Absentee Ballot Count Changes Outcome Of One Local Race In Chautauqua County

first_imgImage by Justin Gould / WNY News Now.MAYVILLE – A record number of absentee ballots counted in Chautauqua County changed the projected outcome of only one local race.The Chautauqua County Board of Elections reported on Tuesday 10,750 absentee and affidavit ballots were accepted and counted, with only the outcome of one local race impacted.In the race for Fredonia Village Trustee, Democrat EvaDawn Bashaw is now projected to defeat Republican John Sedota, who received 1,374 votes in election night and early voting to Bashaw’s 1,224 votes.However, when counting absentee or affidavit ballots, Bashaw wins by 85 votes, 1,765 to 1,680. Despite winning the absentee vote total, the numbers weren’t enough for Democrat Christina Cardinale to catch up to Assemblyman Andy Goodell’s 34,000 election night votes.Between election night and early voting, Cardinale received 12,514 to Goodell’s 34,627. In absentee and affidavit votes, Cardinale received 5,325 to Goodell’s 4,961, not enough to win the race.The final total between the two was 39,588 to 17,839, with Goodell the projected winner.In the race for Chautauqua County Executive, both Democrat Richard Morrisroe and Republican PJ Wendel received similar numbers of absentee and affidavit votes.Morrisore received 5,454 absentee votes to Wendel’s 5,108. However, absentee combined with Morrissroe’s election night total did not reach Wendel’s final vote count of 38,389 to Morrisroe’s 18,580.Chautauqua County District Attorney Elect Jason Schmidt is still projected to win the race for DA.He received 3,873 absentee and affidavit votes to Swanson’s 6,394 absentee and affidavit votes.Schmidt had 29,925 votes from election night and early voting over Swanson’s 17,122 votes during that period. Overall, Schmidt beat Swanson with more than 10,000 votes, 33,798 to Swanson’s 23,516.The Board of Elections reminds residents results are still considered unofficial until oversea ballots return. Those ballots are due to arrive no later than next Monday, officials say.This year many communities saw an increase in absentee ballots because of the Coronavirus pandemic.A full breakdown of all the races in Chautauqua County is posted below:Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. Click here for more infoThe ballot breakdown may also be viewed by clicking here. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img

One Stop for a Variety of Free Vermont Travel Publications

first_imgCome one and all to Vermont this summer! The Vermont Chamber, along with the State of Vermont, Vermont Attractions and Vermont Farms Association partners, will help just about anyone plan a trip to Vermont. Like a kid in the scoop shop, every Vermont traveler will find their favorite flavor combination with the states best listings of lodging and activity resources.The 2005 Vermont Vacation Guide is a magazine, with articles, listings, a resource directory, and photos to inspire adventure and nurture the spirit. For a visitor looking for a place to stay, the Guide is a personal advisor, allowing them to match their travel preferences to the special lodging, dining and entertainment options that each Vermont region has to offer.The Vermont Country Inns and B&Bs guide showcases Vermont country inns and B&Bs. Vermonts special escape to intimate charm, personal attention, homemade gourmet cuisine, outstanding gardens and antiques, and royal hospitality is at hand. Dreams come true at Vermont country inns; delicious pleasures await visitors to Vermont B&Bs. Vermont Country Inns and B&Bs will put visitors in touch with the best in the state.The road to the finest entertainment begins with the Vermont Attractions Association Vermont Attractions Guide and Road Map. From ice cream or teddy bears to history or pottery, the Vermont Attractions Guide and Road Map is a map of the State of Vermont leading visitors of all ages to the best and brightest around. The Vermont Attractions Guide and Road Map will please the parent, child, artist, historian, farmer, adventurer, gardener, shopper, and food, beer and wine connoisseur in every traveler. For up-to-date attractions info and events, see also www.vermontattractions.org(link is external).The new Vermont Farms website (www.vtfarms.org(link is external)) and brochure showcase Vermonts agricultural heritage and farm-based economy. For a very special experience, visit or even stay overnight at Vermonts working farms that are open to the public.The Vacation Guide, the Vermont Country Inns and B&Bs guide, the Vermont Attractions Guide and Road Map, and the Vermont Farms brochure is available free of charge on the Vermont Chamber of Commerce website (www.vtchamber.com(link is external)), or by telephone at 1-800-VERMONT or (802) 223-3443.###last_img

McClaughry Awarded 2008 Pizzagalli Prize

first_imgMcClaughry Awarded 2008 Pizzagalli Prize Ethan Allen Institute President John McClaughry is the winner of the 2008 Pizzagalli Prize for “outstanding talent, vision, and commitment resulting in individual achievement in one’s chosen profession … having widespread impact on the public and our way of life.” Angelo Pizzagalli of the Pizzagalli Foundation presented the prize to McClaughry at the Ethan Allen Institute’s fifteenth anniversary celebration dinner at the Sheraton Burlington Wednesday evening, November 12, 2008. The prize carries a stipend of $10,000. At left is Institute Director and emcee Bill Sayre. In its citation, the award said “with tireless effort you have encouraged widespread debate of major governmental, social and public issues. In doing so, you have drawn upon your high intellect, broad knowledge, and personal commitment to the principles on which the United States was founded& individual initiative, personal responsibility, and the preservation of free enterprise and capitalism.” McClaughry founded the nonprofit, nonpartisan Vermont free market think tank in 1993 after leaving the Vermont Senate. The membership-supported organization has worked for fifteen years to educate Vermonters in the fundamentals of a free society through print and radio commentaries, public policy reports, voting record publications, conferences, state house roundtables, and other similar events. “I am truly honored and grateful to have been chosen as this years recipient of this prestigious award, made possible by the Pizzagalli Foundation,” McClaughry said. “The Pizzagalli family and their businesses have for years been an enormous economic and civic asset to our state. It’s my hope that improving Vermont’s economic climate will help many more such families and companies to succeed and contribute as the Pizzagallis have. That will continue to be an important part of the Institute’s mission into the future.” The Institute’s publications and events are available at its website, www.ethanallen.org(link is external).#####last_img

Opinion: Rethinking Education Governance

first_imgby Lisa Ventriss, President, Vermont Business Roundtable In the winter of 2007 the Vermont Business Roundtable, along with the Vermont Superintendents Association, convened a group of business and education leaders around some simple goals: to develop mutual understanding and respect for our respective issues and priorities; to inform each other’s thinking with factual information and industry insight; and, to find common ground that could lay the foundation for policy recommendations. We recruited organizations that could bring balance and non-partisan independence to our discussions, and charged ourselves to provide ‘bold and long-term leadership’ on education reform efforts. Thus was born the Business-Education Alliance.Over the next 16 months, the Alliance embraced two major areas of focus: cost containment and governance. The members reached consensus on the vision and needs, and a majority (not all) of the members agreed with all the recommendations released in April 2008.  Key among the needs identified by the report was to create a clear and unified statewide vision and corresponding goals for all Vermont’s children that drives the work of the Governor, State Board of Education, Commissioner, educators, legislators, school boards, business community, state agencies, higher education and communities. However, it readily became apparent that the current governance structure was the primary barrier to addressing that need.The Executive Branch is accountable only tangentially through the appointment of the State Board of Education; therefore, there is no formal connection between the state education system and other functions or agencies of state government. This has resulted in limited accountability at the executive level and in significant cost shifts from various agencies to local education entities and the Education Fund with little or no transparency.The Legislature has enacted a myriad of disjointed mandates and policies, which have caused the Education Commissioner and local schools to expend limited resources on responses to an array of demands that are not related to any coherent vision.While the Education Commissioner is statutorily designated the steward for public education in Vermont, the current structure does not support that role. Unfortunately, there is no one position in the state that can clearly provide the enterprise-wide leadership needed for defining and implementing a transformational education initiative.The adverse consequences of these various levels of functioning and governance have only damaged the public’s trust in education. According to the Roundtable’s 2010 Pulse of Vermont: Quality of Life Survey, conducted by Saint Michael’s College, public support for additional investments in public schools is at the lowest recorded level since the studies began in 1990. Another question revealed that only 58% would rate their local public schools as being ‘very good’ or ‘good’. Clearly, some Vermonters feel that spending more on education will not translate into better outcomes.The Alliance report included two strong recommendations to address governance: first, restructure the purpose and membership of the State Board of Education to measure progress through defined goals, outcomes measures and expectations for performance; and, second, create a Governor-appointed Secretary of Education who would be a member of the Governor’s Cabinet and articulate the shared vision and goals through an inclusive process.House Bill 440 proposes to restructure the Department of Education and State Board of Education similar to the recommendations put forth by the Alliance. This bill is worthy of vigorous debate because the effort to transform our educational system requires a more unified, coherent approach; one that can optimize limited human and financial resources. The latest student achievement scores demand as much.In these times of lingering fiscal constraint, society continues to place increased demands on our schools to provide a myriad of social, health and human services while preparing our students for a productive future. If we are going to succeed, we need coordination from the top that runs all the way through and across state government. With the Governor’s strong interest in education, let us not squander the opportunity to demonstrate ‘bold and long-term’ leadership to the ultimate benefit of students and taxpayers alike.The Roundtable is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization of 110 CEOs of Vermont’s top private and nonprofit employers, representing geographic diversity and all major sectors of the Vermont economy, with an aggregate economic impact of $135 billion and employing 15 percent of the state’s workforce. The Roundtable is committed to sustaining a sound economy and preserving Vermont’s unique quality of life by studying and making recommendations on statewide public policy issues.# # #last_img

The Future of Local Police in Brazil

first_imgBy Dialogo January 19, 2011 Ana, awesome. I am so happy your article was published. Congratulations! Hugs, Sebastian. It seems the State Police are on the right track. Despite the many things they still have to face, we have more hope now… From my own experience I hope some more changes are coming, like professional recognition, not necessarily through better salaries but through improved facilities for themselves and for the public. Workloads, even with less bizarre perks, everyone profits when the job and the professionals gain the respect of the citizens. Excellent in two ways: the content, with hope and originality and the beautiful and accurate writing. This project by the State Police interacts both in terms of context and situation with the current condition of Rio. With this project in place, the people of Rio have more reason to believe that the state is actually concerned about their daily lives. Congratulations, Bia. Keep it up. Kisses, Adair Very good. I hope this to be a model throughout Brazil. Congratulations to the Rio de Janeiro State Police. Its innovative efforts like those which actually mitigate the problems of security in the city. With stronger integration and trust between the population and the police, better results will be obtained as the help will be more effective. It is necessary to modernize the State Police and bring it closer to the people. Once more, thanks and congratulations! João Carlos Navarro This statistical report is totally disappointing, regarding the work the professional police do, the fight against crime is not accomplished through the internet, nor with visits to the victim’s homes by administrative police. I’d like to congratulate the Rio de Janeiro State Police for setting the example for other states by completing their efforts, which cannot be achieved without a competent specialized workforce, and there is no one better to serve as the center of that group than Ana Beatriz. Congratulations to all of you. I have already used this service and it works. I used this service recently and it is very good. Uncomplicated. Congratulations to the Police. In March 2010, the Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro State inaugurated a new model for citizen service with the creation of “Comprehensive Citizen Services Precincts,” known as DEDIC (in Portuguese, Delegacias de Dedicação Integral ao Cidadão). Now, people can file a preliminary incident report online, from the comfort of their homes, and schedule a visit by police officers to their residence or any other more convenient location, such as bars, shopping malls, places of work, etc., or make an appointment to go to the police station to confirm the crime and have a final incident report issued. This innovation originated from current Police Chief Allan Turnowski’s concern is to seek more integration with neighborhood residents and speed up investigations. This is because one of the main obstacles to the management of the Civil Police in Brazil is the issue of “moonlighting” and their 24×72-hour schedule. In other words, after twenty-four hours at work, they have three full days off, making it close to impossible to give continuity to investigations. Currently, at the DEDICs, police officers work eight hours per day, totaling forty hours per week. According to Turnowski, the concept of good policing is not exclusively linked to good marksmanship, high-end weapons, or the best operational equipment, but to mastering and monitoring information received from citizens and circulating on the streets, since without information, the equipment available is of no use. “The Dedic Program model has been well received by the National Secretariat of Public Safety, and other Brazilian Civil Police departments are now visiting to observe it, starting a whole new discussion on nationally standardizing the operation of the service provided by the Civil Police. This would, of course, have to be adapted to the specifics of each police department, since not all of them have as good a computer system in place as the one in Rio,” said Turnowski in an interview to Diálogo. Implemented in eleven neighborhoods (Barra da Tijuca, Recreio, Tijuca, Ipanema, Taquara, Tanque, Copacabana, Leblon, Gávea, Icaraí-Niterói, and Campo Grande), the DEDIC program is already showing clear results, such as a 144% increase in the number of arrests between March and June 2010, when compared to the same period in 2009, and a 13.48% increase in the number of incident reports. Another innovation of the program is in the management area, with a new monitoring and evaluation system. The police Strategic Affairs Nucleus does a quarterly survey of all victims assisted by the DEDIC program, in order to find out how the program is doing. For the first report, 234 people were interviewed and gave their evaluation of matters that ranged from the quality read more

Client referral program best practices for the best outcome

first_imgGood news: You have decided to delve into the realm of referral marketing and launch a customer referral program for your e-commerce site. If you read the first blog of our two-part blog series dedicated to customer referral programs for e-commerce sites, you were enlightened on what referral marketing is, what a referral program looks like for an e-commerce business and how you can identify the program ROI to determine if a customer referral program will work for your e-commerce business. If you haven’t read the first blog, or are still uncertain, please check it out.Now it’s time to learn more about client referral program best practices so you can launch a program that thrills and excites new and existing customers. In the second blog of our two-part blog series, we will cover client referral program best practices, including common referral rewards, how to determine what will motivate your customers, what rewards will work best for your business and how to promote, monitor and optimize your customer referral program. continue reading » 35SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Above & Beyond: Small acts have big impacts

first_img continue reading » The smallest act can have a big impact on a member’s life.That’s the belief employees at $202 million asset San Antonio (Fla.) Citizens Federal Credit Union hold, influencing their daily actions.Consider the week of Thanksgiving. Employees hand out $25 gift cards to local businesses—such as coffee shops, restaurants, and even Christmas tree farms—to members who visit the branch on Black Friday, but the credit union also has door mats urging members to “shop small” on Small Business Saturday.A local businessman who stopped in the branch last year mentioned to an employee that he loved the door mats. Melissa Cummings, an assistant branch manager, overheard his comments. When her workday was done, Cummings grabbed a mat and drove to the man’s store—a 20-mile round trip.The man wasn’t there, so she left the mat for him, ensuring he’d be able to put it out for the Shop Small Business Satur­day event. 9SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img

Finding time and energy for mentoring

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr continue reading » We all know how difficult it is to find the time to complete tasks associated with our daily work duties, much less to find time for such additional activities as mentoring. So why do people do mentoring? And more importantly, how do they do it?The answers to these questions are as unique as people themselves, yet there are some common factors. Many people become involved in mentoring so they can learn a new skill, advance their careers, share wisdom and expand their personal networks.It is human nature to want to continue to improve ourselves. Our ongoing need for knowledge drives us to engage in relationships that support our growth. Likewise, it is human nature that forces us to accept our mortality and compels us to leave our mark on the world while we are here. Our need to leave a legacy reflects itself in our willingness to help others and share our expertise.These factors persuade us to engage in mentoring. Yet at times, despite our best efforts, we experience difficulties in our mentoring relationships. The biggest deterrent to a successful mentoring relationship is dedicating time and energy to it. Half-hearted efforts yield half-hearted results. For a mentoring relationship to succeed, people need to fully invest themselves.last_img

Soft drinks: will new recipes have the halo effect?

first_imgThat may well be, but they are also looking for something else that these drinks aren’t quite providing. In our consumer poll, only 39% of respondents believed artificial sweeteners were any healthier than sugar. That scepticism is present across all age groups, but millennials are most likely to be cutting back on drinks with artificial sweeteners (34% of the 18- to 24-year-old age group compared with 24% of the general population). “This suggests that although these drinks are being sold as healthier sugar replacements, some consumers are not convinced that they are really a healthy alternative to sugar,” says Lucia Juliano, head of research at Harris Interactive.By contrast, 51% of respondents thought natural sweeteners were healthier than sugar, and 60% believed naturally occurring sugars in fruit were a better option.Coca-Cola is all too aware of this trend, as evidenced by its newly launched brands in the UK: Honest, Fuze Tea and Adez. All three actively promote their natural credentials. But these are all outside the realm of carbonated drinks – and there are plenty of smaller players snapping at its heels with the promise of an all-natural fizzy option with maximum taste.Take Cawston Press, for example. It has launched new recipes that only use naturally occurring sugars from fruit, resulting in a 33% reduction in sugar and 24% reduction in calories across the range. MD Steve Kearns says artificial sweeteners were never on the cards. “For us, natural was the only answer,” he explains. “Artificial sweeteners are in some cases pretty cost-effective and they would have made life a lot easier but we would rather have a brand position that says we are fresh juice all the way across.”Plenty are following the same mantra. We have Green Cola, a “healthier cola” just launched in the UK with no aspartame, phosphoric acid, sugar or calories. Startup fermented drink brand Switchle uses just fruit juice and organic honey for sweetness. Peel & Spice drinks contain no artificial sweeteners or sugar, and promise added vitamin C (see innovations, below).Amid all this healthiness, the lines between soft drinks and flavoured sparkling water are beginning to blur. Up-and-coming brand Ugly may look like a soft drink with its bold packaging and flavours like ‘triple berry’, but it sells itself as a ‘flavoured sparkling water’ (it is a mix of sparkling water, fruit extracts and ‘natural aromas’). Fruity water brand Sparkling Ice similarly wouldn’t look out of place in the soft drinks aisle. Its owner Red Star Brands refers to this market as “water-plus”. It believes this concept is a winner at a time when consumers are looking for more from their soft drinks than just ‘no added sugar’.“There has been a redefinition of health,” says MD Clark McIlroy. “Once meaning ‘diet’ or ‘lite’ with a real focus on calories, health has now evolved to mean ‘healthful’ – more about the fuel going into your body than the absence of certain ingredients.”It is perhaps no bad thing considering sales of water outstripped cola for the first time last year. And it would certainly give soft drinks an image overhaul. There is one caveat to all this saintly pop, though. When Harris Interactive asked consumers what was most important to them in a soft drink, one key factor came out as king: flavour. SwitchleLaunching: June 2018Manufacturer: Healthy Food BrandsGut health is the new black. Growing consumer demand for products containing gut-boosting ingredients is at an all-time high, making fermented foods and drinks one of the biggest predicted trends for 2018. Keen to tap into that trend is fermented adult soft drink brand Switchle, who will be launching a three-strong range of organic, premium-crafted flavours in June. Made from natural spring water and blended with organic honey and apple cider vinegar ‘with mother’ (containing a culture of beneficial bacteria) before a blend of natural juices is added, each can of Switchle contains just 55 calories (rsp: £1.79/250ml). And really, can you get much more on-trend than Rooibos, Raspberry & Pomegranate, Turmeric, Ginger & Peach and Matcha, Lime & Mint flavours? Coca-Cola is one of the companies fighting for the hearts, minds (and wallets) of the new, sugar-conscious consumer. It argues this is no new thing: it started looking to cut sugar from its portfolio more than 30 years ago with the launch of Diet Coke. But the threat of a 24p per litre levy has certainly prompted the giant to up its game. It has pumped investment into the reformulated Coca-Cola Zero Sugar with a major sampling campaign that has attracted a “dedicated fan base”. (According to Nielsen, it brought in £39m worth of extra sales last year.) And there have been a raft of new zero-sugar flavours to boot – from Coke Zero Sugar Peach to Diet Coke Exotic Mango. “Millennials consume around 65% of all flavoured carbonates in Great Britain read more

Four-level mansion with resort-style swimming pool puts suburb on the map

first_imgMore from newsParks and wildlife the new lust-haves post coronavirus1 day agoNoosa’s best beachfront penthouse is about to hit the market1 day agoMargaret and Malcolm Davison have sold their mansion at Tristania Rd, Chapel Hill. AAP/David ClarkOwners Dr Margaret Davison, a general practitioner, and husband Malcolm, a cardiologist had lived at the home for the past 19 years.The couple who have four children — the youngest are twins — said it was time to move.Dr Margaret Davison said it was her children who were keen on the move and said she had mixed feelings.“This home really is the ultimate package. You can have huge parties with very little effort here,” she said.“When you need space, there’s plenty of it.” 71 Tristania Road, Chapel Hill.A six-bedroom mansion in one of Brisbane’s leafy suburbs has smashed the suburb record by $300,000.Setting a new benchmark for prestige properties in the area, the architecturally designed home at 71 Tristania Road, Chapel Hill sold for $3.9m on Tuesday.McGrath Estate Agents — Paddington selling agents Alex Jordan and Reuben Packer-Hill said a local family with older children bought the four-level home.The previous record was set at $3.6 million for the sale of a five-bedder at 47 Tristania Rd in 2014. Mr Jordan said given the calibre of the property it would help put Chapel Hill on the map.“It’s always been attractive because of the school catchments and shopping centres,” he said. The beautiful home at 71 Tristania Road, Chapel Hill.Dr Davison said she was not surprised her property had fetched a record price for the area.The property features a basketball court, two gigantic sandpits and swings, a championship-sized tennis court, a cinema, and a swimming pool. Mr Packer-Hill said during the campaign he received more than 40 inquiries, most of which were from premium buyers looking to secure quality properties.last_img