Introducing the Sales Leadership Talk Show

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now I’ve been working on a little project with my friend, Gerhard Gschwandtner. We’re calling it The Sales Leadership Talk Show. Check out the latest episode here, where we discuss:Jeff Gitomer’s idea that 24/7 is the new 9/5 and his thoughts on working harder – (00:30)Tony Schwartz’s idea that the way we’re working isn’t working and his thoughts on focusing on energy instead of time – (3:09)Jim Schleckser’s idea that leaders should not be players but focus on developing talent – (8:22)Tim Riesterer’s ideas on sales enablement and how salespeople need be empowered to win – (14:25)A surprisingly simple and effective “feel good” tool for salespeople – 18:11 (no clues offered here)To download a discussion guide on these vital topics go to Gerhard’s new site for sales operations and enablement: Join to collaborate and co-create to improve salespeople, enhance processes and advance with best in class sales technologies.last_img

The Hustler’s Playbook: No One Owes You Anything

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 2nd book: The Lost Art of Closing “In The Lost Art of Closing, Anthony proves that the final commitment can actually be one of the easiest parts of the sales process—if you’ve set it up properly with other commitments that have to happen long before the close. The key is to lead customers through a series of necessary steps designed to prevent a purchase stall.” Buy Now I once heard a non-hustler say, “I can’t live on the money that my company pays me.” This non-hustler believes that his company owes him enough money to meet the standard of living he wants for himself.I heard another non-hustler say, “No one paid for my college, so I didn’t get to go.” This non-hustler pretends that his lack of a college education was owed to him. He probably believes his parents were obligated to pay for him.There is a difference between charity and entitlement. Charity is how hustlers make a contribution and give back. Entitlement is a debt that is owed. Hustlers don’t believe they are entitled, even when they accept charity.Hustlers know that no one owes them anything. Hustlers believe that they can have anything they want by doing the work necessary to have those things, whether the things they want are material possessions or the more important things like meaningful relationships, personal growth, and contribution. Because they don’t feel entitled, hustlers do the work.Non-hustlers feel a sense of entitlement. If someone else has more of the things they want, they feel deeply that they should be entitled to those same things.Because hustlers don’t feel a sense of entitlement, they don’t wait for someone to pay them what they are worth. Hustlers don’t resent their boss or their company for not paying them more. Instead, they make their contribution, take on additional responsibility, and hold themselves accountable for producing greater results. If this doesn’t produce greater rewards, the hustler is grateful for the opportunity and quickly finds a new place from which to create and capture more value (oftentimes that place is one they create for themselves).The non-hustler is resentful when they believe they are entitled to more money. Because they feel a sense of entitlement, they stew, all the while looking for others who will commiserate with them and validate their belief that they are owed something.Hustlers don’t feel that anything they lacked was some entitlement that they were due. They don’t believe that it was anyone else’s responsibility to educate them, whether that be their teachers, their school system, or their parents inability or unwillingness to pay for their education. They don’t miss the trust fund that they were never given. Hustlers don’t blame any past deprivation for their current circumstances.To a hustler, a lack of anything they need is simply fuel that drives them to hustle.A non-hustler feels a lack of something as deprivation, as someone withholding something that they are owed. This sense of entitlement is disabling. It disempowers them. It infects their mind, and it allows them to rationalize their lack of effort to have whatever it is they really want.No one owes you anything. Not your parents. Not your government. Not your school system. Not society. Not your employer. This belief liberates you from a sense of entitlement and empowers you to act on your own behalf.last_img

Don’t Hate the Recipe

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now The recipe isn’t always pleasant. The results, however, are quite the opposite. You cannot have the results without following the recipe.The recipe begins with Hard Work. It takes much more Hard Work than most people are willing to provide to produce the results you want, and any shortcoming here destroys the results. The recipe requires that you wake up early, work late, and even spend your weekend working. It also requires that you do the things that you don’t like to do, as well as the work to which you easily give yourself over. If you don’t like Hard Work, then the result is not available to you.You have to add a large quantity of Patient Persistence. You must continue to pursue the result you want, even when what you are doing isn’t producing evidence that it’s working. The patient part of this ingredient means you are going to have to wait, maybe longer than you believe you should have to wait. The persistence part requires that you keep taking action, always pushing forward, in no way dissuaded from the result you are building towards. If you resist either the patience or the persistence, the result will elude you.To have what you want, you have to become the person who can generate that result. That means you have to Grow. Growth means being uncomfortable. It means you stretch yourself beyond what you are now to become a bigger, better version of yourself. You need to be the person who comes after the person you are right now. The recipe requires that you giveThe most important part of the recipe is to have a Vision of what you want. Nothing works if you don’t know what result you want, why you want it, and why it’s worth the time and effort.Follow the recipe.last_img

How to Trade the Most Debilitating Mindset for the Most Empowering

first_imgIt isn’t my fault. I am not responsible. It was something or someone else. There is nothing I can do.There isn’t a more disempowering belief, nor is there one that will damage your results and the quality of your life more. The human ego is fragile and aggressive in its attempts to protect itself from harm. It looks for causes outside itself to explain why things aren’t what they should be to absolve itself of responsibility. But in doing so, it creates the mindset of a victim, one in which the individual with this belief is being acted upon by the world with no ability to change their current state.How do you recognize that this mindset is false, that it is a lie some part of you has designed to protect another part of you? You recognize this by looking first at how often you look for causes outside yourself to explain why you failed. Then you look at other people with a different mindset, the mindset that is “everything is my fault.”It’s Not Me. It’s You.You lost a deal. Your competitor came in behind you with a much lower price. You attribute your loss to your competitor’s behavior, something over which you have zero control. In doing so, you have absolved yourself of responsibility for the loss. Since there was nothing you can do in this case, there is nothing you can do in future situations.There are other people, however, who would take a different—and more empowering lesson—from this same event. The more effective mindset is to believe that you didn’t create enough value to justify paying more. This belief empowers you to do something different in the future, like creating more value, and by dealing with the fact that your competitor will come in with a lower price and sharing the costs your prospective client will incur by underinvesting.You want to make more money, but you aren’t succeeding at doing so. You wanted a promotion but were passed over. You can insert the word “because” after these statements or ones like them, and the more those statements place the blame somewhere other than squarely on your shoulders, the more debilitating the mindset.Own It.Your results are your own. You own them, free and clear. At any time, you can decide to change those results, but you will find that the starting line for producing those results is owning that you are the root cause of those results. This is good news, because if everything is your fault, then you are the only one necessary to change those results.By believing and behaving as if everything is your fault, you trade a debilitating mindset for an empowering mindset, one that allows you to change yourself, and in doing so, changes your results. Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Nowlast_img

Pune paralysed as doctors refuse to budge from strike

first_imgMedical services in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad were paralysed for the fourth consecutive day as doctors remained on strike in protest against the assaults against their colleagues by kin of patients’, throwing treatment for the needy off balance.Speaking to The Hindu, Dr. Mohan Joshi, president of the Pune unit of the Indian Medical Association (IMA), said, “Unless we have a written assurance from the State government, providing us with the requisite security personnel, we will not withdraw the strike. If our strike is said to be in contempt of court, then the State government’s failure to provide security to our doctors also amounts to contempt of court.”Dr. Joshi said verbal assurances had been given by the State government in the past, but they did not yield any help to medical personnel. “When around 4,000 resident doctors under the Maharashtra Association of Resident Doctors (MARD) protested in 2014 against the beating of a colleague in Solapur, we were promised that security would be provided. It appears that these promises yield nothing.”The IMA has urged the government to provide 1,100 security guards across government medical colleges and hospitals in Maharashtra to ensure that the number of relatives per patient was limit to only two. In Pimpri-Chinchwad, more than 50 doctors from the Yashwantrao Chavan Memorial Hospital (YCMH) joined the IMA in their protest today, along with several other doctors, informed Dr. Dilip Kamat, president of the IMA’s Pimpri-Chinchwad unit.Patients, with their anxious kin, were seen crowding lobbies of government college hospitals where doctors were on mass casual leave. On Wednesday, authorities at the city’s B.J. Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital had served notices to as many as 272 resident doctors, ‘expelling’ them for failure to resume duty. In response, the IMA ad called for a shutdown of all out patient department (OPD) services at all clinical establishments, with the exception of emergency ones.Nearly 500 doctors, including resident doctors, medical interns and undergraduate students are participating in the mass casual strike.“I have spoken to the Dean on the matter and apprised him of our stance. These notices serve no practical purpose as this manpower is needed and we will not withdraw the strike until our security concerns have been duly addressed,” Dr. Joshi said.In July last year, irate relatives of a deceased patient savagely assaulted two resident doctors in the Sassoon General Hospital with office equipment resulting in the doctors being compelled to undergo treatment for their injuries in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).last_img

Congress to hold protests in Gujarat over Shah’s ‘baniya’ remark

first_imgGujarat Congress Chief Bharatsinh Solanki on Sunday slammed BJP President Amit Shah’s remark describing Mahatma Gandhi as chatur baniya (cunning baniya/trader). Mr. Solanki also announced that the party would hold statewide protests to demand an apology from Mr. Shah for the “disparaging remark”. “Mr. Shah’s remark about the Father of the Nation shows his mentality,” Mr Solanki said, addressing media persons on Sunday.According to Mr. Solanki, the BJP President’s remark was not merely an insult to Mahatma Gandhi but also to the entire Baniya community known for its business acumen and enterprising spirit.“We are proud of the fact that Mahatma Gandhi was born in Gujarat and he spearheaded the freedom struggle movement. To reduce him to just the community in which he was born is gross injustice to Mahatma who wanted the country to rise above caste and religion,” the opposition leader said.last_img

M.P. govt. shunts out Collectors, SP

first_imgAfter Wednesday’s large scale rioting and violence by agitating farmers, the situation in Mandsaur and neighbouring districts in western Madhya Pradesh was slowly improving amid heavy deployment of the State police and the anti-riot Rapid Action Force (RAF). The Shivraj Singh Chauhan government shunted out the district collectors of Mandsaur, Neemuch and Ratlam and also the police superintendent of Mandsaur, the epicentre of the agitation that turned violent. In its report to the Home Ministry, the State government admitted that the five farmers who were killed on June 6 during the protests indeed died in police firing. On Thursday, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi and others were detained for several hours by the police when they tried to enter Mandsaur district where the five protesters were killed, triggering violence in the Malwa region. The farmers have been agitating since June 1, demanding higher price for their produce. Mr. Gandhi and other senior leaders Digvijay Singh, Kamal Nath, Sachin Pilot and Janata Dal (United) leader Sharad Yadav had come to meet the families of those killed. The administration imposed curfew in Mandsaur and Neemuch districts before the arrival of the Opposition leaders while mobile-based internet services remained suspended in five districts since Tuesday. The State Home Minister Bhupendra Singh also admitted in Bhopal that the five farmers fell to police bullets. However, he blamed the district collector and police chief for failing to control the situation. High dramaIn Naya Gaon, 70 km from Mandsaur, there was high drama as the police tried to stop what had turned into a political rally of sorts with Mr. Gandhi accompanied by other leaders, seeking to enter the State from the Rajasthan border. Mr. Gandhi slammed the NDA government at the Centre and the BJP government in the State for their “anti-farmer policies.” “He [Modi] can’t waive off farmers’ loans, can’t give better prices for their produce but can only give bullets,” Mr. Gandhi said, holding the PM and CM responsible for the killing of the five farmers. Mr. Gandhi and the other leaders were released after a four-hour detention at a cement company’s house near Naya Gaon. Agrarian distressMr. Sharad Yadav also lambasted the NDA government for the agrarian distress and unrest in several parts of the country. “Ever since this government came to power in 2014, it has ruined the agrarian and rural economy. Today, farmers are in distress across the country,” Mr. Yadav said as he was being detained and taken into a police. In its report submitted to the Centre, the Madhya Pradesh government said the protesting farmers, demanding loan waiver, had allegedly set ablaze 25 trucks and two police vans along the Mhow-Neemuch highway on June 6. The police tried to control the mob with a lathicharge and then by lobbing tear gas shells, the report said. However, the report said, when the farmers continued with the “violence, arson, vandalism and destruction of public property,” the police fired on them.It said the violence had broken out in eight districts — Mandsaur, Dhar, Jhabua, Neemuch, Ratlam, Dewas, Shajapur and Sehore — and the State government was taking all possible steps to restore peace.(With inputs from Vijaita Singh)last_img

ED attaches over ₹50 cr. assets

first_imgThe Enforcement Directorate has attached assets worth over ₹50 crore across four States in connection with two money laundering cases. In a case related to Bank of Baroda’s Delhi branch, overseas remittances using shell companies are under investigation. The ED has attached immovable properties worth ₹31 crore of two accused, Manmohan Singh Sehgal and his son Gagandeep.The agency had launched investigations on the basis of an FIR registered by the Central Bureau of Investigation. “The probe has revealed that huge amounts of cash were directly deposited in the bank accounts or in shell companies and sent through RTGS into the said suspect accounts,” said the agency. The ED alleges that Mr. Sehgal and his son were involved in laundering the money and that they created assets for the same. Accordingly, the properties: land parcels in Goa, one Hotel China Town and business premises in Delhi’s Karol Bagh, residential premises in a posh locality of Delhi and some high-end cars, have been attached.In another case involving Siddhi Vinayak Logistic Limited, the Directorate has attached assets worth ₹19.62 crore in Surat, Pune and Nagpur. The accused are alleged to have cheated Bank of Maharashtra of ₹836.29 crore by availing of loans in the name of 2,804 truck drivers. “During investigation, the ED found that on the instructions of alleged mastermind Rupchand Baid, Bank of Maharashtra had disbursed loan amount of ₹117.6 crore to a shell company, Advance Metal Corporation operating from Kalbadevi, Mumbai, by representing them before banks as a truck body builder. It was, however, allegedly involved in the practice of cheque discounting. According to the agency, the bank also disbursed ₹130.6-crore loan to Addplus Distributors, which was allegedly shown as an authorised dealer of Ashok Leyland.last_img

GST is a simple tax system: Goa CM

first_imgGoa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on Monday said the GST is a simple tax system and will benefit consumers as it will lessen the cascading effect of the tax burden on goods. He, however, said the new tax regime might cause some confusion in the early phases of its implementation.Mr. Parrikar said, “Today we are going through multiple taxations: excise, customs, luxury tax, entry tax, purchase tax, sales tax, VAT. With GST, they all converge into one. It’s very simple.”He added, “There may be some confusion, some teething troubles as the entire system will be functioning online. But there is no need to worry as we will no one is treated harshly.” He also said that the State government has put in place robust mechanisms to ensure smooth migration to the new indirect tax regime, which will come into force from July 1.The Chief Minister said there is a lack of adequate information about the new tax regime, but all details will be soon be available in public domain. “It may take two to three months for people to understand GST. But the Goa government is ready to implement it,” he added.last_img

Campaign against sex tourism in Goa

first_imgThe Goa Women’s Forum (GWF) on Monday expressed concern over the blatant promotion of sex tourism in the State by the websites of escort services. The forum has announced the launch of a week-long ‘Say No to Sex Tourism in Goa’ campaign, which will end on September 27, World Tourism Day.Lorna Fernandes, convenor of GWF, said the websites are promoting sex tourism by advertising sex services by college girls and housewives. The GWF has urged all the MLAs to prepare an action plan to end sex tourism in the State. Ms. Fernandes said the websites had not even spared religious places and offered girls from the Basilica of Bom Jesus for sex. She said the forum would take up the issue with the rector of the church. She said the Vice-Chancellor of Goa University, the Director of the Department of Higher Education, and principals of colleges will be urged to take immediate measures to end the menace.Ms. Fernandes said, “The forum is convinced that such a situation prevails in the State due to the apathy of government agencies such as the Department of Tourism, Department of Women & Child Development, and the Goa police over the last 30 years.”last_img

Chinese medical colleges woo Kashmiris

first_imgOblivious to the tensions that recently marked India-China relations, Chinese medical universities have been splurging on advertisements in Kashmiri newspapers, promising “affordable” MBBS courses to students from the State.Fatima Jan, a counsellor with the Srinagar-based Fayaz International Counselling Centre, told The Hindu that around 90 China-based and state-run medical universities were currently taking students from Kashmir for courses taught in English. “We have admitted four Valley-based students for a five-year MBBS course with Hebei Medical University. It’s a government-run university, and the course fee is only ₹11 lakh,” Ms. Jan said. Hebei Medical University is in Shijiazhuang, the capital of Hebei Province in northern China.This year, following an advertising blitz, half a dozen placement agencies in Srinagar have received over 200 queries on admission to MBBS courses in China. Similar queries at these centres were less than 20 last year. Traditionally, Bangladesh has been the preferred destination for aspirants from the Valley.“Chinese universities offer you training in the latest technology. It, therefore, becomes easier to move to the U.K. or the U.S. after the course. The admission process is on right now and we expect more students,” Ms. Jan said. Shazia Nazeer, an aspirant from Baramulla, said the MBBS courses in China and Central Asia were preferred because they cost half of what they would in countries like Bangladesh and Nepal, where the fee is ₹20 lakh-₹25 lakh. Besides, they are closer home than a college in the West.Peer G.N. Suhail, who completed his master’s and Ph.D in International Studies from Tsinghua University, Beijing, said the Chinese government was offering over 15,000 scholarships to foreign students.This year, counsellors are also offering MBBS seats in countries such as Kazakhstan, Georgia, and Kyrgyzstan.last_img

Goa illegal mining: Delhi Health Secretary summoned for questioning again

first_imgPanaji: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of Goa police probing the illegal mining scams has issued fresh summons to Goa’s former Principal Secretary Rajiv Yaduvanshi (IAS) to appear before it on November 15. The SIT had questioned him on Friday and Saturday.A senior official in the SIT said on Saturday that Mr. Yaduvanshi, who is currently Health Secretary in the Delhi administration, was quizzed on Friday for four hours and on Saturday for two hours. Mr. Yaduvanshi was quizzed for allegedly condoning the delay in renewing lapsed mining leases of Kadnekar Mining during the Digambar Kamat government.Mr. Yaduvanshi had one of the longest innings in the State administration as Secretary of Mines, which covered the tenures of three Chief Ministers from 2005 to 2011: Manohar Parrikar (with Digambar Kamat as Mines Minister), Pratapsingh Rane and Digambar Kamat.Under the 1987 Act, all title concessionaires were expected to apply for leases within a year, failing which their leases would lapse and be time-barred. The deadline for the application for renewing leases was 1987-88 and it was time-barred. Several leaseholders happened to file the applications after the deadline, but the Mines Department did not entertain them. Applications filed in 1996 were not condoned and they were time-barred. However, according to probe by the SIT, Mr. Kamat in his capacity as Mines Minister in the previous period and subsequently as Chief Minister is alleged to have personally entertained applications for renewals of leases filed as late as 1996 and 2000. Ten applications for renewal were filed in 1996 and two applications in 2000. Of that, Mr. Kamat is alleged to have condoned delays in two cases and kept the remaining eight applications “under process.” In one ‘condoned’ case, three mines of the late Zoiram Neogui were handed over to a Congress man, Dinar P. Kamat Tarcar, who ran these mines through his company Minescape Earth Movers Pvt Ltd.In the second condoned case, operator Magnum Minerals extracted iron ore from Maina mines, whose application for the renewal of lease was filed in 2000 on behalf of the late owner Voicunta Canecar (Kadnekar). Zoiram Neogui’s application was filed in 1996, but Tarcar appeared as attorney for all the legal heirs of Zoiram and argued that the delay be condoned in 2005. The then Mines Minister condoned the delay on humanitarian grounds because of the death of Zoiram and secondly because the Goa government was taking a liberal approach to condoning delays. Mr. Kamat has persistently denied the charges of any vested interest in condoning the delay.last_img

30-year-old kills parents, attempts suicide in Pune

first_imgA 30-year-old man murdered his parents before attempting suicide in Shaniwar Peth at around 9.30 a.m. on Wednesday. A police officer said, “The accused [Parag Kshirsagar] first slit the throat of his father [Prakash Dattatrey Kshirsagar, 60] with a knife and then strangled his mother [Asha Kshirsagar, 55] with a rope. Parag then slashed his wrist with a blade.”Senior inspector Appasaheb Shewale of Vishrambaug Wada police said Pratik Kshirsagar, the accused’s twin brother, heard Parag having a heated argument with his father at their home. Mr. Shewale said, “At the time, Pratik and his wife were in their bedroom. When Pratik stepped out of his room, he found his father lying dead in his bedroom, his mother strangulated in another room, and Parag lying on a sofa with his wrist slit. Pratik’s wife rushed outside and informed the neighbours, who then alerted the police.” Parag was working in Dubai after completing a diploma in mechanical engineering. A few years ago, he quit his job and returned to Pune. He was unmarried and wanted money to set up a security agency. His parents refused to give him money as he was an alcoholic and used to pick up fights. Parag will be produced in court on Thursday.last_img

Activist urges CM to explore desalination technology

first_imgThe Goa government should explore desalination technology as an option to improve water supply in the State, Mahadayi Bachav Abhiyan (MBA) environmentalist and Goa University professor Nandakumar Kamat said on Saturday.Mr. Kamat, who was on an expert committee set up by the government to study Mahadayi river water issue, made the recommendation in an e-mail to Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.He said the State should establish high-volume affordable onshore or offshore coastal desalination plants, at least by 2020-21, one each in North and South Goa. Terming the current water projects unreliable, he said they would continue to face problems on the supply front.Mr. Kamat said that in Chennai, desalinated water costs six paise a litre as against ₹15 for a litre of bottled water. “So why are we spending so much money on water storage, treatment, distribution and supply?” he asked.last_img

Road rage case lands up in Rajasthan High Court

first_imgA road rage case here has taken a twist with threats being made to the victim’s life allegedly by the accused persons, who are reported to be close to some influential police officers. Peeved at the investigation, the victim has approached the Rajasthan High Court, which has issued notices to the Home Secretary and seven police officers.Sanjay Gupta, 40, working with the Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation in Jaipur, was thrashed by some occupants of a speeding SUV on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg here on December 21, 2017, when he confronted them following the car’s sudden turn that unbalanced his two-wheeler. His spectacles broke and he bled from the nose after the accident.Mild provisionsWhen Mr. Gupta went to Jawahar Circle police station, he was made to wait for three hours and his demand for getting him medically examined was rejected. The first information report was registered under the mild provisions of Sections 323 (voluntarily causing hurt) and 341 (wrongful restraint) of the Indian Penal Code.The victim later came to know that the occupants of the car were well-connected with the police. “Satya Dutt, who is named in the FIR, is related to Deputy Commissioner of Police (Jaipur North) Satyendra Singh, who influenced other police officers,” Mr. Gupta alleged in his writ petition filed in the Jaipur Bench of Rajasthan High Court.Probe incompleteWith the “extraneous considerations” hampering a free and fair investigation, the police filed chargesheet against only one accused, Satish Kumar, without getting him identified by Mr. Gupta. The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate found the probe incomplete and returned the chargesheet on February 7 with the direction for re-investigation, which is still pending.The Station House Officer and Investigating Officer allegedly exerted pressure on Mr. Gupta to enter into a compromise. Mr. Gupta submitted in the High Court that the offenders were giving constant threats to him in connivance with influential police officers and his life was in danger.Justice Deepak Maheshwari of the High Court issued notices on the writ petition to the Additional Chief Secretary (Home), Director-General of Police, Jaipur Police Commissioner, DCP Satyendra Singh, the then SHO, Jawahar Circle, Rajesh Soni, and three other police officers over the weekend. While pointing out that the police did not record his statement under Section 161 of Criminal Procedure Code, Mr. Gupta said it was a common experience at police stations that the FIRs were not registered promptly. “Even if an FIR is registered, the matter is not booked for the offences stated in the complaint. There is no mechanism through which a complainant may keep track of the complaint’s status.”last_img

12 more die in U.P. rains, toll touches 92

first_imgTwelve people have been killed in rain-related incidents in different parts of Uttar Pradesh during the past 24 hours, pushing the death toll to 92.Three people were killed in Kanpur Dehat, two in Hathras and one each in Chitrakoot, Auraiya, Allahabad, Unnao, Amethi, Jaunpur and Fatehpur, official sources said here on Tuesday. Seven more injuredChief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed senior officials of all the districts to undertake extensive tours in the affected areas, identify dilapidated buildings and evacuate their occupants, a government spokesperson said.The Meteorological department has forecast rain or thundershowers in most places in east Uttar Pradesh and at many places in west Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday.last_img

HC unhappy with Dabholkar, Pansare probe

first_imgThe Bombay High Court on Thursday said that the CBI Special Investigation Team and the State Criminal Investigation Department submitted rudimentary reports on the probe into the killings of rationalists Narendra Dabholkar and Govind Pansare, and that the pace of the investigation was unsatisfactory.A Division Bench of Justices S.C. Dharmadhikari and Bharati Dangre said there was nothing confidential about the reports submitted by the additional chief secretary of Maharashtra and the joint director of the CBI. Though senior officers of both agencies had submitted their reports all it had was a summary of the case and showed no progress, the Bench said. The court, which was hearing petitions filed by the family members of Dabholkar and Pansare, said “No corrective measures have been taken. The officers have been completely inept and insensitive in handling such sensitive cases.”The court said, “What is the point of the intervention of the highest court in the state if this is the result? We are not impressed. Is this how you deal with cases of crimes against the society?”The Bench said the authorities are showing no urgency despite the tragic phase the country is witnessing, where one cannot move around freely. “Are we going to see a day when everyone will need police protection to move around, or to speak their mind?” the court said.“What is happening in the state today? People come and torch buses, pelt stones, it is a free for all. … What are your priorities? There is a state, and then there is a government. The government might change tomorrow, but what about the state that is home to millions of people?” the court said.In the last hearing, the Bench had said it would require a proper explanation on any delays in investigations.last_img

Srijan scam: CBI files more FIRs

first_imgThe Central Bureau of Investigation has registered two more FIRs against the office-bearers of Bihar-based Srijan Mahila Vikas Sahyog Samiti Limited and others for the alleged diversion and misuse of government funds. The agency has lodged 18 cases so far.The then and present branch managers and employees of a Bhagalpur branch of the Indian Bank and all the Srijan (Sabour unit) officials have been booked for alleged illegal transfer and misuse of funds from government accounts.Officer bookedThe second FIR has been registered against the then Land Acquisition Officer of Bihar’s Banka, Nazir, branch manager of the Bhagalpur Central Cooperative Bank Limited, branch managers of the Bank of Baroda and the Indian Bank, besides all Srijan (Bhagalpur) office- bearers.RJD chargeIn June, the CBI had registered four cases in connection with the alleged scam. The FIRs are being registered on a reference from the Bihar government, after the RJD targeted its former ally JD(U) and the BJP alleging a cover-up.last_img

Police blame civilians for Kulgam deaths

first_img “Governor Satya Pal Malik’s recent assertion that bullets, not flowers, will be showered has been proven true in Kulgam. A new trend of putting explosive mines under the rubble of burntdown houses is aimed at killing civilians. The criminal silence of the international community is unfortunate,” said a JRL spokesman, quoting the trio.The Army on Sunday foiled an infiltration bid in Jammu’s Sunderbani area and killed two infiltrators. However, three soldiers were also killed in the operation.“A fierce encounter with heavily armed militants very close to the Line of Control (LoC) in Sunderbani sector took place at about 1.45 p.m. A patrol killed two intruders and recovered warlike stores, including two AK-47 rifles. Three soldiers were also killed,” said a Jammu-based Army spokesman.He said that one soldier with grave injuries was evacuated to the Army Command hospital, Udhampur, “where his condition is reported to be stable”.The deceased soldiers were identified as havildar Kaushal Kumar, lance naik Ranjeet Singh, and rifleman Rajat Kumar Basan.‘Deep anguish’Political parties, including the National Conference and the Peoples Democratic Party, expressed concern over the civilian killings at the encounter site in Kulgam.K. Vijay Kumar, Adviser to the Governor, and Director General of Police (DGP) Dilbag Singh, in a joint statement, expressed their deep anguish over the loss of civilian lives.They asked civilians to avoid visiting the encounter sites.An Army spokesman expressed “heartfelt condolences to bereaved families”. After six civilians were killed in a blast at a house in Kulgam after a pre-dawn operation by security forces on Sunday, a police spokesman said a large congregation entered the encounter site before sanitisation of the spot.The police said they had seized arms and ammunition from the site and retrieved the bodies of Jaish-e-Muhammad (JeM) militants, identified as Shahid Ahmad Tantary, Zubair Ahmad Lone and Yazil Ahmad Makroo, ahead of the explosion.Also Read Three militants, 6 civilians killed in encounter in J&K’s Kulgam center_img  “We appeal to people to refrain from going to encounter sites so that ammunition can be defused by the squad of the J&K police,” Additional Director-General Police Muneer Ahmad Khan said.A JeM spokesman threatened to “avenge the deaths”. The separatists’ conglomerate, Joint Resistance Leadership, comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Yasin Malik, termed the incident a “carnage”, and called for a shutdown on Monday and a protest march on Tuesday.last_img

Bhima Koregaon: decks clear for GR on withdrawal of cases

first_imgThe Maharashtra Government is likely to withdraw the cases filed in the aftermath of violence on the 201st anniversary of the Bhima Koregaon battle being observed on January 1, 2019. The formatting of the two interim reports submitted by a high-power committee comprising eight State cabinet ministers and the subsequent review of the same by the State’s Law and Judiciary department is complete. It is only a matter of time before the Government Resolution (GR) withdrawing the first tranche of 158 cases is issued. The government is keen to send a message of peace to prevent a repeat of the violence that took place last year during the 200th anniversary celebrations, sources in the government confirmed.Reports formattedSenior officials of the Maharashtra Home Department said the two reports were submitted even before the Chief Minister made the announcement on withdrawal of cases in the just-concluded winter session of Assembly. But these had to be sent back to the panel since they were not in the appropriate format as prescribed by legal department. “We will drop the 158 cases which are petty in nature in a single stroke and are likely do it on the upcoming anniversary of the event (Bhima Koregaon),” said a senior Home Department official. During the winter session, Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis had announced the systematic withdrawal of cases filed during the Bhima Koregaon violence. Of the total 655 cases, 63 are serious offences that cannot be withdrawn. The rest will be taken back, he had said. The cases where ‘A final’ is submitted are 159, cases chargesheeted and recommended for withdrawal are 275 and cases under investigation and in process of withdrawal are 158. ‘‘We are in the process of taking back these cases,’’ the Chief Minister had said in the Lower House. The proposed GR will also cover 543 cases filed during the Maratha agitation. Of these 314 are in the process of being withdrawn. Another 117 are recommended for cancellation but may be withdrawn in two batches, officials said. The decision regarding cases involving serious offence in the Bhima Koregaon violence, such as the attacks on the police, will not be taken anytime soon.last_img