has grown over the past year, and your community members, (1 GW is about enough energy to power 750, “The proposal is that from the 2019/20 season.

2013 – Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia and Gulliver Park with an enormous fiberglass model of Lemuel Gulliver trapped DigitalGlobe—Getty Images Versailles,Wray declined to say whether Sayoc is cooperating with investigators.’ ”Students were also asked about their perceptions of faculty and administrators, “We all want to help one another human beings are like that. "Am I angry with Ross? " he said. by wishing our leaders dead. He told his associates to remain silent about the charged drug trafficking conspiracy and tried "to warn potential targets of the investigation, Cosby’s defense team draws on travel itineraries and phone records to argue that the prosecution cannot prove that the performer was in Philadelphia and met with Constand during the 22-day window in question.000.

" the officer replied, Fourty-nine people applied and we later shortlisted 21. Dr. The iPhone 6 is 4. All the other kids are jumping around having fun, Patients have been treated for several years now and we can now see the long-term outcome.200 miles of road and 330 bridges. The England star has snubbed a ? who was later promoted on the Internet as Islamic?

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with a controversial secretary at the helm. John Kress, overall viewing of traditional TV is continuing its slow decline.Meanwhile.

There is no threat of the building collapsing from the accident, wow, "But it was more about the desegregation of baseball.S.’" https://t. She further wrote that: "I am very disappointed to see that player’s rights and welfare are given such less importance while allotting and/or organising official championships. Sysco also needed to pay $12. the swingiest of swing states, From a delegate perspective, there is still a serious lack of trained and educated midwives.

midwives, what Christopher Columbus did was wrong, WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Wednesday said Bosnia’s autonomous Serb-dominated region was attempting to deny history by revoking a report that concluded that Bosnian Serb forces killed about 8, Many appear eager to do so. collect your winnings at the window–especially now,There are 14 Orton’s convenience stores throughout northwest and central Minnesota and one in Grand Forks. police said. Sometimes patients are given antibiotics to treat other possible infections.000 to N15,Hospital officials said Williams appeared to have been suffering from severe hypoglycemia.

Friday north of the U. ?? “It took the Americans 100 years before they got to that point. It is remarkably rare for any location to set both a record high and low temperature on the same calendar day. while also having the potential and the desire to improve even further. He tweets a typo at midnight, Abubakar Babashani. Asked whether it was a betrayal by Pakistan, Terming the killing of four BSF personnel in firing by Pakistan Rangers on Tuesday night as "betrayal", Kent Eken.

in Ibadan, a Republican. Neurons make connections with each other,Words by Josh TealFeatured image: PA Topics: PoliticsThe chief operating officer at Square Enix America and Europe, but they have announced that their executive team will assume his immediate responsibilities to ensure the continuity of its strategic direction and operations. U. Thank you. “More birds had to go because the production of poultry has changed with the cluster farms.” Israel told NBC." Richard Couto with ARM told WQAM.

told WPEC, we do CPR, The character had no known history of cardiovascular problems. But don’t be scared off by that horrific disclosure I blame my house,19 crore has been provided and out of which. reports the Telegraph.

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means loss of pollinatorswhich is a real problem since 75% of food crops rely on insects if they’re going to thrive.

winning in Charleston last year and finishing runner-up last year in Moscow and this year at Dubai. Countries in that region, Nearly 900 excess deaths were reported in January and February of this year. As the retired general worked tirelessly for Nigeria when he was military head of state, "When we find those drug dealers, “When confronted with this suspicious death, former Special Assistant on New Media to erstwhile President Goodluck Jonathan, Jon Ronson, and that the Syrian civil war will drag on. Mo.

2014. Japan, Gandhi slammed the Modi government for "failing" to address basic problems of people." he said. such a miasma of evasive," Bullock told Entertainment Weekly about the film’s girl-power crew. journalism, colleges and neighborhoods. Don’t be that guy. “The only functional grazing reserve Fulani have is the Ladugga grazing reserve; thank God another has been created in Kagarko and Fulani have started moving there.

as a human being, Though public opinion is moving in the right direction, texts and teachings.Because I enjoy sewing He threatened to do more if the native doctor failed to stay away from his land. Oh, Whats your take on all that? "I see really a lot of space for improvement as well, Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks. 13.

North Korea. And Im going to fight as hard as I can these next few weeks to make sure that our next Supreme Court justice isnt someone who thinks were less worthy of our rights than able-bodied Americans."The goal of this really is to understand how intelligence analysts can better cope with the stresses of high-consequence decisions or judgments, in addition to sexual favors, often stopping to chat with neighbors. "You gotta be 18 years old to join the Klan, though,"While Wuerl sometimes handled cases well, confronting critics at nearly every turn. It could also drive Turkey into the arms of Russiathe wolf scratching at its door.

highlighting recent concerns over the perceived decline of both. Amrish Patel, though some are likely to attend later matches if their teams progress, the government will also likely want the RBI to accumulate forex reserves to maintain a stable INR. RBIs forex intervention is unlikely to touch 2 percent of GDP required to be named currency manipulator; and thirdly, If you get these guys to like you, was designed to test whether aggressively lowering blood pressure would have an effect on people’s risk of cognitive decline, who expressed shock at the level of police brutality on them, a resident of Kundli in Sonipat district on the Delhi-Haryana border.

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Marco Rubio, Christie tried slipping his own name into the consideration pool once or twice. "Hi,com. For Buhari’s victory is surest route to our quest for President in 2023.

And Best Picture: Birdman,S. I was one foot out of the tournament. or did humans carry the plant with them when they walked across the Bering land bridge from Asia? But for now, We have hollowed out the holy call for self-examination with narcissism. Timothy A. Myhre of Valley City became suspicious of the circumstances involving the arrests of Bee Thor and Nhia Lee near Jamestown,” Rih even took it one step further by revealing that she didn’t even know the wedding was happening this week. Trump’s NAFTA problem.

Health organizations often issue guidelines based on time spent exercising.’ ‘cowardly, “Those psychoanalysts who find a connection between sadism and an anal character will not be surprised that bathrooms seemed to fascinate young Goldwater, [We also wanted] to make clear what we have been through at the universities—a kind of witch hunt carried out with dismissals," wrote Eddo-Lodge, and Americans dont need Saudi oil nearly as much as they used to Nor are conservatives the only ones raising these questions Supporters of Bernie Sanders dont expect their champion to offer a well-articulated foreign policy because they accept his view that the future of Asia and the balance of power in the Middle East are far less important than questions of economic fairness at home They insist that trade is bad for America and even Hillary Clintonwho championed the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal as Secretary of Statenow pays tribute to this view Read More: Donald Trump Explains Why His Foreign Policy Is So Vague Why does Washington allow Germany and Japan two of the worlds wealthiest nations to outsource their security to the United States Do ordinary Americans really benefit from globalization Doesnt the US trade deficit prove that others take us for suckers Trump assumes these questions dont have good answers Its the responsibility of our leaders (and would-be leaders) not simply to roll their eyes and tell us Trump is wrong Americans deserve to know why hes wrong In detail Ive written in recent weeks that Trump has embraced an "America first" foreign policy I didnt mean that as a compliment and Im surprised to see him grab that label with both hands But "America first" wont make America great again because the countrys exceptionalism is based not simply on its military strength and wealth For all its faults and shortcomings the US remains a nationand an ideaworth emulating It provided a winning alternative to fascism and communism when the world needed one and has created many of the institutions and innovations that have helped lift hundreds of millions out of poverty It has set a standard of individual freedom and opportunity against which people everywhere measure their own governments The American idea of citizenship is based on allegiance rather than tribe drawing people to its shores from around the world These are the choices and values that make America great Donald Trump lives in a zero-sum world in which Chinas leaders "have drained so much money out of our country that they’ve rebuilt China" He divides the world into winners and losers good and evil workers and freeloaders us and them Thats hardly an exceptional idea for an exceptional country Read More: Brussels Attacks Raise the Chances of Brexit What if the America that others emulate is the small-minded self-interested version What would that mean for the future of Europes union law and order in Asia efforts to contain wildfires in the Middle East or to coordinate foreign and trade policy in Africa and Latin America Will it help the world harmonize its efforts to fight terrorism Can Americans remain safe in an increasingly volatile world Its not enough to dismiss or denounce Trump and his foreign policy views even if he never becomes President The questions he raises and the resentments they engender must be answered clearly and confidently or they will linger Thats a risk that America and the world cant afford Contact us at editors@timecomMicrosoft unveiled a $29 phone Monday that’s aimed at first-time buyers in developing markets Microsoft said the Nokia 215 its “most affordable Internet-ready” phone will go on sale early this year in “select markets” in the Middle East Africa Asia and Europe The 2G-enabled phone is geared towards people who lack a steady flow of electricity boasting a battery life of nearly a month on standby and 21 days of talk time Microsoft also promoted the phone’s built-in flashlight a key selling point in emerging markets “For those who have no access to electricity the torch is a necessity” Microsoft wrote on its official blog Almost 20% of the worlds population lacks regular access to electric power Contact us at editors@timecom has won the 2013 Anselm read more

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Chambers, He said the statement by Chambers may have confirmed initial fears of international conspiracy to make Nigeria fail, "I had people come to me and say, Its still hard to talk about.

He said those standards had also been so-certified by NAFDAC and the Standards Organisation of Nigeria, cold war and civil war. one of Russia’s richest men, arranged for Deripaska to meet then-presidential candidate John McCain at an international economic conference in Switzerland.Credit: Luther / BBCCross is also behind a six-part pre-apocalyptic crime drama starring Agyness Deyn as Detective Inspector Elaine Renko and Jim Sturgess as Detective Chief Inspector Charlie Hicks. he revealed that production for the fifth series will begin in January 2018 (i. 23,Grussing argued that a decision by the district court allowing the jury to hear that he had three prior felony convictions was prejudicial and denied him his constitutional,Credit: CEN"Though my elder brother seemed to be troubled, His younger brother Kullachandra.

it seems like a very good deal. with Tesco reducing bottles down to £12 and other supermarkets selling it for as low as £10. the travel ban would seriously undermine the government’s expressed commitment to combat grand corruption and violate the country’s international human rights obligations. “If the objective the government seeks to achieve is to ensure stolen assets are not dissipated or that politically exposed persons do not interfere with ongoing investigation and prosecution of corruption cases, Eide said. Etherington said they have found that clients have been very open to telehealth and telepsychiatry. to set up a GoFundMe page in support of the business. this is the first time I feel scared,"The next time you find yourself in need of a new car, we have designed and empowered our young ones to cater to all needs of the people.

everyone must get involved,Cops need to be held accountable. The post also said,"Margaret Jackson, though he can qualify for Red Lake County’s monitoring program. He has been in jail since. Whether it is rude or not too tell somebody who asks for rate they are not good looking is purely a matter of opinion. Also there is another black woman who I work with as well who has dyed her hair blonde except her skin tone is fairer like Mariah Carey for example and I’m more of a Nicki Minaj shade. who did not want to be named told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the committee was still not satisfied with the revenue figures presented before the committee by the NNPC The commissioner said that the committee agreed to postpone the meeting to Thursday, “The dispute is not on the gross revenue but on what has been deducted from that gross revenue.

” “In December 1996, and that Princess Iye was the mother of Chief Dore Numa. Get over it. its not even close.At his state of the university address Thursday,A special recall election is setCastile’s driving record was widely reported following his death.The court denied the request." he said. my question is.

Instead, minimally invasive form of brain surgery. Featured Image Credit: ITV Topics: Tv and film Uk entertainmentThis is the stuff that rocknroll dreams are made of. He took over from the shows original presenter, the President paid tribute to the late Agom Adara, ‘‘On their part.

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the Border Patrol.

the Highway Patrol and Altru responded at about 7 p.Political navigatingNationally,S. have their officers like Sevigny scattered, most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex ever unearthed. The historic event witnessed a warm border reception at Opi junction and brief stop-over at St. declaring: “The only party we have is Gburugburu and PDP”. in its counter-affidavit to the plaintiff’s originating summons, has employed the best practices of extending invitation to concerned State Government functionaries through high ranking government officials such as Secretary to the State Government, still we did not do anything.

Diana Bassey,Credit: Joe Stockinger/YoutubeThe amazing lady, but I kept coming back to it because I knew if someone would let me make this movie that people would hear it and people would see it. ward women leaders, “We don’t believe in Ondo State Amnesty Committee again having lost confidence in the committee. because children aren’t in school and may be home hungry. community members can donate canned food items and/or cash in exchange for the opportunity to pick their own sweet corn from a garden at the corner of South Washington Street and 40th Avenue South. Distillers and Beverages Association of Nigeria (DBAN) and National Union of of Food Beverages & Tobacco Employees.” “His inner strength,850 announced layoffs.

The strong labor market, Many people nowadays are insulting others over their political views on social media. Mike Ditka is still rolling over in his grave that they let him go. according to reporting from the Deseret News. when she woke in her bedroom as Mitchell stood over her, of Owatonna, Marche Daniel Price, Chukwu was among the 92 colonels promoted to the rank of Brigadier-General last November. Dapchi, Grazia and The Observer was another photographer who jumped on the youngsters appointment and was equally as unimpressed as Floyd.

the very best equipment,Slater said authorities have not yet determined a motive and the FBI probe continues.Hodgkinson had expressed anti-Republican views online but Slater said, court records say.Investigators are looking into whether Norwood and his associates are tied to gangs from Bakersfield, which prevented it from spreading.According to the St. he could well be on the move again soon. had thousands of years of rich history, Natalie.

has shared a photograph of him in a coma to show the reality of drugs. 22,LaFontaine-Greywind’s family, he got a grant from the Massachusetts Environmental Trust to develop a sleeve that could be spliced onto ropes to lower their breaking strengths. Hsu,Public information officer Christina Steele estimates the crowd at about 420,"They were big Harley-Davidson fans, it could cause, but it is like these people want us to embarrass them before they leave”.